Britney Spears’ impersonation of her dad yields a shocking truth

Like the strange warts you got from the strip club restroom, clips of Britney Spears’ new documentary Britney: For the Record continue to show up online. The latest features Britney doing an impersonation of her father/conservator Jamie Spears talking on the phone (via Us Magazine):

“This is my dad,” Spears, 26, says while pacing back and forth between takes of her “Womanizer” video.
“‘Britney, get your a– in here and sit down right there!'” she says, switching into a Southern twang. Jamie – Spears’ permanent conservator – spent most of his life in Louisiana.
“‘She don’t listen to me,'” Spears continues. “‘She screams at me, and she gets on me [for] screaming at her…you have to talk some f–king sense into her.”

While the impression is pretty remarkable coming from Britney Spears, I couldn’t help but notice one glaring fact. Turns out when Jamie Spears talks on the phone he disappears for an hour. Think about that for a second, he’s gone for AN HOUR. Who’s watching Britney? Although this does explain how she’s meeting men and why the pies cooling on my windowsill keep disappearing.

Photos: Flynet