Britney Spears heads to Lousiana for the holidays

If you live in California near Britney Spears’ danger zone, pop open the bubbly; she’s fled the state. With her sons in tow, Britney flew to her hometown of Kentwood, La. yesterday and presumably won’t return until well after Thanksgiving, according to OK! Magazine:

This trip marks not only the first time that young Jayden will get to see Serenity, the family home in Kentwood, but also the first time since ex-husband Kevin Federline was awarded physical custody of the boys that Britney has been able to take them out of the state.
Insiders tell OK! that the reason for the trip is twofold. First, so that Britney can have some quiet family time away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood before the release of her new album, Circus, on her 27th birthday (Dec. 2).
And the second reason for the family getaway is so Sean and Jayden get the chance to spend more time with their cousin Maddie, the baby daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge.

Translated from Y’All-inese

BRITNEY: Where’s my baby sister?
JAMIE LYNN: Here I am! Y’all sure got skinnier.
BRITNEY: Daddy won’t let me go to KFC no more. I hates being crazy. – Wait a minute, what’s with your belly?
JAMIE LYNN: Aw, nothin’.
BRITNEY: Jamie Lynn Spears, how’d you get pregnant again?
JAMIE LYNN: I dunno. Internet?
BRITNEY: Hmm, a mystery. Let’s drink moonshine and smoke cigarettes till we figger it out.