Britney Spears is a smooth criminal

Britney Spears did a little shopping this weekend and a little shoplifting. While checking out at a Van Nuys gas station Britney was approached by a cameraman and asked how she was doing. While he was taping, Britney got a bit pissy with him then decided to up and gank a lighter. She’s seen walking out and saying “I stole something. Oh, I’m bad. Ohhhhh!” before getting in her car.

The crazy part is the owner of the gas station doesn’t want to press charges and wants Britney to keep coming back, according to TMZ. Which begs the question just what is the profit margin on gas station burritos and how many is Britney buying? Or has Britney committed to having all her future dates at this dude’s station? You know, next to the tire pump for ultimate romance.