Britney Spears does it Doogie-style

Britney Spears made her second appearance last night on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Because I don’t hate myself, I didn’t watch it and opted to drink wine out of box. But I did, however, download these pics taken from the episode and I think I pretty much figured the plot out myself: 1.) Britney meets Doogie who, like most gay men, is oddly obsessed with her breasts and knows he’ll totally get away with touching them. 2.) Britney and the Doog fool around, but Doogie is wearing metal briefs – on account of the cooch. 3.) Doogie proposes to Britney to shut up his Republican grandmother. 4.) Britney almost accepts. 5.) Britney opts to have phone sex with K-Fed instead. 6.) K-Fed sends Britney a lovely “Thank You” card. You know, for the phone sex. Roll credits!

Photos: CBS, Splash News