Britney Spears heads home after carpet-bombing Europe with FAIL

November 30th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Seen here at Heathrow Airport this morning, Britney Spears’ European Tour (a.k.a. The Dumb Sauce Parade) came to an end last night after she performed on Britain’s X-Factor then celebrated her birthday at G-A-Y nightclub. While the X-Factor performance was basically a sloppy repeat of the Bambi Awards, at least someone had the foresight to not let her dress like Madonna again. Although in Britney’s defense, her ass looked crazy good. And not just because she’s crazy, but because I’d seriously consider using it as a decorative end table. Then again, I’m the hopeless romantic type. *sigh*

X-Factor Performance

Birthday Party at G-A-Y Nightclub

Photos: Flynet

  1. Sam

    Kevin Federline, the uberdouche, is demanding his alimony and spousal support payments!

  2. TNT

    is anyone surprised?

  3. Katherine

    Good lord, this is atrocious. I love her but Britney, get with it love.

  4. Richard McBeef

    I bet her pussy smells like bubble and squeak.

  5. Katherine

    I re-watched it and nevermind, it gets better the second time. I think everybody is giving her mad support to see if we can get her back to her I’m a Slave for U days, as thus the standing ovation even form Simon Cowell…one can only wish, ’cause bashing hot, skinny bitches is funner than beating somebody when their down…or in her case, down with the cheetos and redbull ya’ll.

  6. Rhode Island

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Madonna’s pussy

  7. She can’t walk in heels her choreography has her ‘strutting’ back and forth on the huge stage but she doesn’t have a good walk. its missing bounce and smoothness its just not good. her entire performance was lack luster and missing the sexy enthusiasm that used to make watching her fun. tank god she changed her alfit but even that was just ordinary. i keep watching these things hoping to see her talent again but even the photos of her look tired and beat up like you can see in her eyes that she’s not enthused and not interested. not to mention that have her ‘moves’ were late off beat or just lame. she needs a new stylist and a new choreographer and the thing about heels ladies is they’re hot but only if you can walk and move in them, its not easy and if you can’t you’re better off barefooted. if she wants to look tall she can hire shorter dancers to surround her.

    total FAIL.

  8. scandalous

    “tank god she changed her alfit…”

    What’s an “alfit”? An Alf outfit? WTF

  9. b

    Jesus God. This is like watching a 13yo trying to come up with a new cheer for the Pop Warner team… minus all the cuteness and enthusiasm.

    Pathetic. That girl is drugged beyond any capability to register joy. The eyes are dead.

  10. Randal

    I get chills down my spine just watching the birthday bash for Britney, especially with all the great people there cheering and chanting her name like the pop queen she’s always been.

    Britney, you’ll always have support from the right places.

    P.S. – Love your t-shirt, very hip!


  11. londonafter

    boring! is exactly like her Bambi performance, not to mention what she did at the G-A-Y nightclub. she’s still a total FAIL!

  12. Victoria

    @ Randal


  13. Ted from LA

    I wonder what color she dyes her beaver.

  14. AnnaDraconida


  15. Cash

    Why are you being so harsh on the girl. Yeah she isn’t back at her career high yet, but she’s a far sight more impressive looking then she was a year ago. Anything better then shaving her head and attacking people is good for this girl. Reset your expectations, and ease off.

  16. mimi

    Brit’s doing GREAT and FISH STILL SUCKS.

  17. fancy

    I actually thought the head shave move was the highlight of her career – it definitly made me love her lol

    but why do we have to change our expectations, the stages they’re putting her on are not the high school talent show, she’s performing at music awards and venues reserved for the top talents of the country and the world, and her performance is not anywhere near the quality it needs to be at. I’d totally clap her on at the kareoke bar on the corner, but for the venue she’s at her performance is a total FAIL i wish her well in life and all, but her ‘comeback’ has amounted to a series of crappy half hearted sub par wastes of time. if she can’t do a good job out there someone more talented should be taking her place. sweet to see all this charity thrown her way, but its at the expense of other performers who better deserve the air time.

  18. Jeremy

    Britney did great, end of story. If you don’t like Britney, shut the hell up and listen to somebody else.

    I think she rocked the stage, and we’ll be seeing more enthusiasm as she gets comfortable again. Just takes some time…she feels the expectation on her and I’m sure its crippling. It isn’t like the XFactor contestants, who walk out there only proving they have talent. Britney has to prove to the world she’s the queen of fucking pop music, and that’s enough to drive anybody crazy.

    I wish you guys would quit bashing the girl and give her a chance. She’s the comeback story the world needs.

    And by the way, man…did you see the way the crowds have reacted to her? Have you seen the ratings for xfactor? You fatshits that bash her are certainly in the minority.

  19. Ted from LA

    Praying for mimi

  20. Rakau

    @17 – couldn’t agree more

    everyone expects her to be like she was 5-8 years ago, and she isn’t on the same level she was then…people are more interested in watching her now just to see what a trainwreck she’s become and how pathetic her performances are. She didn’t deserve to get any awards at the VMAs for her “piece of me” video, and people keep giving her second chances and she keeps blowing them…she never learned to work for her success, she was rich and famous at 17, and now she doesn’t care…she gets this stuff handed to her; she has no motivation to make any sort of comeback. people are always going to love her and she’ll always be famous and that’s fine, but sadly that doesn’t mean she will ever return to what she used to be…

  21. Rhode Island's Mom

    OK… I’ll suck Plaxico’s long negroid dick and I’ll juggle Diddy’s nuts in my mouth, but I draw the line on the crypt keeper’s rotten roast beef – that is just plain gross.

  22. humpin frog

    #18, I’m totally with you. Just today, my wife was expecting that rock hard ten-incher she’s used to getting from me. But times change and this morning was ten hours ago. Come on babe! How can you expect five more times when you know I only have 4 1/2 left (I’m looking at you, my hairy, left spherical friend). Man, I hate expectations!

  23. ishi-san

    Did anyone count the candles? How old does she get? 46????
    …oh and also, not managing to blow them out all at once brings bad luck – just sayin’

  24. F-Obama

    Damn it! I got the internet to get a hard on. Watching that crap made me loose it! She sucks and obviously can’t blow either.

  25. grobpilot

    Hey #7: Holy shit, guy (or girl). If you’re going to comment, learn how to spell and put together a proper sentence. I blame it all on the schools, parents and lazy ass kids who expect to be supported their entire lives and, therefore, don’t need to put out the effort to learn the basics of language. At least use spell check or have mommy proof-read your work before you post for all of us grammar nazis to tear apart. Thank you.

  26. cielo

    i love brit’s songs and her performances but god! i hate the way she dresses! what the hell is she wearing in these pics?? she needs and stylist at once!

  27. cielo

    i love brit’s songs and her performances but god! i hate the way she dresses! what the hell is she wearing in these pics?? she needs an stylist at once!

  28. Amy

    Pray for mimi! Get on your knees and beg God to guide her. She is so misguided it’s not funny anymore!

  29. Rynn

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  30. Tom K

    I hate the fact that everyone cheers and giver her standing ovations like this whore actually did something. Am I the only one that realizes that bitch doesn’t even dance anymore. This is sad! She is like a puppet!

  31. mimi

    I would love to suck off Plaxico’s long negroid as you call it dick! He is sooo handsome I get wet thinking of sinking to my knees serving my dark master. I would let him in my ass, anything he wanted.

  32. mimi

    fuck all of you I don’t care to hear any of your childish comments.
    God loves Brit you can hate her all you want.
    She is crazy talented which is more than I can say for you assholes.
    I pray every day for her and Amy and obviously God is listening to me as Amy shed herself of that leach and Brit gets better everyday. SOOO much incredible talent!!!!!
    Suck my hairy mole-ridden pussy.

  33. Richard McBeef

    Mimi –

    I pray everyday that Britney is found in a ditch with her panties around her ankles and that Amy is finally consumed by that flesh eating bacteria.

    I guess that our prayers cancel each other out and that is why they both fucking suck.

  34. Anon

    “fuck all of you I don’t care to hear any of your childish comments.”

    And starting your comment with “fuck all of you” is what? The height of sophistication?

    Erm, no it’s childish.

  35. so im watching her thing now

    she is pretty- even without airbrushing maybe, i think unflattering pictures of her get taken, cause she looks pretty good on film right now.

  36. scabbeus

    Wait…these pictures are not of Britney. Look closely, I believe it is Joel Madden!

  37. How does she even still have a career? Sure, people are supporting her shitty appearances now, but they won’t applaud when in a year she is STILL dancing like she’s half asleep. Back in high school, I never liked her and thought she couldn’t sing, but I totally thought she earned her star-status because even if you didn’t like her music, her performances were REALLY entertaining. The performance of Slave 4 U (a song I pretty much hate if there are no visuals) with the boa around her neck and that cute little outfit and the dancing… yeah, that was one of the sexiest images ever burned into my mind. I’ll forget about this tomorrow.

    If she doesn’t get her act together she’s a lost cause. I already think it’s too late, but nobody will give her another chance in half a year if she is still performing like this.

  38. xtina

    her body’s saying lets go but her face is saying no

  39. Shannon

    the only think more retarded then britney is her fans

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  41. Someone should really work with her (like 24/7) on her “dancing/ strutting” performances. She struts like a drag queen with her first set of heels. And those were 7th grade cheerleader hand movements.
    She really should retire if she hasn’t improved but this much back into her recovery.

  42. fletcher

    They give every professional a standing ovation on X Factor, she was crap and couldn’t even answer Dermot’s question. Stop sending your shit over here we’ve got enough of our own.

  43. fletcher

    They give every professional a standing ovation on X Factor, she was crap and couldn’t even answer Dermot’s question. Stop sending your shit over here we’ve got enough of our own.

  44. mimi

    God does not listen to haters. He has his ears open to those who impart love to the stars, those that bring happiness and entertainment in our lives. I have spent a long time on my knees begging mercy and salvation for Amy mostly and Brit and I know I have a direct channel with the Almighty because they are both on upward spirals.
    You haters summon Satan and will pay the price one day or shall I say for many many long days without night or is it one very long unforgiving night.
    Praying even harder now for Amy!

  45. be honest: DID WE EXPECT SOMETHING ELSE, folks?

  46. pamela


  47. linda

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  48. I can’t comment on her singing because she wasn’t. She was lip syncing like usual. Her dancing is so sad she wouldn’t make any tips in a strip club.

    The dumb broad is still trying to do the same style of music she was doing when she first came on the scene. It’s time she followed Christina’s lead and tried singing songs that are more than just the same old pop fluff. Oh yeah…never mind. I forgot that Christina can actually sing.

  49. Briller

    Urgh, she was shit on the Xfactor and is probably the 1st act to ever mime all the way through!
    Bet the contestants felt gipped.
    So glad the British press are slamming her today.
    Don’t come back Britney…cheers lass.

  50. Lola

    What happened to her in Europe would also happen in the USA if she didn’t have the media advertising her 24/7.
    Those who haven’t heard anything about her in the past 5 years don’t want to see “the great comeback” of some mother of two who used to be famous.
    Britney has more money than most of us ever will, she should try to keep that last bit of dignity and leave.

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