Britney Spears is a creative force


Britney Spears only wrote two songs on her new album “Blackout.” I’m genuinely surprised. I expected the amount of songs she wrote to be in the negative numbers. How is that even possible? I’m not sure, but Britney would’ve pulled it off – like her clothes. Reuters reports:

While pop singers of Spears’ ilk usually leave the songwriting to the pros, she was credited on seven of the songs on 2003’s “In the Zone,” and five on 2001’s “Britney.” For the current project, Spears enlisted 23 songwriters. She received credit on “Freakshow” and “Ooh Ooh Baby.”

The Superficial has obtained Britney’s song book. Prepare yourself for an exclusive look at the track listings that didn’t make it in:

[email protected] Me, Hun-Hun”
“My Most Introspective Ruminations on the Foreign Press in C minor”
“Coke = Brit-Brit nice”
“Me No Mom, Me No Have Kids”

It should be noted that there were no lyrics for “Coke.” It was just a doodle of Mayor McCheese punching Kevin Federline into a bus. Surprisingly, it was tastefully done. She used real ketchup for the blood.