Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

March 9th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears touching down in Miami also sporting Daisy Duke cutoffs. Because if this site’s about anything, it’s comparisons. – - And lesbians covered in chocolate sauce. (COMING SOON!)

Alternate Post for Brit-Brit Fans:

Why can’t Sean be so cute like Jayden? OMG! Also, suicide pact at 9 sharp, y’all! Last one there doesn’t get any punch! Tee hee :D


EDIT: Added video of Britney Spears informing the audience her “pussy is hanging out” at last night’s concert. Where does the classy end and the woman begin?

Thanks to xanadujulie in the comments.

Photos: Flynet

  1. azalea

    I can clearly hear *somebody* say “out.” Wow.

  2. True Believer

    I clearly didn’t make it a 9, but can I still get some of that KoolAid … I only like watermelon flavor though … I’m a true believer, but only if you have the right KoolAid


  4. xanadujulie

    #43 Liv -

    Who else has a mic on? Dancers don’t wear them (unelss he audience is interested in the sound of panting and heavy breathing) so… YA It’s Britney, get over it.

  5. Lauren

    i’m not defending her as I honestly couldn’t care less if someone was wafer thin or a pile of slop.. but-

    some people do carbo load before big tours so they don’t loose too much weight & end up with exhaustion.

    perhaps i’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here though!!

  6. Lauren

    I’m still wondering why she chose to make her comeback with that same old ‘sexy’ image?!

    She sold records before because she was young, thin, nice & ‘virginal’, singing suggestive songs..

    Now she is a mother of 2, divorcee, crazy & not nearly as fit. There isn’t a problem with women in that position- but people don’t see Britney in that same light anymore. So why keep trying?
    Why not change the image so at least it would be a classy comeback & not a desperate attempt at reaching for the sexy title she once held & missing by miles?!

  7. sin

    She is still just white trash that came into money. You will never get the trailer park out of her.

  8. Ha


    Like all the female commenters on the Superficial, Rachel is upset because she knows none of the male commenter’s here ever want to see her naked.

  9. Oh yeah… I’d definitely make this fat ass bite a mouth full of feathers…

  10. TheWraith

    “Video removed by the user”

  11. choochoo

    hey brit-britfans,
    have you seen heidi klum these days? she has given birth to THREE kids……
    just sayin

  12. Lauren is Trash

    Britney is not fat. There is nothing wrong with her. She is fit. She looks great. She is not crazy. She’s gotten her life back.

    It’s obvious. It’s right there in front of your eyes, and you are blinded by your own narcissism, jealousy, and hatred.

  13. Really fucking nice!

    Thanks to the LOSER Youtube member who removed the video. Why the fuck do you put up a video and then TAKE IT DOWN because people actually watched it? Isn’t that the FUCKING POINT of YouTube?

  14. Hulagurl23

    I guess this just goes to show women from the south don’t age well at all. I mean look at both jessica and britney just five years ago and look at them now, they’re starting to look like the trailer trash they really are.

  15. The Listener

    Copy and paste the link below for the video footage of Britney’s comment:

    The comment “My pussy is hanging out” was made twice, first by Brittany, and second by a female in the audience (perhaps the person holding the camera). I think I heard her say “F—ing” afterward.

    I wouldn’t have been offended if I was there. I think it’s hilarious. :)

  16. Christine

    Well said, #12.

  17. anon

    No her legs were NEVER shaped like barbies 48.
    Barbie has long thin, lean legs, Britney, has short fat stumpy manly
    legs, always has had. it’s a genetic thing.

  18. @ 2, 8 ,14, etc…Has anyone heard of Gwen Stefani?

    @41 – Yes! Such a beautiful gown! It is of the glamorous items with her!

    @56 – makes sense. Update the image to compliment the present situation. I guess there could be a touch of flashback here and there.

    @62 – I’m not blinded by my Narcissism! Maybe YOU’RE blinded by my Narcissism!

  19. It is not like she has raised two excuses Britards requirement is why she is not as trim as she was.

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