Britney Spears heads to Lousiana for the holidays

November 8th, 2008 // 27 Comments

If you live in California near Britney Spears’ danger zone, pop open the bubbly; she’s fled the state. With her sons in tow, Britney flew to her hometown of Kentwood, La. yesterday and presumably won’t return until well after Thanksgiving, according to OK! Magazine:

This trip marks not only the first time that young Jayden will get to see Serenity, the family home in Kentwood, but also the first time since ex-husband Kevin Federline was awarded physical custody of the boys that Britney has been able to take them out of the state.
Insiders tell OK! that the reason for the trip is twofold. First, so that Britney can have some quiet family time away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood before the release of her new album, Circus, on her 27th birthday (Dec. 2).
And the second reason for the family getaway is so Sean and Jayden get the chance to spend more time with their cousin Maddie, the baby daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge.

Translated from Y’All-inese

BRITNEY: Where’s my baby sister?
JAMIE LYNN: Here I am! Y’all sure got skinnier.
BRITNEY: Daddy won’t let me go to KFC no more. I hates being crazy. – Wait a minute, what’s with your belly?
JAMIE LYNN: Aw, nothin’.
BRITNEY: Jamie Lynn Spears, how’d you get pregnant again?
JAMIE LYNN: I dunno. Internet?
BRITNEY: Hmm, a mystery. Let’s drink moonshine and smoke cigarettes till we figger it out.


  1. lol


  2. One flew over the cookoo’s nest!!! someone get a net….

  3. ChuckleHead

    She’all should just stay in Lousiana… FOREVER and EVER and EVER!!!

  4. britney's weave

    don’t get fat again eating all that holiday food. and quit fucking smoking, for christ’s sake.

  5. CaptainMorgan

    “Serenity” – did they actually name their house? If so, why the fuck would you do that? Or is that the name of a rehab centre that the family has taken up residence in and now calls “home” ???

  6. jline

    Love Britney. She is HOT. i JUST viewed her newest videos on a celeb site

    ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^ . she looks very sexy on the pics. Not sure if she is looking for rich guys

    over there.

  7. Dr. Taint

    Take those stupid f’in sunglases off your head.

  8. joe m

    The whole Spears clan needs our love and prayers,
    especially Britney.

  9. The Beer Baron

    I was wondering why the weather suddenly improved this morning.

  10. Hootie Hu

    We do say “y’all” in the South, but never to just one person… only a supremely ignorant person would address one person as a plural (just like “y’all” in the rest of the country who say “youse”, “you’ns”, and “you guys”). However, this is Brit we’re talking about…

  11. summer


  12. Max Planck

    Smokers suck.

  13. K lee

    Saturday post? Sweet.

  14. ChuckleHead

    @ 10 Hootie Hu – What about, “Dees two yoots?”

  15. Sport

    Always has a bigass purse yet carries her fucking cell phone like it could go off at any minute. Who the hell is calling – Starbux?

    Lose the cancer sticks too dumbass, you know she is puffing the carcinogens around the kids – fucked up, man….

  16. I’m glad brit got out of that driving with an expired license thing. Its easy to forget to renew them and its a hassle to get one in a different state after you move. They make u take the driving test all over again which sux!

  17. Jackson'shole

    Good. Maybe she can go the fuck away for a while. I doubt it though.

  18. Anexio

    Grawmygod!!! that grate news cause brit is most the pop star of all the world. she displays all the bestest of the talants and she quen of pop and all the dance moves that make her the most populer of all the famous sangers of the modrn world. her boys are always wif her and that way it should b cause kFed is loser and wears nacklasys an make the ganged signs all the time which is dumer than post

  19. Susan

    I suspect you’re doing it for comic effect, but just in case you don’t know, y’all is used as a second person plural, not second person singular. Using it indiscriminately just sounds wrong to someone who says it normally.

  20. Louisiana is NOO L.A FAIRY-TALE!!

  21. ummm...yeah

    # 19
    WTF? Shut the fuck up, asshole.
    Learn how to spell and get your fucking facts straight, dumbass…
    better yet just STFU…and don’t post anymore!

  22. check X17...

    Britney will be SIGNING in PARIS, FRANCE for the Holidays!!!

  23. NotLucky

    What is going on with her friend? Is she walking down the street or doing TaeBo? Looks like she is practicing her club swing so she can head north for baby seals to make Brit another giant bag for her upcoming birthday.

  24. you misspelled LOUISIANA

  25. Shitney Smears

    Anyone who gets off on this dumb bitch is retarded. Get a life, fools!

  26. supersex

    i want to get off on her

    all over her face

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