Britney Spears is a lady

September 4th, 2007 // 94 Comments

  1. meridianwest


  2. What a fucking tramp.

  3. jrzmommy

    Her mother shoulda named her Grace.

  4. Kat

    I wonder how long it took her to cut that white Glad trash bag into a dress.

  5. griff mills

    Who cares about BS, but who is the chick in red with the lovely cans?

  6. fuphdog

    I’m soooooo tired of this dirt-neck hill-rod hole…

  7. Chauncey Gardner

    Britney must be promoting part of her “Easy Access” line of clothing.

  8. my comment

    Looks like sausage legs found a Glad Trash Bag with Handle Ties and wore it as a dress.

  9. pointandlaugh

    #7 I agree.

  10. She should just start doing pron!

  11. jrzmommy

    ” Hey ya’ll…..don’ hate! If ah set lak this here I kin git sum air up on in mah cooter. Ah’m Britnay bitch!”

  12. Kate

    Christ, there’s something so disturbing about the first pic. She looks like Kid Rock, like she’s about to scratch her nuts and burp. I’ve never seen anyone fall harder.

  13. my comment

    Looking at the vile creatures at this party, I just have to wonder. ..

    What the hell happened to style?

  14. mrs.t

    It’s impossible to look at any one of these pics and focus on Britney alone as the bad apple.

    That’s a room full of bastard people, people.

  15. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Main photo………..dude peeking his head in………”Has the tuna boat docked?”

  16. Lucy


  17. And good morning to you, Tranny.

  18. I'm Awesome

    Enough with this britney shit already!!

  19. Micky Mc

    In picture 6 – is the chick in red eating Britney out or what? ewwwww – ewwwww- ewwwww.

  20. Micky Mc

    Not six – picture 12.

  21. ph7

    Lady looks like a Dude.

  22. Good morning Mrs. T
    Did you have a great long weekend?

  23. Annie Rexia

    Nice acne, brit. I geuss you are officially the only person left on the planet earth (that doesn’t carry a clay jar of water on thier head) who doesn’t fucking know what ProActiv is? Don’t know what kind of advice I can give you on those scratchy, red, dripping pustules on your meat flaps hon. Of course, you could always swallow the muzzle of a shotgun and put the entire world out of thier misery.

  24. Hocky Socky HA

    I thought she was supposed to be sober? What’s she drinking?

  25. I did. My husband and I both had birthdays and had friends in town so it was extra fun.

  26. @24

    Chris Angel’s herp drippins. Yee Haaw!!! She squeezed ‘em ‘erself!

  27. MrSemprini

    Just for fun, I sent this through a translator for blind websurfing. It came back and said, “Run for your life. And, be glad you’re blind, you perv.”

  28. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Britney’s so classy and elegant. What a role model.

    Look it up in the dictionary people – she’s the very definition of style and sophistication.

  29. Ed

    Who is that girl on the left in the first pic? She looks familiar.

  30. havoc

    “Train wreck! Party of one!”

    “Train wreck. Party of one.”

    “Your table’s ready.”


  31. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting tired of seeing Britney’s vjay-jay.

  32. i noticed...

    “that guy” – far right of pic 1


  33. doodie

    “That Guy” kind of looks like a guido version of Kramer. Just look.

  34. FE

    Brit’s the reincarnation of Cousin It.

  35. Michael

    #29 That’s Carrie Underwood, one of the contestants from American Idol. I love her song “Before He Cheats.” Her music video’s been played a few times on one of those country music cable channels.

  36. mrs. robinson

    She appears to be taking a little yellow pill in pic 7. Guess hallucinogenics are how she thinks she can pull off a tent dress and stupid hat at the same time. At least she took off the brown vinyl cowboy boots. And they say she doesn’t know fashion…

  37. bluejeanbaby

    #29… do you mean the girl in the black with the scarf? That is so not Carrie Underwood….

  38. u wish

    # 29…That is not Carrie Underwood….
    You act like you really knew the answer to that question Dumb Ass

  39. u wish

    I meant to # 36… who tried to answer # 29 ? but is only a dumb ass

  40. sharpeidude


  41. AJ

    I’m glad everyone failed to notice this is the hottest she’s looked in years.


    HELLS YEAH!!!!

  43. @42

    If by “hot”, you mean “ugly-acne-faced-chunky-thighed-street-whore”, then I would definitely have to agree AJ, you little chub chaser, you.

  44. wedgeone

    I love whores, but she’s a terrible mom so I’d reverse the normal way of doing things on purpose, just to be mean (jam a finger up her ass all at once, then pull it out very slowly and stop right before my fingertip was about to come out). I’m pretty sure everybody else was thinking this exact thing.

  45. I’d wait until she was filled with Cheetos and black men, then squat down facing her (in that top pic) and enjoy every wet ripple of “wind” that came my way.

  46. ssdd

    It looks as though the MindFreak hit it big at the Claires BOGO free special.

  47. LL

    I’d like to stomp on that fucking hat, over and over. With her head still in it, of course.

  48. erka

    uhh yeh- for picture 12 that girl is stupid to have her head that close to britney’s crotch.. i mean come one we all know she doesnt wear underwear .. thats just nasty.

  49. iburl

    “at the opening of LAX” that’s short for Lousiana crotch, right?

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