Britney Spears helps out her winner husband

October 17th, 2006 // 63 Comments

  1. PrincessMuMu

    What the hell is with the plastic stripper shoes??

  2. cayana

    I think the hotness of the vest has to do with it being a size 6 instead of a size 16.

    She’s like “yes paparazzi, come take my picture now, eat your hearts out bitches!”

  3. loagun

    I love how the non-Briney fans get all defensive when someone commends her on her weight loss. I’m a Britney fan but I also love comments like #10 in refference to her ‘not look as bovine’ lol love it.

    However its stupid to say, and believe?, that she won’t be hot again or have a huge ass comeback. You thought she would never be skinny again, its been 4 weeks, imagine her in another 4 weeks.

    Whether the haters like her or not it’s a known fact in the music industry her comeback next year will be huge, probably bigger then Madonna’s Confessions on a Dancefloor(who has had the ‘comeback of the century’ so far).

  4. Stuey75

    lol @ italian stallion saying he likes the music. Mannnn I would so love to win so they could do their CUNTRY things and me sit there and at the prime opportunity just bust on them hard. Or just nonchalantly tell them they are losers but in a nice friend caring way. that would be awesome!!!
    I would explode if I won because I wouldnt be able to make up my mind on what I would do

  5. Stuey75

    Oh #53, I have no doubt she will have a HUGE ASS COMEBACK as you put it, bwaahhahahahaha

  6. RichPort

    Don’t you mean HUGE ASS with a big CUMMED-BACK?

  7. NipsyHustle

    #51—-look down at your feet right now and you’ll find the answer you seek.

  8. must be that desperate already.

  9. Ms. Sass

    The tummy tuck is about the best surgery she ever got!

  10. loagun

    she will #55, and if she does you have to kill yourself. i’ll be waiting.

  11. Jessie

    Clenbuterol. Has to be. A tummy tuck does nothing for legs and arms. I just hope she is not breast-feeding while on that stuff.

    WTF age is she? 24 or something? What is going on with her breasts? HOW can they be so low? I didn’t think saline implants were vulnerable to gravity. Breast lift call, Brits!

  12. haha

    but some losers are just so damn lucky to have rich women to realise their dreams of getting rich and being a scrub.

    p/s: her boobs are mad cow droopy

  13. wow, those prizes totally suck

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