Britney Spears steals her friend’s clothes

June 18th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Britney Spears was spotted at Club Winston last Friday and ended up switching clothes with her girlfriend midway through the night. Because that’s the kind of shit you have to deal with when your Britney Spears’ friend. She’s just lucky Britney wasn’t wearing a clown outfit. Because it’s not like you can say no to her. She’d stomp her feet and cry until you said yes. Or at least until you pulled out a shiny object for her to play with. She’d clap her hands excitedly and go, “Oooooh”

britney_spears_switch_clothes_01-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_02-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_03-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_04-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_05-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_06-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_07-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_08-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_09-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_10-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_11-thumb.jpg britney_spears_switch_clothes_12-thumb.jpg


  1. superbee

    Did they do a panty swap too????? then again if she tried Brittany probably wouldn’t be able to peel them off that skanky beaver unless she was in the shower soaking for at least 20 minutes…What a fucking retard…

  2. b

    Britney has really fat legs. GROSS

  3. arbz

    she’d clap her hands and say, “ohhh, y’all”.

  4. tia

    why, if she is so rich can she not afford to put on some foundation, lipstick, take style lessons from a tranny!!! anything is better than the former mrs. federloser looking like shit. I mean, i did not think you could get any worse after marrying loser/ dancer/ wannabe rap boy….

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