Britney Spears is awful

March 15th, 2005 // 20 Comments



  1. bubblez

    the writer of this article is disgusting. I’m sorry, but only a pathetic nobody could have written such a pointless article as this. The baby is not ugly at all! and i bet you are kicking yourself now that you see that the baby is a lot older and is an adorable little boy with a no longer *scrunched* face…and a beautiful mop of brown curls. You people make me sick…you should be embracing and celebrating new babies not tearing them down. He only looked like that because the colour in his skin and the texture of his hair hadn’t come through yet, as with all babies when they are born, black, white, whatever, they all look wrinkled and red! also, being a bi-racial person myself, isn’t it a coincidence that you picked on the mixed race child for being ‘ugly’ but not the other one?!?!

  2. weakk


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  4. Heather Downer

    I think Heidi’s baby is very cute and i hope when i have a baby it is just as beautiful as hers!! Some of the things people have said are very rude and racist and you should be ashamed of yourselves… people like you make this world a nasty place to live in. I’m sure the people who have left those nasty comments about Heidi’s beautiful baby are very insecure and from what you’ve said have inner uglyness and are probably very unattractive so feel the need to attack others!

  5. Anna

    The father is Seal… what the hell do you expect? LOL.

  6. Mona

    u all r sikening. That baby was just born. and somebody wrote that they already have had kids then i hope u somehow turn up pregnant and ure baby look like heidi klums baby and stays that way. im sure no one has thought of what would happen when the child grows up and sees these negative comments. sticks and stones do hurt but those go away in a couple of weeks words stick forever. THINGS POSTED ON THE INTERNET CANNOT BE ERASED GENIUSES. im sure you are still blind to the humiliation and self esteem issues thus child will have to face. great job dickwadds

  7. Maggie

    The only ugly thing I see here are your souls people. I’m sure a lot of you are ugly, fat-assed adults! I’ve seen up to date photos of him and he’s absolutely gorgeous now, so at least he has a better chance in the future than you have for the rest of your sad, pathetic lives.

  8. Anonymous

    I can’t believe people can be so down right crude.You are probably all ugly!So give the sweet innocent baby a fricken break!He already has a hot mom and more money than any of us will ever have!I think he has a great start in life, you racist asses!Oh and im white BTW!

  9. You think THOSE comments were racist? They didn’t even say anything about it’s race dipshi*. I will. It’s an UGLY SUBHUMAN NI*GER! I’m not one to sugarcoat things.

  10. Sincerely Blonde

    i think all babies are ugly. a few weeks later we fatten up & get cute. unfortunately it looks like all of you never out grew your ugly as you’re openly mocking an infant. publicly no less and with out consideration to his mother & father who both seem to be good people. you’re all pathetic & should be ashamed. not to mention the fact that this childs features actually show high cheek bones & facial definition which tends to look masculin as the face matures.

  11. Anonymous

    YOU know what mother fuckers you are all sick….White babies are fuckin UGLY!!!! I take it back cuz its just so terrible to even say…YOu white men are just jelous that your weenies are ugly,pink and small hahaha

  12. yall need to shut the hell up that is a gorgeous baby stop hatting and go get a life

  13. Angie

    You people disgust me. Way to treat a little baby, how shallow and merciless comments for that little boy. One thing is you commenting that the little one isn’t that cute and another is bombing him in such vile nasty way. How important are looks that overcome human sensibility? Heidi would get so upset and offended to read all this and she doesn’t deserve it.

    You are nobody to judge the pride a mother should show about her kids, I bet even your mothers used to hold you that way. She’s holding her treasure with love and pride like any mother does. Who cares if he’s not as beautiful as her mom at this moment or ever. I am sure she will teach his kids to be sweet, respectful, smart and amazing human beings.

    Peace out

  14. HelloItsMe

    One of the world ugliest man, mixed with a beautiful model, results in an ugly baby

  15. Anonymous

    well most babies look ugly at birth , but this one i guarantee he will look ugly later, just look at the other ones and their dad seal, disgusting!

  16. Franny

    Are you people even nuttier than you sound…the baby is a girl!

  17. Franny

    Are you people even nuttier than you sound…the baby is a girl!

  18. Verdene

    black and white breeding is dont have to be “racist” to recognize this is not only wrong on moral and ethical grounds,but it can also lead to genetic abnormalities that wouldnt occur in children born of parents of the same race.i really would like to see a return to the old anti-miscegenation laws of the past to avert a potential social disaster.although,by and large,i think most folks will continue to breed with their own race,despite the gleeful and fantasy-filled claims of leftwing pseudo-sociologists,of a biracial revolution.Nevertheless,there is a disturbing trend of biracial breeding in some parts of the world that needs to be reversed.


    ya people are so dumm!!!! That baby is not ugly u are! Anyways thats a nweborn baby. All babys look lk that a first after two week past they start to get there fictures. n one have u seen a BLACK baby foreal? u want to talk about UGLY thats UGLY. THEY are ugly when they are Born n they continue to b UGLY untill the lest BREATH!!!!!!!!

  20. your baby is ugly so ugly he or she is ugly too

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