Britney Spears’ impersonation of her dad yields a shocking truth

November 21st, 2008 // 36 Comments

Like the strange warts you got from the strip club restroom, clips of Britney Spears’ new documentary Britney: For the Record continue to show up online. The latest features Britney doing an impersonation of her father/conservator Jamie Spears talking on the phone (via Us Magazine):

“This is my dad,” Spears, 26, says while pacing back and forth between takes of her “Womanizer” video.
“‘Britney, get your a– in here and sit down right there!’” she says, switching into a Southern twang. Jamie – Spears’ permanent conservator – spent most of his life in Louisiana.
“‘She don’t listen to me,’” Spears continues. “‘She screams at me, and she gets on me [for] screaming at her…you have to talk some f–king sense into her.”

While the impression is pretty remarkable coming from Britney Spears, I couldn’t help but notice one glaring fact. Turns out when Jamie Spears talks on the phone he disappears for an hour. Think about that for a second, he’s gone for AN HOUR. Who’s watching Britney? Although this does explain how she’s meeting men and why the pies cooling on my windowsill keep disappearing.

Photos: Flynet


    FIRST~~!!!!! HOES


    FIRST~~!!!!! HOES


    suck on that. I WAS FIRST!

  4. Tammy

    Poor BritBrit

  5. samson

    Whoa. What is that on her right wrist in pic 3? Looks like a car-lighter burn. Ouch/ew.

  6. Agnes McSeymour

    samon, it’s a a tattoo of a pair of lips.

  7. Vanessa

    it’s a tattoo of lips on her wrist!

  8. Vanessa

    it’s a tattoo of lips on her wrist!

  9. Lisa

    It’s a tattoo of some lips. Not a car-lighter burn.

  10. Tina


    Congrats, your tropheys in the mail

  11. CaptainMorgan

    Umm, she’s hot to look at and all, but she’s just gotta keep her mouth shut. This moving pictures program that she’s part of is going to further hurt her image, rather than help it. Just pose nude, or do a porno if you want to be popular again! Please!

  12. allan greenspan

    A year ago, I never thought I’d say this, but. . . I’d hit it!

  13. geishaho

    go brit brit…<3 yew

  14. Sapphire

    wow, she lost a lot of weight, she looks a lot better again now! Like back in the olden days, she’s not a porker anymore. She looks great!

  15. Jackson'shole

    She’s ugly and annoying. Please go away forever. And nice touch with the short bus lunatic kiss ass laughing hysterically in the background. I didn’t smile one time during her “genius impression.”

  16. humpin frog

    Wow! Now if she wasn’t fucking legally insane, that shit would be funny. Let’s talk about how that “hillbilly” daddy saved her life and her two innocent young boys from being dressed as Twinkies and eaten. Man, the hours of laughter that would be! You know like the time she was driving around with her baby baking in the backseat of her convertible, while she’s on the phone. Fun times that. Oh, and the time she cut off all her hair and beat a truck with an umbrella. Good times all.

  17. Best she’s looked in the last year and a half!

  18. Tina

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  19. Sport

    wacky shit.

  20. friendlyfires

    Yeah, she’s gotta’ do a sitcom, she’s not half bad when she’s focused

  21. …………………..she was a miscarriage, folks!!

  22. Britney is pathetic

    She is an ungrateful idiot that deserves this public walk of shame.

  23. Randal

    Here comes Britney once again, styling an original look we haven’t seen on her yet. Style change means attitude change and Britney’s hitting every bullseye of late.

    A classic T with an even classier logo hugs her frame perfectly. Brown accents from large glasses and a killer hat brings out the pink hue of her soft skin.

    Adding contrast that sticks out in a crowd, a red hand bag full of the days essentials gets Britney through a busy day.


  24. missywissy

    You people that praise Britney Spears….. yikes.

    That dad must be pretty strong not to have given up on her.

    I bet her kids have more maturity in their little pinky fingers than Britney has all together.

    She really needs to grow the fuck up. All those people around her are paid to laugh at her. And you all that like her are footing the bill.

  25. What’s with her shirt?

  26. me

    Why does she keep wearing the same trousers?

  27. KMS

    I feel sorry for her father. What a frikin nightmare to have to save your crazy-ass daughter from herself and her sycophantic hangers-on.

  28. Balls McCoy

    I can already see how this turns out, Jamie takes some more calls, runs off for a few hours to make deals on Britney behalf…fast forward 2011, Britney’s accountants find discrepancies in Jamie’s expenses. Millions have gone missing.

    Britney sues Jamie. One big happy…

  29. Sakurada

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  30. LivewireT

    *cue soap opera music *
    (An houglass appears on screen)

    “Like the strange warts you got from the strip club restroom”

    so are the days of Britney’s lives

  31. diddleysquat

    Britney, if you don’t want to be in the public eye anymore, then DON’T. Simple as that. This chick has enough money to retire ten times over, and she keeps making a spectacle of herself, and expects sympathy at the same time. Go off the deep end and fukkin end it Britney, cause most of the population doesn’t give a shit about you anyway. And sign your money over to me ’cause I’ll enjoy it more than you do.

  32. RanduhL

    Dear Britney,

    It is so nice to see that you are wearing very complimentary sunglasses. I’m sure that they are UVA, UVB, UVC coated to protect those beautiful eyes of yours. That sparkle in your eye is inspiring and intoxicating at the same time.

    The hat is very fashion forward and a lovely earth tone. Way to go, girl. Set the trends and have everyone follow. You don’t let the media control you…you send the message that Brit’s back, baby!

    It warms my heart to see that you are back on top!



  33. joe m

    So many ugly losers being jealous of beautiful Britney!
    Not surprising!

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