Britney Spears is a MILF (I said it.)

October 24th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Looking surprisingly MILFesque, Britney Spears took her sons to the Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills yesterday, and it’s like a touching scene from a Norman Rockwell painting. (Not counting the part where Britney uses Jayden’s head to crack open a pumpkin. “I hope this one’s got Reese’s in it, y’all!”) During their outing, she’ll also learn that gourds are not sex toys, and Sean isn’t pretending to be a scarecrow; you left him in the port-a-potty.

Photos:, Splash News, WENN

  1. Chef Roy


  2. havoc

    Come on, sing it with me….

    “Still crazy after all these years”


  3. Alicat

    Glad to see that Miley is starting to pick up the slack since Brit’s been acting downright normal lately.

  4. Jayro

    Can someone please take that GOD DAMN pacifier out of that little idiot’s mouth?

  5. mamadough

    you’re pushing it fish. first, and most unforgivable, was the heidi/spencer story. now this? britney is about as fuckable as a cooking pot filled with gristle and old oil. i really want to kick you in the balls you used to have.

  6. Yeah well its the crazy ones that tosses your salad throughly….welcome back brit brit…

  7. Shejay

    Why does she always dress them the same? Does she think she had twins? I know they are close, but dang. Oh yeah, and cut their hair already!

  8. I’ll bet she shags like a minx.

    I want to put it in her butt.

  9. I’m getting bored, the beers I drank for breakfast are starting to wear off..

  10. jesus

    i admit she looks better than she has in a long time. but i still wouldn’t fuck that nasty skank.

  11. Ted Mosby

    I want to put the rise in her pumpkin patch

  12. i believe you too frist @10

  13. Wah hahahahaha, ya caught me. I get to go home now, see ya fuckers!!

  14. Hey tricky frist? tell jimbo im about to leave he can start cloning me now…

  15. katie

    Sad that her son is still sucking a pacifier at his age.

  16. you tell him, I’m outa here!!

  17. Kate

    I’d rank on her for still allowing that kid to have a pacifier in his mouth, but I’m just happy they’re alive.

  18. haha whats the big deal? i can name a few bloggers here, who had pacifier at age 15, and look how they turn out? now theyre rough clones…thats some accomplishment aint it?

  19. RS

    Please fix your atom / rss feed. It no longer shows the images.

  20. RS

    Please fix your atom / rss feed. It no longer shows the images.

  21. CC

    I know this doesn’t belong on this site, but she looks good and sweet.

  22. mike

    Def has milf potential, but I put her puss smells like a dirty ashtray. So, to summarize, I’d fukc the shit out of her, but I wouldn’t eat her.

  23. rufonz

    I’m sorry… maybe I just have a long memory. There is nothing Britney Spears could do that would make her seem hot to me. Strapped on a gurney, Walking around gas station bathrooms barefoot. Shaving her head. Scabby crotch shots. It just ain’t happening.

  24. HoLy

    SHE’S hoT!!!!!

  25. Randal

    I’ve not once considered Britney Spears a MILF but I guess, now that she’s had two very beautiful children with actor/rapper/dancer Kevin Federline, she’s now joined that group.

    It’s no surprise really, for Britney has always been a bright star in an otherwise dark sky of talent.


  26. Can she put her mobile down for more than 1 minute?

  27. Danklin24

    Why the hell is this kid still sucking on a pacifier?? I guess Britney has an oral fixation, why not the kids.

  28. Danklin24

    Also Britney, its only cute to dress your kids a like when they’re twins, which your kids arent. Dont you remember that hort time period after having Sean Preston where you drank malt liquor from a paper bag, smoked malboros like they were going out of style and snorted coke and then had Jayden? Yeah that would make them not twins y’all.

  29. At the end of the day, I’d tap that.

  30. b

    she has the body of a man,

  31. Carrie

    Yeah, good call, Superficial writer, she is a total MILF. With that acne, greasy hair, ugly clothes and retarded sunglasses, she is so fuckable.

    Are our standards really so low that Britney only has to drop 15 pounds to suddenly be “hot” again? Jesus Fucking Christ.

  32. shut up

    33- the things is you are prob big nosed and fat and don’t know it. Britney is hot and cute, 32 is a fag

  33. lidsay

    Is is about age?
    she surely reminds me of the hot and sexy cougar I once met on __====== Agelessdate.c om =======__ the place where hot cougars and sexy young men;and handsome old folks with sensual chicks meet and mingle! You may wanna check it out!LOL

  34. StickyHands

    I’m not sure about MILF, but if she was the third choice at the local massage parlour, I’d totally pick her to stroke my lifeless love gun to attention.


  36. TJ

    I would want a binkie too if I were that kid. It’s the only constant thing.

  37. TJ

    I would want a binkie too if I were that kid. It’s the only constant thing.

  38. UpYourMother

    Britney’s about as hot as an ice cube, meaning she’s NOT. She may have kids but calling her a MILF is semi delusional to me. About as tap-able as a keg of BEAST. You could only have some if you were at your lowest point and out of money. Aside from the Superbowl (where she wore pants and covered up those kankles), she has never been hot to me. God only knows how any of you could bang that rusty, scabbed out camel toe at this point. The fact some of you douche bags like her now just means you used to listen to her gay as ^%$ music before. Take away the fame and she is just a single mother that most all of you wouldn’t even touch.

    Who cares is 33 is hot or not, but she is definitely right on.

  39. pure.ticking

    I like her at first picture, she looks really happy to seeing her kid…its admirable, that real feeling in her smile. I think she should take care more about her child,…its not shame to be mum.

  40. ifdd

    Britney is so ugly, she is not a MILF, she is an ugly bitch who has a beefy neck and tree trunks for legs. Her face looks like a 46 year old hag. And she is a bad mom.

  41. Milf? You were drunk when you posted this, weren't you?

    Britney in pic 11: “Yeah. I’m almost done with my photo op, ya’ll. It’s so much work pretendin’ you’re a good mom for the paps! Those things is heavy as hell. I had to actually pick one up! Hold on….my pa is callin’. Gotta find out what I have to do next.”

  42. OMG…, you are so sweet..I, one of your fans, found the blogs you posted several days ago on the website AgelessOnly.COM. You also disclosed your relationship with your soulmate. Sounds wonderful.

  43. yo

    Naaaaaaah I gotta say, Britney Spears is nothing special.
    She’s actually pretty ugly when you see her in interveiws or without makeup.
    And she’s a complete dumb ass redneck.

    Some people shouldnt breed.

  44. yo

    Naaaaaaah I gotta say, Britney Spears is nothing special.
    She’s actually pretty ugly when you see her in interveiws or without makeup.
    And she’s a complete dumb ass redneck.

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