Britney Spears?! In a wig?! What a completely random event that has never happened before

Britney Spears was spotted wearing a wig late last night while leaving the set for the “Womanizer” video. She apparently plays some sort of slutty waitress who straddles a guy while eating cherries. You can’t make this shit up. Us Magazine reports:

The scene continues with Spears sucking on cherries or dangling them around her mouth, all while straddling and crawling all over the man, the witness says.
“She seems to be all business,” the witness told Us. “She’d just do one thing after another and then on to the next.”
Spears worked up a sweat — her black bob wig was rubbing off on her forehead, says the witness — and an appetite. For lunch, she ate three pieces of cheese pizza.

Oh, hell yeah. A sweaty, pizza-stuffed Britney Spears? It’s like they brought my innermost erotic fantasy to life – but with anchovies.