Britney Spears is a lady

June 18th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Britney Spears was spotted at a Beverly Hills nails salon getting a French manicure. And as she left, she gave the paparazzi a taste of her ladylike manners. I’d suggest she and Avril Lavigne have a contest to see who’s the most ladylike, but I don’t think the world could handle that much concentrated femininity. Gay people would walk in the room and instantly turn straight.

Photo: TMZ / Ramey

  1. piss on my tits

    trashy bitch

  2. p911gt10c

    Honestly, is she even worth mentioning without posting a shot of her ass or vaginae?

  3. BaldAsBritney

    You know how you know when your way to fucking fat?

    When you have fat fucking shoulders. What a greasy, inbred hog.

  4. Jewel


  5. Boo-yaH

    She must have thought this picture would be scratch and sniff.

  6. Jewel

    avril actually looks 10x better giving the finger… wow.. i can’t believe avril is actually better at doing something other than making canada look bad?

  7. cosmetologist

    If she didn’t want the paparazzi to take her picture at the nail studio, she could have called and had a manicurist come to her house. She is really cheap! There are manicurist that do this all the time, and they really don’t charge that much more. Even the peasants in LA have them come to their homes all the time.

  8. Jimbo

    I think she is showing the paparazzi she got a little stink finger while she was getting her nails done

  9. woodhorse

    Tiger Lily is more ladylike, even in all her perversity.

  10. Zed

    Fat arms, messy hair, ugly face. Nope, nothin’ new.

  11. WowJustWow

    Those French press-on nails are sooooo 20th century.

  12. Superfish

    wait a second! wasn’t it like…3 mos ago when she was showing off her new “body”? WHAT HAPPENED TO IT! its like all of a sudden, it started blowing itself up again…and when does she do another comeback show? i mean…yea watching her flash her panties and boobs and stuff is cool, but a 15 minute show? man! thats better than that one scene from monster’s ball. even i couln’t pull my pants down for a quick whack-off!

  13. Ms. E

    Someone seriously needs to hose her down. Just looking at her makes me feel like I haven’t showered in a week.

    And what’s up with the man-bod? Nice arms, butch!

  14. Concerned

    Fish, gays aren’t just male.

  15. Kickin' it old school

    She could still stick that finger in my butt.

    I mean– What?

  16. Superfish

    I also just wanna know what happened to our pop princess? man…if she sang “hit me baby one more time” i’d do it. and not just a tap on the butt…one SLAP right in the face! and it wouldn’t stop there…oh no, it wouldn’t stop there. i’d beat the bitch until i heard the soft, mellow sounds of weird al yankovich saying “where is the love?” and then i’d look at her, then look at my fist and laugh and say “oops! i did it again!”

  17. WowJustWow

    ** newsflash! **

    Britney Ballistic Over Billboards
    Singer may sue over radio show’s “nut job” advertisements

    ho ho
    hee hee
    ha ha

  18. Jimbo

    @14 Yes they are. Lesbo’s are female. We like lesbo’s

  19. #16 Superfish, i dont even have a comment funny or dumb enough to top the ones u just posted…there you go! some uplifting for ur ego.

    man i’d still do britney. i mean sure, she flashed almost every part of her body. but that’s supposed to be a turn-on…right?

  20. YouRang

    She really is stupid. Oh, and unattractive.

  21. Superfish

    Sasha Baron Cohen…Borat sucked.

    And even if you DID have a comment to top mine, you wouldn’t post it…u being so worried about my ego and all. dude, i’ll have my wife kick ur ass. and so what if im not married!? ill still pick some random woman off the street and pay her $20 to say she’s my wife and SHE’LL kick ur ass…some UPLIFTING for YOUR ego…or what’s left of it.

  22. Sasha_Baron_Cohen

    #21 Fish, so you want to play tha bag game? ok…why not post something funny. i dunno, tell us a knock-kcock joke. im sure your 20-dollar-wife would want to hear one right?

  23. WowJustWow

    Borat was funny.

  24. bungoone

    she’s one sexy beast, emphasis on beast of course.

  25. Superfish

    #22 well, since you’re impersonating actors and all…i guess i could use a few “acting” lines of my own. like “Dude! Where’s your dick?” or “Say hello to my ‘little’ friend!” and “little” being literally. i could even go so far as to call you a chick…but im sure that wouldn’t insult you since you’re already a bitch so calling u a “chick” is useless. and let’s not try to go hard on the keyboard today ok? father’s day was yesterday, im still enjoying the wonderful sights of Britney’s nipples and panties. you, should just go pay for sex.

  26. #25 u know, i tried paying for sex but your sister was already with a client. so i had to wait…i did until your mom came to my rescue! man! older women are the best! especially when they’re 90 like YOUR mom

  27. Sissy Boi

    @25….I too, always like looking at Britney’s pretty panties.

  28. Reality Check

    I think people have given Britney too hard of a time. I don’t blame her for flipping the bird at those bastards.

    You all are just haters Hey don’t hate the player hate the game.

    At least Britney is not an stick bitch like Paris and Nikole.

  29. bungoone

    wow, 26, your entire post was the most cliche & unoriginal thing i’ve ever read.

    give up now, for yourself & for everyone who reads these things.

  30. woodhorse

    Fake Sasha go away. Superfish is funny, you’re not.

    Superfish you know those midnight trips she makes to Taco Bell will undo the Lipo eventually. Same thing happened to Janet “butt-mounted-on-her-chest” Jackson.

  31. LL

    At least she stuck up the right finger.

    Yeah, she’s an inspiration to us all… inbred white trash dickweeds.

  32. woodhorse

    Here’s REAL contest for fake Sasha (without trashing our thread) – Make your own website and see how many of us Don’t hit it.

  33. Oh, Britney, I used to love you. I really did. But I’m waiting for you to restore my faith in you. I really have no idea what you’re thinking when you do these things…

  34. I’d rather see Disturbingly Massive Breasts.

  35. yukadoozer

    squishy. like your fat auntie dahn sauth.

  36. Waffleholic

    I’d still rather see Brit flipping the bird than Avril anyday. Avril is sorta an angry, tightly wound little kid trying to be a hard ass and completely void of warmth or sexy. Brit’s seen better days, but even all bloated, I still find myself more drawn to her than a lot of the other dumb twats in Hollywood.

  37. Darth Hater

    Maybe that’s the sign for her gang, Stupid Talentless Whores.

  38. theoriginalmilf

    Just me or is Britney looking more and more each day like an aging hillbilly soccer mom?

  39. Wonky

    Holy thick arms Batman. She just can’t keep it off.

    Oh, and nice hair.

  40. lickme

    I heard the NFL is having tryouts at LB…gooooo Britney!

    Excellent restoration of her reputation, her kids and parents must be so proud.

  41. Jewelia

    I feel sorry for her. Imagine if 100 people with flashing cameras were constantly (CONSTANTLY) following you around, aiming the cameras to get any perverted pic they could and yelling very insulting things at you in order to get a reaction and to sell the pictures.

  42. Superfish

    #30 wow! that explains it all! and they’re both alike too! nipples popping out, has-beens, oh, the irony of it all. i just with Janet JAckson would have kids and become a bad parent too…that way, the celebrity world will be a better place!!!

  43. Superfish

    …and by “better place” i mean potentially hell with hitler heading the nazis against abortion…

  44. Jbo

    I’ll give her one thing… She remembered what finger is used to flip people off – now maybe she could remember how dress straps work.

    Dumb HO – and no, I didn’t say I’d make you gumbo!

  45. sea

    I’m relieved. I was doubting her sincerity when she apologized for acting like a child and wanting to clean up her act. But she must have meant it. You can clearly see that she really is turning into a proper teen’s role model again.

  46. woodhorse

    Fish – Some magazine said Janet DID have a child like 20 years ago and gave him to a relative and refuses to acknowledge him. That sounds like a bad parent to me.

    It is getting to where I can’t tell them apart. I will need you to label your posts on them so I can be sure which is which.

  47. woodhorse

    and they both fucked Justin Timberlake. Are they even separate people??

  48. Heather

    What is wrong with giving people the bird? I think Brit is a skank, but nothing wrong with flip’n the finger.

  49. The Superfish guy is on coke

    French manicure=Trailer trash

  50. Maybe she has pms

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