Britney Spears in Allure Magazine

August 16th, 2007 // 336 Comments

has maybe the most insulting photo shoot with Britney Spears you’ve ever seen. Do they really expect anybody to believe this is what she looks like? They could’ve photographed a stack of pancakes and it would’ve looked more like Britney Spears. With this much airbrushing they might as well have hired a cartoonist to just draw pictures of her instead.

NOTE: Some of these are outtakes, which is why some look more like her than others.


  1. Shit4Brains

    One of those look like her, but the rest sure don’t. She’s not that skinny for one thing.

  2. NXo

    Not looking too bad.. but still not the same.

  3. Splooge

    Gotta love Photoshop. Turn a skank into a presentable human being.

  4. AmeriCanadian


  5. jrzmommy

    Lotta digital revisions, fer shur!!

  6. Mish

    She only WISHES that she still looked this good on a DAILY basis. I feel so sorry for her two little boys… it’s a shame!

  7. Mike

    I’d do her either way. She is still looking good. You all can’t say you wouldn’t fuck her. She isn’t that bad.

  8. whoever.

    Dear Lord.

  9. veggi

    when did she turn asian?

  10. K-Fed

    god… i would stuff her soooo hard she would be screaming out GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!

  11. Eagle Chick

    Wow! If they airbrush her anymore, she is going to look like some freakish Japanese anime!

  12. wedgeone

    I would KILL to smell the fingers of the guy in the third pic.

  13. Vegankjh

    Why all of a sudden are asscracks so hot? I mean, britney and that Kim Kardishian or however you spell her name chick, are showing theirs off. I’m sorry, I just don’t get what’s so sexy about it. It’s crack….ya know…Hmmmmph…

  14. AmeriCanadian

    I wonder how many motherboards they melted trying to photoshop that thing into looking actually pretty?

  15. Mike

    #12 Wedgeone, just finger your asshole and you will find out what it smells like. Fuck think about it, he is in her ass crack, so it smells like shit. So do it yourself, you will get the same effect.

  16. Eagle Chick

    She has obviously gained weight–she apparantly can’t button those jeans! I’m looking for greasy finger stains from her fried chicken on the jeans too!

  17. K-Fed

    @10…. don’t kill… you can just open up a bag of funyuns… you couldn’t tell the difference

  18. Tainer

    Eat SHIT…. Britney!!!

  19. K-Fed

    opps.. i mean @12

  20. T

    I love her wig! It’s not one from her collection I’m sure.
    I wish she was so beautiful again, there was a time she really looked that good!

  21. Britney's Nappy Weave

    Wow, in the 2nd to last pic she’s doing exactly what I want to do to her!

    Except I’d definitely use both hands.


    it’s funny how there are two types of photos here, ones that has been photoshopped (or where brit lost 50 pounds just by posing.. HA) and ones where she looks like the heffer that she really is.

    i LOVE it.

  23. Well, overall not that bad. Too bad she doesn’t REALLY look like that.

  24. shanipie


    Omg does she honestly think that anyone will believe she is really that thin? Wow she must have had to do a lot of coke and not drink soda and red bull for like 2 weeks.

    And why doesn’t she let professionals do her hair and makeup all the time? I mean her hair, it looks like its really hers…so knowing it is possible to make her appear human why does she still insist on walking around lookging like a greasy rag doll whose hair as been yanked out by ur older brother?

  25. Eagle Chick

    The guy in the 3rd picture is trying to get those pants over her fat ass!

  26. ***

    the only one who really thinks she lokks like this is britney!

  27. ***

    the only one who really thinks she looks like this is britney herself!

  28. Donna Stannard

    So pathetic…

    Man, that airbrusher is so good, he’d make me look like Jessica Alba! ;D

  29. Shallow Gene Pool Val

    Again with a terrible wig. I almost feel sor….NAH…I don’t care.

    Every bottom has a trap door and it looks like her bottom is the bottomless pit. (I said BOTTOM, heehee) She’s just going to float through endless bottoms, sucking on the rocks like a catfish.

    Hey, don’t they eat catfish in Louisianny?

  30. robin

    that is not her body

  31. chrysalis

    god, I feel so sorry for that hair stylist…

  32. doodie

    she’s probably got the jeans on in order to cover up those fat, stalky legs of hers.

  33. Crap Tonight

    Say NO to crack

  34. Tonto

    This girl has done ripped her last pair of drawers with me.
    She’s just a worthless piece of shit now.
    I hate when people have so much potential and just squander it all because they are a complete and utter dumbass.

  35. The Deer Hunter

    You know that look that comes into the eyes of an animal that is just waiting for its heart to stop beating and the pain to go away? That’s what I see in her Daine Keaton-like doe eyes. People, there is NO suicide in her future. She’s just going to fade away like Margot Kidder (poor Margot).

  36. jenny

    Okay, I normally don’t talk about how ugly people are. But Jerry Christ, her toes are fucking freakish.

  37. Groovy Tuesday

    13 – Vegankjh

    Ab-co-lute-ly Nothin’

    UH, say it again….

  38. That has to be a celeb impersonator…

  39. Groovy Tuesday

    I meant so

  40. Rey

    Pic # 8:
    I never noticed how big her nose is.

  41. elee

    WOW!! Photoshop is AMAZING!!

  42. Potential? Are you saying she has potential like Jenna Jameson has potential? *That* kind? Because I don’t think that counts.

  43. YouRang

    #28 That airbrusher is so good he could make Carrot Top look like Jessica Alba.

  44. Eagle Chick

    The chick with the do-rag is enjoying her job WAAAYYY to much! Ooops! Brittany’s hands slipped off her chest again!

  45. Doomhammer

    That is too her. That was the week she was on Meth and adderall ya’ll, dang!

  46. Say yes to crack.

  47. somewhereinthemiddle

    It is amazing. To bad they can’t photo shop her public image too.

  48. Rey

    What’s the difference Carrot and Alba are equal on the beauty scale.

  49. La Valerie

    43 – Zyklon

    Your name says it all. She needs to inhale a large dose of Zyklon B and just let it do it’s job. Then the kiddies will have her life insurance money. Wait….someone as stupid as Britney wouldn’t have life insurance.

    About the potential. The only potential she had was that she could dance. That’s it. That’s all I could see. Because the wispy, air-filled voice of hers couldn’t hold a cup of water.

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