Britney Spears in a bikini

August 7th, 2009 // 150 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears on a photo shoot in LA yesterday that will inevitably push the boundaries of our current airbrush technology. Don’t get me wrong, Britney looks great after all she’s been through. It takes a lot of work to go from gelatinous ball of crazy to average stripper body. I mean, just the sheer discipline alone, my God.

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  1. Gander

    She looks like a hillbilly.

  2. Laura

    aaaahhh! fIRST, FIRST!

  3. spinal

    Actually she looks awesome. Best she has in years. Let’s give props where props are due.

  4. Venom

    God damn she looks good.
    I want to do very bad things to her.

  5. punkcrash

    pic nº 17. puajjjjj!!!

  6. brenos

    3 & 4, you guys would prob do ur own grandma!

  7. birdy

    Looking nicely doable. Certainly not as good as the pre-Federline years, but I’d definitely pound it once (then run like hell). But what’s up with Pic #9? Did she just pee herself a little? Or did she just get “moist” staring at the food table? “Oooo, Funions and Moon Pies!! mmmmmmm… Anybody got a cigarete?”

  8. lanegra

    to me these photos have been touched up a little bit… there is no way he skin should look soft and firm… guyss.. we all have seen close up pics of her…

  9. lizzy

    she looks fucking GOOD! anyone who is saying mean things — get the hell over it and accept the fact that she is getting back into shape!

  10. Newcastle

    I would smash that still.

  11. Eat it with a spoon

    @2 Laura – you are a twat

    As for Britney, yeh!!!! she’s fuckable again. Now if I could just talk her into it.

  12. damn

    fish, this post is weak…she looks HOT!!!

  13. Mr.Observant

    I like how she has to bend completely over to gratuitously fling her hair back so she can put her hat on. As if she didn’t know the cameras were on her. SO PLANNED!!

  14. Deacon Jones


    Oh, and she’s wet in Pic 9. look at it

  15. Charles Few

    Eyes not bleeding … um, wow, she looks OK!

  16. Tom K

    She doesn’t look bad but she doesn’t look good either. She looks like a man in drag pretending to be Britney Spears.Why do her shoulders look so big? She looks like a football player. Stomach looks good.
    For all of you who are saying she looks good the fish needs to post a picture of Britney in a bikini in 2001 and Britney now in a bikini and see why some people still think she looks like a dog.

  17. LatinaEater

    Despite being a loon … She’s still sexy!

  18. Pass

    Horsey face, square body, thich, squat legs = DO NOT WANT.

    Trailer park queen. Attractractive to guys with fat, rednecky mothers.

  19. Dow

    What a blob she is. Nasty skin too, and that’s not even counting the huge scars that are being hidden. Her and Aniston are the most overrated looking women there are.

  20. Racer X

    Looks like she’s gonna make a porno.

  21. loeu

    I agree with #16 and #19. She doesn’t look terrible, but she’s thick with no tits. Not really any curves at all and she has a thick neck and wide linebacker shoulders. I would NEVER want that body.

  22. jlylec

    fat arms but i’d fuck her

  23. Deacon Jones

    I repeat.

    Wet moose knuckle – Pic 9

  24. Name No

    Fishey, Are you asleep? Can you give us the Heidi playboy cover? Please!

  25. zimmermann

    Now I’m convinced. The Superficial writer and most of the commentators on this site really are as gay as a guy can get. Seriously!

  26. White ladies, you need legs like this.

  27. dk

    Yeah , just what the world needs another pig that lets. her weight fluctuate because of lack of control. Congrats to the idiot that marries her. Just like all the other whores she will inflate at will

  28. Apparently SOME people can’t deal with the fact that woman is not lanky: she’s muscular, that’s her body build. You don’t have to be attracted to it, but it in no way means she looks like a DOG. Personally, I think she looks great. Sure, I could go look at pictures from 2001…but I’d also be looking at someone much younger, before having 2 children and a much faster metabolism. Opinions are entitled, but it doesn’t always mean your’s are the right ones.

  29. gil

    There you go Brit, a suit that doesn’t reveal some of the areas you still need work. Why aren’t celebrities more sensible like this?

  30. Tanzarian


  31. EB


  32. phoring

    no one truly changes

  33. Polka

    She’s looks like a pig.

  34. woman

    well she certainly has tightened up a bit.

  35. Nate

    I don’t care what anyone says…she is one frumpy lookin bitch. Her body is square shaped with no curves and her face is just completely busted.

  36. VtFarmboy

    Brittney who?????

  37. K Fled

    i’d do it again and again.

  38. El Capitan

    To the jello tub for a death match with Brooke and Brit I say!

  39. The grandma hat and the red fuck me in the pewper shoes really accentuate whatever she’s trying to accomplish…and that’s pretty much a bunch of guys with limp dicks in their hands wondering why nothing is happening. I’m surprised I didnt see LiLo hiding in the backdrop doing lines of blow while on twitter.

  40. Joe

    Love watching this bitch try to make up for her short, stubby legs with massive heals and platforms… and she still looks stubby.

  41. hihiu

    She looks hot– so many of you are such haters! I mean, what kind of dillusioned, anorexic, supermodel standards are we setting for celebrities these days?

  42. Nameless

    She actually looks decent here. But she looks like she’s is absolutely hating it.

    No smiles anywhere and she looks awkward just standing there.

  43. TommyJ

    Man, she got that perfect amout of thickness! woot

  44. JPRichardson

    When you remember how she looked 4 or 5 years ago… you can understand all current criticism.

  45. @40…her legs has ALWAYS been larger, its because she has been a dancer for over a decade and she has ridiculous quads, when she puts on a little weight, obviously they look bigger but even in her pre-fed years she had a frikin 6 pack and 8 percent bodyfat and STILL had big legs. called muscle memory and dancing for hours every day.

    and @41. I take offense to that anorexic comment, NOT ALL models have eating disorders hello. alot of them are naturally that thin cuz uh…DUH theyre 6 feet tall, and most of em you dont see all their bones popping out.
    Im 5 4 and 89 pounds and I am NOT anorexic, its called GENETICS people.

  46. Really?

    I would kill to have her body. She’s not too skinny, and she’s certainly not fat. For all of you saying she’s overweight or ugly–if a girl like that walked up to you & said let’s fuck, are you really going to pass it up? Although, I’m assuming most of you haters are just jealous because you’re fat & ugly, so she’d probably pass you up, anyway. She’s hot. Get over it.

  47. Superbiggerevil

    She looks good here, but she’s damaged goods because she was fucking a filthy, disgusting, smelly turbanhead. As a white woman, she’s useless.

  48. The chick doing her makeup has better legs.

  49. The chick doing her makeup has better legs. Back of the legs look cottage-cheesy. She needs a little more ‘surgical intervention’ in that area. Ohh and a lobotomy.

  50. capt. douchebag

    @ 1,what do you mean looks like ? she is a fucking hillbilly !!!

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