Britney Spears hates Kevin Federline

June 21st, 2006 // 187 Comments

Despite telling Matt Lauer her marriage is awesome, Britney Spears rented two houses during her recent vacation to Florida so she wouldn’t have to stay together with Kevin Federline. In Touch Weekly reports they spent $250,000 for the trip to Aqua Island and, except for appearing once on the beach together with Sean Preston, stayed pretty much away from each other the entire trip.


  1. krisdylee

    Good try Paisley, good try.

  2. darkangelle

    The only mildly positive thing I can say about this picture, and any other picture of K-Fed holding SP, is that atleast K-Fed seems to know how to hold a baby CORRECTLY.

    Can’t say the same of Ms. Spears…

  3. GuyLeDouche

    #148: Insane Clown Posse

  4. krisdylee

    When Oshie drinks Vault, it’s like Cuntyll and Hyde. I am so excited. Let the shenanigans commence.

  5. BigJim


    Same thing for me, except exchange “Vault” for “pussy juice.”

  6. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Big Jim, stop trying to be like me. It’s just sad.

  7. VAULT energy drink gives me explosive diarrhea.

    On the upside, though, I’ve never felt so “energized” while parked on the can. It’s like I’m overwhelmed with the strength of a hundred men.

    A hundred men, all coming out of my ass at once. With the unstoppable force of a geyser.

  8. BigJim

    Osh, the word “cunt” may have been invented just to define you.

    That’s okay though, you’re still okay in my book.


  9. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Everyone wishes to bask in my warm cunty goodness.

  10. BigJim

    Is there such a thing as cunty badness?

    Well, I guess if you’re referring to Paris Hilton’s cunt there would be.

  11. booface

    ICP has always scared me. Because their music is so shitty.

    Sweetcheeks, thanks for the graphic detail of your ED. That is fascinating.

    AmberDextrose, You suck. ICP style. “Don’t have enough manners to read previous posts”? Nobody on this site has manners, duh. See you in anther four months.

    And why does everyone call him K-fag? How unoriginal. What’s wrong with being a fag, anyway?

    And lastly, I think that MySpace is indeed MeghanHarris. There’s mention of Mateo on her comments!

  12. Jacq

    #150 – That’s me – lookin’ out for the little guy. I don’t take no shit (or let the cool kids take no shit) from some stupid mofo.

    #139 – So now you’re leaving out 3% of the words necessary to complete a sencence?

    Osh – the ICP thing was random, but correct nonetheless.

  13. BoredStiff

    Oh Good, This post is still up. I was worried I would log on this morning and see something new!

  14. spatz

    no new story. big shocker.

    Reese witherspoon is suing star magazine for calling her fat and pregnant. chew on that til mr. superfish gets his shit together

  15. ticklemepink

    o god ppl enuf about “uggghhh Britney Spears sux!” she DOES NOT! my cousin knows her personally and she’s really, really, really, really, nice. it’s K-Fed that has the problem. he’s saying: when we divorce, u gotta pay 2 million dollars or give up Sean P. I wish someone would SUE that guy… for SOMETHING!!!!!!
    whenever I c his picture, I wanna throw up, and thats when he’s smiling! i dont have an idea WHAT im gonna do if he’s NOT smiling!
    britney, u gotta chose better guys./

  16. spatz

    165 you fucking idiot. youre not text messaging your 13 year old friends. type the words properly you fucking moron. god is this what the world has come to? kids cant even spell the words “you” and “see”. fuck

  17. krisdylee

    Ticklemepink, what grade are you in?

  18. jane's eyre

    That’s what comes of kids growing up using text messages and chatrooms as their only form of communication. I bet the majority of them don’t know how to spell basic words, as evidenced by #165. ADD kids can’t take time to spell words out, I guess.

  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I wish you guys were my real friends, and that my real friends were trapped in the computer. *Sigh*

  20. Jacq

    #169 – Ditt-fucking-o

  21. Piper

    In no way is this a defense of Bit Bit and K-Fed’s train wreck of a marriage, because clearly renting two houses is a rich man’s version of the June-and-Ward Cleaver-seperate-twin-beds kind of freakshow, but methinks pregnant ladies can’t jet ski and or drink Cristal at a club…

  22. jane's eyre

    But she’s country, so yes, she probably DOES drink and jet-ski while pregnant.

  23. jane's eyre

    This lady that I used to work with went ATV riding out in the desert WHILE 8 MONTHS PREGNANT.

  24. smashinroaches

    Hey don’t knock drinking and ridin jet-skis. Better yet drinking and ridin ATV’s thru the woods at night. That shit is fun. I wouldn’t recommend it though while pregnant. Has anyone seen the picture where she stumbles with SP in her arms? I wander what substance she had in the glass she had in the other hand.

  25. soccerdiva26

    Yeh, Yeh. We all screw our daddy, and on saturdays the family and the dogs all have one big orgy. It’t a fucking blast. Our kids are all bucktoothed and bow-legged. They look like they should star in the Hills have Eyes.

  26. Oh, how brave of you “anonymous”. you are so smart, Columbo, how did you ever find my mypace page?

    Gee, I think I would have entered “Megan Harris” in the search engine. duh. Your a genius, Sherlock. big deal.

  27. smashinroaches

    Damn, #175. Don’t be so honest all at once now.

  28. idntgiva_hOoT!

    Awwww, one big happy family….NOT!!!!

  29. LickyLicky

    So where do you get a Masters in Medical Technology? Is that something offered as SLU?

  30. LickyLicky


  31. soccerdiva26

    It is offered at SLU. Are you from Louisiana?

  32. biatcho

    Louisiana sucks. Move on.

  33. herbiefrog

    …hi guys :)

    a great time

    dont stop :)

  34. sarakai

    I wonder how much that diapers actually doing for Sean Preston right about now…

  35. WorldWideWendy


  36. dabitch

    By letting him swim in the ocean with diapers she’s creating SPF salty pickle. Think about it. poor baby.

  37. babygurlie69

    they look happy. ♥ britney spears is amazing. why cant the fucked up losers accept that?

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