Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

March 9th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears touching down in Miami also sporting Daisy Duke cutoffs. Because if this site’s about anything, it’s comparisons. – - And lesbians covered in chocolate sauce. (COMING SOON!)

Alternate Post for Brit-Brit Fans:

Why can’t Sean be so cute like Jayden? OMG! Also, suicide pact at 9 sharp, y’all! Last one there doesn’t get any punch! Tee hee :D


EDIT: Added video of Britney Spears informing the audience her “pussy is hanging out” at last night’s concert. Where does the classy end and the woman begin?

Thanks to xanadujulie in the comments.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jessica Simpson

    FIRST to say Britney is a fucking fat cunt, like all of you losers.

  2. duh

    She’s carrying her excuse (one of them). What’s Fattica’s excuse?

  3. she looks so good!

  4. Victoria Secret

    Brit Brit looks like Gisele compared to Jessica Simpson’s fat ass.

  5. the truth and you all know it

    Guaranteed: at least 90% of the female commenters don’t look nearly this good (100% of the ones with kids). At least 75% of the male commenters are same-old same-old American balding hairy beer bellied guys. So, go ahead, make 100 critical comments, butt-uglies. It’s the only thing that will make you feel better…at least until the next time you accidentally catch your own reflection.

  6. Anon

    With the time and money for personal trainers and dieticians personal chefs etc Britney has no excuses.

    It’s not like she’s raising the two excuses Britards claim are the reason shes not as trim as she used to be.

  7. Anon=Amoron

    Pregnancy and child birth change a woman’s body, but I don’t know the correct pattern of pimple-popping to communication this info to you in your own native language.

  8. Jesse

    In fairness, Kim Kardashian looks like she eats what Jessica and Britney eat. Combined.

  9. All kids are cute

    Srsly…Britney’s fair game, but please don’t bag on the kids. Sean and Jayden are both cute. Remember, in a few years they’ll be hurt by what they read.

  10. Jessica Simpson

    I love Britney!

  11. Anon

    Before you accuse me of being a teenager make sure you don’t act like one yourself.
    Name calling? Is that all you have?

    By the way my native language is English and if you can pretend to be an adult maybe we can talk.

    Or admit you’re the one who is of the spotty age and I’ll accept your a kid who’s on the internet trying to act tough and grown up and take for what you are.

    Yes Pregnancy and child birth does affect a woman’s body in more than just shape (stop me if this is above your level of comprehension and I’ll re-write in a way you can understand, with crayons possibly) but when you have that much money and free time and also in the public eye, not forgetting embarking on a worldwide tour that is being called almost x-rated your body shape will come under scrutiny.

    When you had arguably the best body in the business you will be compared to your previous self as that was the benchmark you previous set. When I say you I definitely do not mean you but I doubt you’ll disagree with me.

    Look at every single other “Hollywood” mum and they all have got their shape back within weeks you she goes on a caffeine and laxative spree.

    Get over yourself. She’s a public figure who sold herself on being sexy and still is.

    Come back when you’ve reached puberty. I base that purely on your comment.

  12. Anon

    Britney is beautiful!

  13. ItsFullOfPoop

    #7-She’s more fit than you will ever be,you POS

  14. Her kids are retarded

    “Remember, in a few years they’ll be hurt by what they read.”

    Look at them. They’ll never be able to read. When they grow up, they’ll have to meet girls who are into indirect celebrity, drooling, and occasional pants soiling.

  15. xanadujulie

    superficial should attach this to this post:

    apparently brits p*ssy is haning out of her f*cking costume, and she wanted all of Tampa to know it!

  16. KJ

    She looks great. I’d kill for her legs!

  17. Wendy

    #12 stfu you stuck up piece of shit.

  18. Anon


    using multiple names to pretend others agree with you is really showing your age.

    Keep acting like it and you’ll keep showing me why nothing you say should be listened to.

    Even if it was worth saying.

    Oh and for your comment at #14
    Yes, but you shouldn’t concern yourself with that because you will never, ever get close to looking like her so keep wishing you’re her and the more you defend her there’s a small chance she would like you because all she would think off you is “Dayum, another stalker!”

  19. Jayden

    My mommy loves it when we play the nummy game with her hidey-hole.

  20. sandy

    “Anon” this site is for having fun, not being a scold. We’re bored, not impressed.

  21. the_prestige

    I think it’s ridiculous we ridicule Spears and Simpson for being a larger than, say, Lohan, but at the same time, we ridicule Lohan and Victoria Beckham for being too thin. It appears there’s a fine line and a whole lot of people are landing outside it.

    Not to mention that half of you reading and commenting probably look like Kirstie Allie’s ass. Now, that’s a star that’s actually overweight, fucktards.

  22. duh

    Yes, I agree. Let’s all applaud celebrity women who become fatter and less attractive. Because, after all, that’s what their audiences want!!!

  23. Anon

    I am laughing at the women on here who can’t read.

    I haven’t said she looks bad but if you can comprehend my point I was saying that there is no reason she couldn’t get back in shape.
    Unlike the majority of women who are too busy and don’t have the money to get back in shape after birth she doesn’t have those worries and strains on her time.

    She isn’t the first spoiled rich girl to get pregnant and reclaim her figure.
    Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, that one married to the guy from Coldplay etc have all done so no excuse for her not to.

    Did she not know she had a worldwide tour come up?

    Get all defensive why don’t you.
    Maybe if you hadn’t had your kids before you all hit puberty your bodies wouldn’t be wrecked beyond belief right now.

  24. Men

    Eat, women, eat! We love your lumps! I mean, “curves”!

    p.s. Die you fucking fat boner-killing cows.

  25. Alisha

    so has any body else heard about the wardrobe & microphone malfunction at the Britney Spears Concert last night at the St. Pete Times Forum. All I gotta say is this is so funny. Oh and here is the link to the video and the full explaination.

  26. Jen

    Like everyone else, I hope and pray that Anon will continue to write condescending multi-paragraph comments that lack humor or entertainment value in general.

  27. Randal

    It’s great that celebrities take the time out of their busy lives to be seen as a strong family inspiration to others out there. What’s even more beautiful about these pictures is one does not see the short-shorts but a mother caring for her young boy.

    A picture speaks a thousand words.


  28. Predictable

    Anon, Mr. Fish basically captured the quality of posts that would be connected to this story. You can’t argue with Brit Brit fans. They drink the koolaid. Sadly, I think writing in crayons would actually be more effective. (especially if you end with “OMG Britneys HAWT!!!! U R jest jellous” or something along those lines)

  29. Anon

    I am an effing idiot!

  30. sahara

    a-motherfucking-men #6

  31. Nero

    I missed her flappy flaps moment i saw all over the internet! How did she manage to get the key!?

  32. Darth

    The boy seems to enjoy his mother’s physical presence.

  33. Former reader

    This post sucked.

  34. timcn

    I have always said this, even in her prime, Britney has always has
    the most disgusting legs. She has no curves, her legs are short, chunky
    and stumpy like a linebacker. they are very masculine, just like her neck.

  35. Nero

    Where was this photo taken? Guantanamo Bay?

  36. s

    she looks like that butch lesbian serial killer, Aileen Wurnos.

  37. feckless

    @35 you were funny in the Lion King, now, not so much

  38. mickey

    some of you people are sick. why do you feel the need to talk about two kids that had no choice on the life they was brought into. you cant chose your family. its not really fair to talk about the kids for the misstakes or short comeings of there parents. and just for the record im sure she looks alot better than 99% of the people posting coments on this site. alot of you talk shit about her but the funny thing is you seem to be awful obsessed with her cause you dont ever miss the chance to read all the articles posted about her and you dont pass up the chance to put your two sence in which is probaly all most of you have in your bank account.. ask your self this how many of you who are posting negative coments about her went out and bought her new cd when it was released or got on the limewire site to hear what it sounded like… be honest my guess is all of you or at least pretty damn close… leave the girl alone and lt her get on with her life with out all your BULL SHIT comments…

  39. haha! nice going julie! that video is great.
    But I still totally feel bad for her! Could have happened to anyone! :)

  40. alicemo

    Her dress is wonderful! like alwayzzzzzzzz!!!She’s always so fierce, i love her. It’s reported from NewY0rk times that She created an account at ___S e e k r i c h C o m___ to meet a rich and strong boy in a coffee shop last week.

  41. alicemo

    Her dress is wonderful! like alwayzzzzzzzz!!!She’s always so fierce, i love her. It’s reported from NewY0rk times that She created an account at ___S e e k r i c h C o m___ to meet a rich and strong boy in a coffee shop last week.

  42. Liv

    Pretty sure that’s not her speaking in the video!

  43. jay

    Is that her pussy hanging out?

  44. alphabet

    your=the possessive form of the word ‘you’
    you’re=you are

  45. Rachel

    ” 44. jay – March 9, 2009 9:28 PM

    Is that her pussy hanging out?”

    Like all male commenters on the Superficial, jay is confused because he’s never seen a woman naked.

  46. the wonderer

    Well, she more than anyone other than Paris Hilton knows what it feels like to have her “pussy hanging out”, and I for one feel enriched by this admission.
    My life can now continue, and I don’t have to waste my time wondering how Britney’s pussy is doing, or if it needs some air.

  47. nah

    35- in her prime her legs were shaped like barbie’s.

  48. jj

    i fuckin lovee britney!!!

    && she looks a million times better than jessica fatass simpson

    quit hating losers

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