Britney Spears heads home after carpet-bombing Europe with FAIL

November 30th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Seen here at Heathrow Airport this morning, Britney Spears’ European Tour (a.k.a. The Dumb Sauce Parade) came to an end last night after she performed on Britain’s X-Factor then celebrated her birthday at G-A-Y nightclub. While the X-Factor performance was basically a sloppy repeat of the Bambi Awards, at least someone had the foresight to not let her dress like Madonna again. Although in Britney’s defense, her ass looked crazy good. And not just because she’s crazy, but because I’d seriously consider using it as a decorative end table. Then again, I’m the hopeless romantic type. *sigh*

X-Factor Performance

Birthday Party at G-A-Y Nightclub

Photos: Flynet

  1. missywissy

    I couldn’t celebrate my birthday without my children. She looked like she was with a bunch of people that really don’t give a shit about her.

  2. SpearMINT

    What do you think she should do, fucking back-flips? I was reading some comments that were making fun of her dance steps so i watched the video, and I don’t think shes that bad. I am not one to be asked to critique dance videos all too often, but as far as I can tell she remembered all the moves, didn’t crash into any of the Plastic-Gay-Clown Parade people around her; She looked more in shape than 99% of the fat shit-bags that post here, and she apparently has millions of fans, so WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?
    I really don’t listen to whatever type of music Britney Spears sings, and couldn’t care less what she has to say, but please, when you can do better, then you can talk! Until then, I hope Britney Spears keeps putting out albums just to piss you all off!
    And on a side note, I think she looks sensational. Her smile is infectious. Her body is flawless. Go look at your fat wife now. You know who is better looking. You just say mean shit to make your own meager existence seem important. You are all fucking ZEROS compared to Britney Spears. She made it. She is a somebody. She will be remembered like Lillian Gish, or Helen Heyes one day. Who the fuck will remember you? Not a damn soul. Just the guy mowing the grass in whatever cemetery they plop you down in when he does a snot-shot on your leaning tombstone.
    Go ahead and flame me, I couldn’t give a fuck what a bunch of fucking zeros have to say to begin with.

  3. Albatross

    Bad lip synching: Check. Lackluster choreography: Check. Dead eyes and lumberjack neck: Check. Trying to be 17 when she’s 27: Check.

    FAIL to the nth power.

  4. gigi

    eww… creepy giant sunglasses/eye misdirection in that main pic — in theory she’s just looking down unaware, but in realty Agent Brit-Brit is scanning her surroundings to make her next crazy-ass move…..

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