Britney Spears hates Kevin Federline

June 21st, 2006 // 187 Comments

Despite telling Matt Lauer her marriage is awesome, Britney Spears rented two houses during her recent vacation to Florida so she wouldn’t have to stay together with Kevin Federline. In Touch Weekly reports they spent $250,000 for the trip to Aqua Island and, except for appearing once on the beach together with Sean Preston, stayed pretty much away from each other the entire trip.


  1. okiedoke


    Blah blah blah. Enough of this chick already!

  2. anonymous

    Thats comforting. i mean, He’s a LOSER!

  3. TaiTai

    Whadda ya mean y’all? Doesn’t everybody rent separate houses on vacation? It just means we luuuuuv each other. We’re cuntry.

  4. tits_on_snack

    congratulations on being first to reply? or something?


    My friend had a venus fly trap when we were kids.. I fed it a cheeto, and it died.
    The moral of the story can be found here:

  5. dammit! Missed First again!!

  6. Fat pigs! both of their fatt asses!

  7. Don'tPanic

    Um, can’t Britney afford swim diapers, they are like $8 for a whole pack. I don’t have $100 million and I can afford swim diapers and little trunks for my son.

    I’m not sure it’s a great idea to be sunbathing while pregnant either. I saw the rest of these photos on another site and she is just burning up on the beach.

    Why doesn’t someone help her?

  8. Jacq

    Fuck the both of them. Die already.

  9. pinky_nip

    I’d like to diaper MeganHarris’ face.

  10. K-Fag has blackmail on Britney. Think about it. Why, if it is so over, would she not dump his worthless ass? Apparently, the longer they stay married he gets more money – so why not sever this abomination ASAP? It would be in her best interests… or would it? Perhaps K-Fag has video of him and Britney doing nasty things, or pics? That would explain the renting two houses and appearing only with the kid. It would also explain K-Fag’s cockiness.

  11. IFuckingHateYou

    Separate houses on vacation – check.
    National TV rebuttal that their marriage is great – check.
    Mooching, worthless husband – check.
    Went from a hot piece of ass to a flabby, country piece of trash – check.

    Sounds like Britney has everything that she ever dreamed of as a little girl. Those cunt-ry girls don’t generally hive big dreams of course.

  12. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    I agree about the swim diapers. I mean, think of all that unwashed butt seepage drifting out into the aqua surf. And I’m talkin bout K-fed and Britney Creamcheeze. The baby’s bum looks pretty secure.

  13. pinky_nip

    This pic of K-fag looks like Tony D’Annunzio in Caddyshack.

  14. Iambananas

    Why does everyone pick on MeganHarris? I enjoy her posts very much.

  15. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    And I think this is who the Cristal spokesman was referring to a few stories back, about unsavory types indulging in that paricular likker. Nevermind respectable, matronly Jay-Z. They meant K-guzzler.

  16. Chicagoboy

    #13 This must be the 1/2 hour that the caddies are allowed in the pool area.

  17. Iambananas

    K-fed is looking good these days.

  18. deborah

    Mom & Dad – protective sunglasses – $2400, Mom – stylish sun hat – $800 – highend bottle of sunscreen $60 — letting Baby cook in the sun – priceless.

  19. Chicagoboy

    Is it me or does little SP’s face look incredibly red? I mean, I would be embarrassed to be seen in public if Brit and K-Fed were my parents too, but that looks a shade or two darker than “humiliation pink.”

  20. RichPort

    K Fed and Over-Fed have the same size arms. With those glasses on, he looks like a cast member from Deliverance.

  21. jane's eyre

    7 & 12
    That’s the first thing I noticed too. Poor baby, if (and more likely, WHEN) Britney drops him, the weight of his soggy diaper will pull him straight to the bottom. And then Britney won’t be able to see him because of her belly, and K-Fed won’t be any use, he hardly knows he has a son to begin with, and we’ll have a poor drowned little SP.

  22. jane's eyre

    Britney thinks that the baby’s initials are sun protection enough. You know, SPF.

    I know, I know, I used that one before, but thought I’d trot it out for a second run.

  23. superstar26

    ENOUGH ALREADY!! The baby in the ocean w/out trunks is WAY country!

    #14 you are MeganHarris

  24. Chicagoboy

    #22 SPF = Sean Preston Federline?

  25. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Two houses: One house for her, one house for her big, fat, ugly, blubbering ass.

    You know how that goes, huh, MeganHarris?
    Oh, that’s right. You’re a homeless retard with a cleft anus. Sorry.

  26. Aqua Island? They seem like a couple that would vacation in glamorous Daytona Beach.

  27. Jacq

    #22 – That is a very astute observation, but we know Brit doesn’t think that fast. Even if she reads post #24, she would never get it.

    They’re the type to leave a turd floating in the pool – and not the baby’s if you know what I mean.

  28. Jacq

    The last thing that I want to see is either one of these two “dropping the kids off at the pool.” Ylech.

  29. jane's eyre


    Sun Protection Factor.

    i.e., SFF 15 is the minimum protection that dermatologists recommend for sunscreen.

  30. jane's eyre

    *”SPF”*, not SFF. Oops.

  31. jane's eyre

    Ha ha, I love that phrase. Also, Sending a message to Congress, Seeing What Brown Can Do For Me (UPS’s slogan).

  32. Chicagoboy

    #29 Yes, I know what SPF stands for, it’s not like I am country or anything. I was making a pun, a play on words. Sorry if my attempt at humor drifted a little over your head.

  33. Jacq

    If it’s brown, drink it down.
    If it’s black, send it back.

  34. jane's eyre

    Sorry, I thought you were asking me to explain. I wasn’t inferring that you were country or unintelligent, as I know you aren’t.

  35. Italian Stallion

    That picture can’t be in Florida……I don’t see any Haitians floating on rafts…..

  36. Chicagoboy

    #34 No worries, jane. Wasn’t offended, just ribbing you a bit.

  37. jane's eyre

    K, XOXO, ribbing actually helps the sensation.

  38. Jacq

    Ahhh, and being “not country” enters the strastophere of “fruit-salad head” when claiming not to be or calling someone an idiot.
    I love it! I love it! I love it! *kicks leg over head (at desk)*

  39. jane's eyre

    And bring out the cunty country defenders!

  40. Fugurself

    #35 you reminded me of a thought:

    I always ask myself this question whenever I see a big Ford Expedition with Florida plates and a “grayhair” driving 30 miles per hour under the speed limit….

    If it’s tourist season; how come we can’t shoot them?

    PS: I’m in Boston

  41. spanglish

    If Britney hadn’t went down hill so quick after hooking up with this dipshit, there wouldn’t be so many tabloid stories about them and all of those mishaps with the baby may have been missed (except for the dropping on the head incident). In short, Britney’s brought this all on herself. She shouldn’t have rented two houses, she should have made him stay out in a shed.

  42. BigJim



    Da-dum, da-dum

    Da-dum, da-dum

    Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum

    Do do do… do do do-do do

    For those of you who don’t get it, the above is supposed to be the theme music from Jaws.

    Man, would that ever be sweet.

  43. Iambananas

    #23 I am not MeganHarris, I am the penis sucking Iambananas.

  44. Fugurself

    )))))) COOB ((((((((( hurry the bus is out in front for your field trip, they’re taking you to the zoo today.

    They finished constructing your cage.

  45. superstar26

    well then suck this, Iambananas!

  46. katie

    what kind of gazillionaire spends %250,000 on a vacation too…..fucking florida?! Go to Tahiti, go to Hawaii, go to Fiji, fucking go to madagascar, but dont spend that much money for a vacation in the UNITED STATES! Only a useless redneck would do that…oh wait.

    and yes. i agree with unwashed masses, he DEFINITLY has blackmail on her. BIG TIME blackmail. shes totally fucked and i am glad.

  47. Jacq

    Britney has ruined being country for bumpkins worldwide

    I imagine that for someone who lets her animals run around shitting and pissing all over her house, having a husband that shits on you ain’t that bad.

  48. Jacq

    #42 – It would be even better if they got attacked in a swimming pool. You get them in there – I’ll bring the shark.

  49. BigJim

    The pretend coob annoys almost as much as the real one.

  50. Italian Stallion

    @40 Shhhhhh, be very very quiet, I’m huntin g tourists, hehehehehehehehehehe

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