Britney Spears holed up with pap lover Adnan

Britney Spears is currently shacked up with her paparazzi lover Adnan Ghalib in Santa Monica. Adnan’s continued presence in Britney’s life is worrying her close pal Sam Lufti, according to x17online:

He firmly believes Adnan has ulterior financial motives and that Adnan does NOT have Brit’s best interests in mind.
Sam and the family are waiting and praying …

Within a few hours of her release, Britney was already with Adnan in Palm Desert. The two had breakfast and mimosas at the Daily Grill, according to Vegas Confidential:

The restaurant manager confirmed to Vegas Confidential it was Spears.
During breakfast, she went to the restroom with her champagne flute, while her friend stood outside the door.

I love how Adnan Ghalib sticks in Sam Lufti’s craw. Sam was so close to that sweet crazy Britney money. Now he’s yesterday news. I feel for the guy. He did stick his penis in Britney’s vagina. He should get a car or something. Of course, I’ve never been able to talk a woman into buying me a car after sex. Though one time I had a set of keys thrown at my face when I “accidentally” turned the lights on. So close enough.