Britney Spears in a bikini

August 16th, 2009 // 133 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey yesterday, and the sad thing is, I’m so tired of seeing her cockeyed nipples all the time that my reflex action is to immediately look down at her gut. Which is an action I do not recommend to anyone. Except the blind. And maybe Jon Gosselin. Seems like his bag.


  1. H-Joo

    In Japan they would have already eaten her

  2. frank the dolphin

    She nearly looks attractive again.

  3. Adrienne

    is it me or did she have bigger tits back in her hay day?

  4. Gorvi

    She cops so much crap about her appearance, but I reckon she looks great for a late 20s mother of 2. Bet you she bangs like a toilet door at a dodgy chinese resturant too…

  5. AndrewMacCloud

    astonishing, absolutely mind-bending…. these new pictures of Britney must shed new light on Darwin’s theory


    smoookiin HOT! this is what 95% of all women looks like guys.

  7. Timpy

    she still has an amazinggg asss… i would love to bend her over

  8. Top Ten!!!

    Top ten baby!!! Brit is the shit! Kisses XO

  9. DannyB

    Baby oil is an awesome way to get a nice tan. Or, third degree burns. She’s still not the sharpest tack in the box.

  10. Mr. Class

    Dear Britney-

    Won’t you please allow me to squirt my warm, salty ejaculate inside your tight, lubricated, hairless sausage wallet?

    Mr. Class

  11. Looks good, wish she could do more of her singing too

  12. WoW! Brit Brit is looking great there

  13. Harold^Sick

    For someone who has had two kids, I would say she looks rather nice here.

  14. startnow

    She looks soo amazing! She’s coming back!

  15. Jay

    You can’t be serious? She’s 28 years old with 2 kids. Go to your local beach and see how many mothers that age look as good as Britney, she’s built and buff, like her or not! Amazing figure.

  16. Mark Dascascos

    Typical trailer trash with a fucked up head

  17. Jack Fiend

    The only reason I jerked off and came on these pics is because the bitch wants me to.

  18. Anon

    For those bringing up the lame excuse about kids.

    Sure a lot of women who have had kids lose their shape but that’s because they don’t have the money or time or can just be arsed to get back in shape or even looked that good in the first place.

    Now doesn’t she have a personal trainer to get her in shape due to her tour?
    doesn’t she have the time? It’s not like she has the kids to raise.
    wasn’t she regarded (regarded not retarded) as the sexiest woman alive in the past?
    Look at other stars who have had multiple kids in hollywood.
    Gwyneth Paltrow, Angalina Jolie, That one from No doubt.
    All look great and got their figures back so for someone in her position with all the advantages she has there’s no excuse

    Her body is looking very good these days but not to what she flaunted a few years ago those tits arent good at all.

    Also 95% of women don’t look like that.
    They wish.
    In fact guys wish but we are left with the reality

  19. jack cassidy


    what, you mean because she creaks really loud and every time you walk inside you have a crotchety old guy that looks suspiciously like her father yelling at you in broken english, “10 minutes! 10 minutes! any more you just stink up whole place and no one use any more!”

  20. pretty cake


    Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow never really had a “figure” to get back to. They’re both skinny and narrow-hipped. Gwen Stefani is way hotter than britney ever was, and has far fewer mental issues (I assume)–I would expect nothing less than fuckable 2 months after pregnancy. But still, Britney has a defined waist line and hips to match. She looks DAMN good

  21. yaya10

    leave brit brit alone !

  22. jose

    wowwww, dam she looks great. See what happens fat chicks..? When you put down the doritos and actually exersize. The human race has become one slobbish species. Completely inactive and eating junk has become the norm.

  23. Melissa

    Seriously? Britney Spears is disgusting now. Everything about her from her nasty hair, and her paunchy stomach, to her dirty feet, cheap makeup, wrinkles, and C-section scars. Fuckin filth.

  24. Ryan the Canadian

    She looks great considering she had 2 kids. Her tits are a bit on the Easty/Westy side of things but whatever.

  25. FromOutOfNoWhere

    She’s definitely a MILF class now.

  26. jojo

    Are you kidding me?? She looks very fuckable in these shots. I’d plow that for hours, and then shoot a nice load up in that babymaker

  27. oceans

    BRITNEY LOOKS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. anyone who claims they would not check her out while they were on the beach is a complete liar. she looks great for anyone, but especially for a mother of two. and i think the shape/size of her hooter is pretty nice….if she didn’t have nipples that faced down, they would be pretty nice.

    and to those who say she looks great for someone in their late twenties – any one can and SHOULD look good in their late twenties. note the TWENTIES part on that. your body is still young and not yet began the ‘aging’ process. those of you who say that she looks good for her age are using it as an excuse for letting yourself go or are young and jealous that she looks better than you. she is still young, and still can be hot (face aside – it just was really never that nice and she doesn’t seem to take care of her skin) and knows and works for it. i recently read that most americans lose muscle after the age of 20 – which is so sad, because they really should be in the best shape of their lives for that decade, and the better they keep themselves them, the better they would look in their 30′s (and even 40′s). lazy, lazy, lazy people who let themselves go and attribute it to ‘age.’

  28. What gut? This is ridiculous. Her body looks great. Get a fucking clue.

  29. Joe Blow

    I would fuck the Federline out of her.

    (And by Federline, I mean shit.)

  30. John ... Smith

    She looks pretty regular.

    She’s sucking in her stomach Shatner-style. The fingernails are disgusting. And she used to have a better (bigger, shapelier) booty. Oh yeah and f*ck all those scribble style tattoos. I’m not a big fan of ink on women in general, but if you have to, get a real one. Not a dozen tiny ones that make you look like a sixth grader doodled on you during detention.

    But still, rather ordinary. I’d probably check out other chicks if I was poolside, but I don’t think I’d exactly hurt my eyes, if I saw her.

  31. Fuck you

    #28: When we want a sociology / health lecture, we’ll let you know. Until then, shut your fucking yap.

  32. Sport

    As a regular Brit basher I have to say she looks pretty good in these pics. Maybe its just the missing crazy-face but regardless these arent bad.

  33. crkfranko

    Good God! Mother want another?

  34. crkfranko

    Good God! Mother want another?

  35. crkfranko

    Good God! Mother want another?

  36. Mike

    She wears a lot of hats, apparently.

  37. Mike

    Oh and, No TOE no GROW.

  38. She’s not bad, Ive seen roots on a 5 dollar crack whore…

  39. please insert BETTER between seen and roots….

    -I need a proof reader

  40. Lucky Breaks

    Yeah I’d say 95% of women are bigger. I still think she looks ok enough though, nothing to make fun over.

  41. Rhialto

    Now we’re talking about a great natural tan! Y’all watch and learn! A nice and even tan!

  42. Boogeyman King Dong

    Where exactly is Marina Del Rey??!

  43. Nero

    Don’t worry we don’t drag her anymore to any atm.Since we’ve this portable pin pad device.

  44. me

    Hey, she looks good. I mean it. I am talking about her body, not her face. The only thing about her that always bothers me is her rounded shoulders. But that’s not her fault, she’s just a stumpy person. But for what she has, she looks really good. Money can get you a great trainer – and it can get you all the plastic surgery you can ask for. She’s got the money and anyone who says that she hasn’t had plastic surgery is a damn fool. She’s had a lot of work done, and it’s been documented that she uses diet pills. But – I can’t be a liar here, and say that she looks bad. Because she doesn’t.

  45. Lux

    she would look so much better with a little posture!

  46. me

    oops, one more thing… that’s baby oil next to her on the table. The tan looks sensational, but I just want to remind all of you that it’s not really the best thing for you in the long-term. Please be careful with the tanning, kids. You’ll be a wrinkly prune by the time you hit 30.. Oh wait, I forgot – Britney has more money than God. She’ll get a kickass face and body lift in a year or two. Hey, she’s got the money. Let her cook herself in the sun and enjoy it.

  47. Shamus O"Hara

    She looks Great !

  48. me

    you’d look great too if ya had her money. and all of her ass-kissing handlers.

  49. Will she ever realize how dorky she looks in that hat?

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