Britney Spears is a pain in the ass (Gasp!)

Seen here celebrating her birthday last night at Tenjune, Britney Spears proved earlier in the day that she’s still got it. And by it I mean the ability to act like a raging diva despite, just months ago, nose-diving her career into the shitter. Britney was scheduled to perform at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony, but has already pulled in and out of the gig enough times that she should at least call the next day. OK! Magazine reports:

“You have no idea how many times Britney has changed things on us, at least 14 times since I got here on Thursday,” a source connected to the TV special tells OK!. “It is Britney Spears and she can do that because they want her to boost ratings, but no one is happy putting up with this. I probably shouldn’t say this, but guys on the crew were making bets about whether she would show up at all.”
One eyewitness tells OK! that Britney had been scheduled to appear live on Wednesday night’s broadcast, but that plan was ultimately scrapped in favor of a pre-taped “message.”
“She was originally supposed to perform live and then she wanted to pre-tape her performance instead,” the source says. “Then she didn’t want to do that. She keeps changing her mind and now she’s not performing at all.”

If I were Britney Spears, I’d take any goddamn work I could get my crazy hands on. I’d be all over it: “What’s that? A cameo in a dog food commercial. I’m in! I’ll do anything. Do you want me to eat the dog food? Or do you want me to eat the dog? I’ll eat the dog. I’ll munch him right up. Nom nom nom. I’ll do it. I’ll fucking do it. Because, wow, do I need money. Money money money. Will somebody get some ketchup on this dog! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!” *collapses*

Then again, I’m a professional.

EDIT: Added pics of Britney taping her tree lighting appearance which will undoubtedly be Exhibit A in the Congressional hearing on “Why the hell did the terrorists attack us again? And maybe they’re on to something.”