Britney Spears does it Doogie-style

May 13th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Britney Spears made her second appearance last night on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Because I don’t hate myself, I didn’t watch it and opted to drink wine out of box. But I did, however, download these pics taken from the episode and I think I pretty much figured the plot out myself: 1.) Britney meets Doogie who, like most gay men, is oddly obsessed with her breasts and knows he’ll totally get away with touching them. 2.) Britney and the Doog fool around, but Doogie is wearing metal briefs – on account of the cooch. 3.) Doogie proposes to Britney to shut up his Republican grandmother. 4.) Britney almost accepts. 5.) Britney opts to have phone sex with K-Fed instead. 6.) K-Fed sends Britney a lovely “Thank You” card. You know, for the phone sex. Roll credits!

Photos: CBS, Splash News

  1. ph7

    Doogie’s gay.

  2. The White Urkle

    She needs to give up singing for acting. She was damn funny last night. Plus I still like her boobs.

  3. havoc

    The trainwreck and the pillow biter.

    A love story……


  4. Randal

    It was a great episode last night, all the better because Britney once again did an amazing job in-character.

    She’s been doing this since she was a little girl, so acting has come naturally to her and it showed. Being in the living rooms of North America gives Britney that much more exposure and what a bang-up job too.

    Great work Brit, you’re still a *


  5. boo

    Stunt casting=jumping the shark

  6. AskandImighttell

    I was laughing my ass off last night at this shit. It reminded me of Jessica Simpson on The Newly Wed show.

    A+ from this viewer!!

  7. Randal da Republican

    Randal you are one of the great aspects of this site and the family of persons I have come to call my own. I am going to find you and then dismember you one cell at a time for all eternity if it’s the last thing that I (spoken as a schizophrenic) or we do.
    She’s a * did you actually say that? (Blood pops out of eyes) Why??????

    (begins downing the isopropyl)

    Vote McCain for 100 more years

  8. I wouldn’t mind playing “guess what’s in your mouth” with her.

  9. Cfish

    I feel bad for Britney’s real life problems and all, but she’s incredibly awkward acting. Her first appearance was good because they kept her part small and the show still actually went somewhere, with Stella. This one, they crammed her in for the stunt casting, and it showed. For HIMYM fans, this one is totally skippable.

  10. Tim

    “For HIMYM fans,” please put a bullet in your head immediately.

  11. Inanimate objects can act better than Brit

  12. Sid

    Kneel Peenlick Hammerass is on his knee saying “I’ll give you this ring if you promise to wear panties at all times.”

  13. Doogie

    I didn’t like feeling it go…in…yuck. The scene would have been much better if we could have found a way to make her balls slap against my ass.

  14. Anexio

    This great stoy because it shows truley the true talant that is the forces of brit. she shows now more than ever that she can stillbe better than us on her worstest day and then be a true powerr hose on her best days. she is really something ans she is getting better and betterer every day. lets be happy for her like she is of us people here and not look away all the time and wear purples because she like that.


  16. Irregardless, her boobs are still bite-worthy. I’d chomp down and rip those nipples out by their roots.

  17. britney spear news have become boring and dull… more upskirts…

  18. mimi

    Britney has terrific comic timing!


  19. @16 Troll you know we never abuse the boobs..

  20. nipolian

    “Kneel Peenlick Hammerass” = funny shit….thanks Sid #12!

  21. I actually watched this last night.
    I actually watched this last night.
    I actually watched this last night.
    I actually watched this last night.
    I actually watched this last night.

    I think it did something to my brain..

  22. Auntie Kryst

    @20 Yes that was funny, but may I refer you to #14? Anexio, nobody does it betterer!!

  23. LOL

    Wow I didn’t even know it was aring last night! I missed it! My life is over!

  24. Tigertoon

    Britney says she gets turned on when a guy kisses and licks her feet. Would you do it? Please discuss. And be honest.

  25. Cake and Cock

    look at the freaking arms on her. she looks like bam bam bigelow

  26. Anonymous

    Randal is a friendless moron seeking attention. Please pay attention to Randal, people.

  27. Wim

    The crew noticed that after the bed scene there where skidmarks on Britney’s side of the sheet.

  28. #26 I thought we all were..

  29. Anonymous


    You fucking couldn’t pay me enough.

  30. spade

    Lol, i love superfish’s story.

  31. restingonlaurels

    at least randal has personality! MAN this show is beyond stupid. she couldn’t have had a cameo on the office or something?? she actually resembles the british version’s receptionist a little bit. you know, the one that was in shaun of the dead?

  32. KrispyKremeMcDonalds

    I died of laughter at #14′s post….comedy gold…..

    Stupid casting like this is why I stick to the Discovery Channel

  33. lambman

    That show is actually pretty decent, the 2 leads are pretty boring but the other three are all really funny, and Alyson Hannigan is still the cutest thing on TV

  34. SMD=suck my dick...LEGIT!

    her hair makes her face look rather chubby. though, for once it looks nice and clean! OMG!

  35. lunch lady

    That boxed wine is really in a bag inside a box. With a nozzle.

  36. Tool

    Did Britney catch Down’s Syndrome or something? It looks like she is having trouble making intelligible sounds come out her mouth.

  37. King Wang

    Ok, maybe it is only me that keeps knocking this limp-dicked excuse for a Viagra commercial gone horribly Bob Dole type of wrong……..

    Seriously, it blows, and not like Brit-Brit either, who couldn’t blow a plastic monkey unless it was on fire, inside a spoon with tinfoil, which she would immediately use afterwards as a hat to stop those “alien” signals from penetrating her brain………and penatration and the last name “Spears” is NEVER going to be an intellectual problem either……………..

    So much for a good mind Fuck to or from her………..

    Now, secondly, Doogie Howser is a man-faggin’ Viking Ass Pirate Butthole Surfer to the Nth degree.

    Besides not having a career……….HOW THE FUCK DOES HE KEEP GETTING ANYTHING WRITTEN ON HIM! Seriously folks, he is the female version of Kim Kardashian, and I have no fucking clue who that plastic bitch is………

    How much does a Fag on a really grade D- show bang Britney Spears in-between her Dagobah Blunts make sense?


    I would only do her in the ass though, for sure it hasn’t suffered the same damage as the rest of her (unless she is a Heroin Mule too)……….

  38. chris

    She is sooo pregnant…….another baby on the way!!!

  39. poopypanties

    dont car what anybody says id fuck the livin shit out of britney, any time any where id eat her pussy

  40. Al

    slighty over dramatic some of you would you not say?

  41. Al

    slighty over dramatic some of you would you not say?

  42. Al

    slighty over dramatic some of you would you not say?

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