Britney Spears in bikini right before rehab

March 1st, 2007 // 112 Comments

Here are the rest of the shots of Britney Spears in a borrowed bikini right before checking herself into rehab for the second time. Notice how smooth her legs are? That’s because before getting the bikini she stripped down to her underwear and shaved them in the pool bathroom. You can’t buy class like that. You can’t even rent it. I’m surprised she’s not in a top hat and monocle, taking a sip of tea with her pinky extended, and saying, “That’s mahvelous, dear.”


  1. AspartamePop

    She should go like.. take care of her children.

  2. jiminijilikers


  3. jiminijilikers

    girst AHHAAHOHO

  4. schack

    she should eat a pound of aspartame

  5. gatorgirl

    I don’t get it. The original story said she couldn’t get a room because she didn’t have any money or credit cards. So she hits up some randoms for their swimsuits and booze and now they’re BFF’s at the pool cause she “has nowhere to go”? Here’s a tip, Brit Brit: GO HOME! TO BEVERLY HILLS! THE FREAKIN’ HOUSE/MANSION YOU SPENT 6 MILLION DOLLARS ON! THEY’LL LET YA SPEND THE NIGHT THERE, YOU’RE NAME IS ON THE MORTGAGE! JEEZ, is she scared to run into her kids who might look up at her and wonder who she is cause they have seen her all of about 26 days total in their formative first six months? I hate her!

  6. Cardinal Ximenez

    Ugly used chick convention.

  7. Tomkat

    how many bikini’s did she try on? girlfriends lookin’ bloated. Did kevin give her that bruise on her back?

  8. MrSemprini

    How long before the bikini ends up on eBay.

    I’m bidding!

  9. schack


  10. danielle

    I have the exact same body as she has in picture #5.

  11. LilRach

    How desperate is she for friends?

    This just shows how badly she really has gone down hill – she looks the worst in her bikini – Jeez in the pics where she is lying down she looks terrible – like a bloated pig.

    #5 I couldn’t agree more!

  12. fame is funny

    this is the same story as like 5 stories down on the main page…wtf?

  13. louwww

    it used to be that putting britney spears next to average looking girls made me want to do her and not the other girls…

  14. julyper

    and that’s news? Brit, at home, with her children. That would be news. Shocking unbelievable news

  15. karifarrell

    CLEARLY some yahoo filled out that “diddy” at the top of the page and somehow got hired to write the posts. Because the last few have not been that funny, and this one is completely REDUNDANT. If this keeps up I’m going to have to stop reading this crap and actually do my job or something! Please not THAT!!!!!

  16. King Gaspi

    Please, leave this poor Lex Luthor alone .

  17. serial snarkalec

    How does Brit expect to get her toes sucked by her sister dykes with those fugly feet?

  18. elizabeththewellread

    She looks about eight weeks along in that first photo.

  19. griffmills

    in Pic#3, does that guy in flowered bathing suit have a pup-tent going?
    I would not mind at all banging all of them at once

  20. Just another example of how fried her brain is from drug abuse. Look at those pics. She looks like she knows those chicks from kindergarten. She just met them. Look at pic #4, where she’s making the pouty, Jessica Simpson face. She probably doesn’t know these bitches’ names. How many of us would do that, could do that? Going solo to a resort and just hanging with whoever doesn’t tell us to “fuck off, weirdo.”

  21. brujeriadiosa

    #10 Me too….LOL

    you should see me wield an umbrella, too!

  22. TashaVin`

    Owie!! Look at that enormous bruise on her back!!

  23. AmandaEqualsWhat

    Wow, I wish my mom was as classy and awesome as Britney. I’m so jealous of SP and JJ

  24. almostfamous

    It must be nice to be on vacation, meet a deranged celebrity, waste a bikini that will surely have to be burned, and have pictures of it end up all over the Internet. If this ever happened to me, I would not be so lucky to actually be prettier and have a better body than who I would run into. If I had pictures of myself on the Internet in a bikini, they would most likely be with some VS supermodel that would make me look like Frankenstein. However, I also wouldn’t give my swimsuit to someone who has millions of dollars and pretends to be homeless. Clearly, all were in desperate need of friends and felt that immediate bond that actually makes it acceptable to take pictures like that.

  25. Britney: “Cum on y’all, ah jest got dune shavin’ mah legs!”

    girls: “OK Brit! But first we need to take some pictures cause that would be, like TOTALLY hott.”

    Brit: “Ah need a drink ferst. (goes up to bar) Y’all got any Colt 45?”

    bartender: “Uh, no. But we have vodka, rum, wine, beer, and scotch.”

    Brit: “I’ll TAKE it!”

    bartender: “Uh, ok…..”

  26. Jenster

    her feet and hands are disgusting

  27. D'arcy

    Britney has a big purple bruise on her hip.

    Is it the new thing to wear ugly hats with bikinis?

  28. Lowlands

    Just before she entered rehab she made a last quicky trio,i think Rosie is beating her keyboard like a maniac now because this post made her very jealous.

  29. schack

    where u from low?

  30. whitegold

    #16 – Your post makes me angry! Comparing her in any way to Lex Luthor is very insulting to Lex Luthor!!!! For all the evil he has caused to the good citizens of Metropolis, even they wouldn’t be so cruel as to say his appearance is comparable to that of BS!!!! You are a mean and horrible person for making such a remark! haha

  31. Truthseeker013

    What #1 said.

  32. schack

    mothers who smother aren’t good either.

    plus, she’s just a baby herself.

  33. Lowlands

    #29)Why do you want to know?

  34. schack

    cause i’m a muthafuckin’ murderer, and i’m gonna come over and fuck your mother (with whom you clearly live) and murder’er

  35. jrzmommy

    yeeeeeah…….we know this already. What’s the next story gonna be, Marilyn Monroe found dead? The Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor? Lincoln Shot?

  36. mrs.t

    By posing with those two she unwittingly provided the world with an excellent point of comparison. Final score: Britney is painfully average, and a bit stumpy. She should have found much fatter girls to stand near, even if it meant abandoning the hotel guests as possibilities and rounding up a few fat housekeeping staffers.

  37. Lowlands

    #34)If that’s the only reason then i can tell it easily.

  38. She doesn’t need rehab. She needs Water Bondage!

  39. schack

    tell me, then

  40. GooniesNeverSayDie

    From now on, whenever I go to Chateau Marmont, I am going to tote along an extra bikini and a pair of boardshorts in case anyone needs to borrow them. Seems like a great way to meet new people!

    I will also bring along an extra pair of sandals, in case Lindsay Lohan wants to wear them and then run down the street in her bikini smoking a cigarette.

  41. Lowlands

    #39)Allright,if i tell you,do you tell me honestly where you come from?This is something like if i lick you do you suck me,but i don’t have an other choice.

  42. 86

    I’m having deja vu.

  43. That’ll do pig

    That’ll do.

  44. schack

    dude. clearly you’re from somewhere else, since your english is obviously weird and you always defend europeans. i don’t really care that much. not enough to lick you, that’s for damn sure

  45. julia-sexpot!

    i’d get dirty with the girl in the dark bikini. she’s pretty hot.

  46. Rockstar28

    You know what else was in that bikini before Brit went to rehab? Crabs.

  47. Lowlands

    #44)I’m glad you don’t care because that’s my own business anyway.what’s wrong with my shakespearian quotes?

  48. BarbadoSlim

    Eeeew, you can practically smell the skank ooze. I’m gonna have to disinfect this laptop now

  49. Lambency

    Wow, how did she fit in those skinny bitches’ bikini?!

    Gah, I hate the world.

  50. xXrebeccaXx

    What the hell…this is the same story…nothing new here! Just a couple additional pics….wtf..

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