Britney Spears is all about the safety

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Britney Spears is reportedly making Kevin Federline get rid of his six pet Australian gray nurse sharks because she thinks they’re risky to have with children in the house.

?Kevin loves those sharks,? a family friend told the mag. ?He even named them. But Brit said there?s no way he?d be keeping them.? K-Fed also says Spears is his toughest musical critic. ?She gives me her real opinions about my tunes,? he said, reports Passim. ?When I get really excited about the songs, she would tell me to slow down.?

Britney Spears being concerned about the safety of her children is like the Hamburgler being concerned about the lack of security at McDonalds. If the kids had a choice they’d probably prefer to be raised by the sharks anyway. At least with the sharks they’re only risk is being eaten. WIth Britney they’ve got to worry about being dropped, tied to the roof of a car, or put in a microwave. And being eaten.