Britney Spears hates her dad, loves legal battles

February 4th, 2008 // 58 Comments

Britney Spears’ hospital stay has been extended to 14 days due to the severity of her condition. In the meantime, Britney’s lawyers at Trope and Trope are going to court today to contest the conservatorship that was granted to Britney’s father Jamie and lawyer Andrew Wallet. They’re basing their argument on the fact that Britney doesn’t trust her father and has animosity towards him. Us Magazine reports:

But an insider tells that it may be an uphill battle for Trope “because what child does get along with their parents when they are locked in the psych ward?”
Adds the source, “It’s going to be hard to convince the court that Britney can be taken seriously given the state that she’s in.”

Interestingly enough, Britney’s dad has the power to fire Britney’s lawyers which is kind of a kickass way to win a court battle. Or he could just swing across the courtroom with a knife in his teeth and kick the judge in the face. That’s actually a valid legal defense. I think I saw Matlock do it once.


  1. meh

    No comments yet?!

  2. gimmie more

    I bet her breast milk is orange.

  3. whatever

    Wow, didn’t think she’d be on the street begging for money this soon.

  4. gimmie more

    I bet her breast milk is orange. And tastes like cheetos.

  5. B

    4th bitches!!

  6. arewhyan

    can her dad just put her to sleep?

  7. Captain Fucktard

    Yeah, that’s the famous stab the judge death defense. Extremely effective.

  8. Captain Fucktard

    Yeah, that’s the famous stab the judge death defense. Extremely effective.

  9. Stupid question

    I wish i was in a mental hospital.. Can i admit myself or do i have to try to commit suicide first?

  10. C Money

    In all seriousness…why is she still being talked about. She is a MESS and that does not deserve publicity at all.

  11. gimmie more

    I bet her breast milk is orange. And tastes like cheetos. And she drinks it.

  12. Captain Fucktard

    I don’t go by Captain Fucktard for nothing.

  13. sopheter

    She is really stunning.. I am expecting her new music video. She looks so hot in that pictures. BTW, Have u guys heard that she ever appeared on a millionaire&celebs dating site ‘’ when she was single? I heard of this around some famous gossip sites.

  14. i have boobs

    Breast milk tastes like sugary water,

  15. mememe


    there is no way Britney breastfed her children long enough for the well to have anything left in it. those bags dried up long ago

  16. oops

    I met Captain Fucktard at meet

    We are very happy and have Stopit Fucktard and little Dammit Fucktard now. They’re beautiful.

  17. I love sugary water..

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Britney should hire the Giants for her legal team. Perpetual underdogs through the playoffs, but they kept fighting and didn’t quit. They play some smash mouth defense, and would beat down the heavily favored plaintiffs. Good game.

  19. feg

    its Frances Farmer all over again.

  20. In other news, my shit is brown and stinky.

  21. Auntie, She just needs to hire that defensive lineman that sacked Brady at the end of the 4th quarter. That was great. He just layed that bitch out. That was the best tackle of the entire game.

  22. Jimbo

    Mine is green and runny and on my finger.

  23. Thanks Lady Jane. Mine is white and smells like chocolate..

  24. LL

    Any idea Britney hates automatically becomes a good idea, by default. Right now, if Britney spoke in favor of freedom and democracy, I’d join Al Qaeda, just to be safe.

    I don’t even feel bad for her anymore. She’s spent the last year destroying every bit of good will she might have had from anyone who isn’t one of her delusional fans.

  25. oops

    Britney loves the battle cat and battlestar galactica.

  26. Jazzy Katy

    her hair and makeup look nicely on hers.

  27. Worfney

    Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!

  28. Conservator/Guardian/POA of a Wacko

    I’m a conservator and guardian and power of attorney of a wacko. The reason I get all these great titles is not because I went to Graduate School forever, but it is because the rest of my family was ripping off our nut case relative, which I had to prove.

    FYI, the only way that Britney’s Dad is going to be replaced is if he has done some embezzling is the few days that he has been the conservator and it can be proven. Then he can be replaced by another relative or a financial firm like John Robert Powers, Oh, not them, I mean someone like PricewaterhouseCoopers that will do the job for a 2% yearly fee. That fee can also be paid to her Dad, which is why he will want to stay in the job and collect the big bucks for a very long time.

  29. Jamie Spears

    Finally…10 years after the fact, I get to fuck her LEGALLY.

  30. Vince Lombardi

    Is it just me, or is it difficult to have fun at the expense of the mentally ill?

  31. TS

    With those glasses on (worst shades ever, by the way) she looks like Paulie’s robot in Rocky 4.

  32. Bart Starr

    It’s just you, Coach.

  33. Number 1

    Im other news i just shit my pants….who wants to clean my ass?

  34. momsbasement

    lmao@27 – “Today is a good day to die!”

    (how did I know that? Shut up.)

  35. Number 8

    my vagina is leaking white stuff…what is it?

  36. Captain PP

    Why can’t her dad do what Marvin Gaye’s dad so and shoot the damn cow?

  37. Captain PP

    Why can’t her dad do what Marvin Gaye’s dad did? Alright already! Shoot the damn cow?

  38. Mal Reynolds

    She must be fuckin nuts! Seriously, I worked in a psych hospital and you didn’t get confined under a Baker Act (Florida’s equivalent to 5150) unless you were really fuckin crazy. Just being a self centered asshole who frequents Starbucks and gas stations isn’t enough. I’m hoping she is schizo as well as bipolar. YAY CRAZY!!

  39. Amber

    Is anyone else loving the fact that the lawyer’s last name is Wallett?? Classic.

  40. Ginny Sue Loves God And The Little Baby Jesus

    What that blaspheemin’ lil’ girl needs is a good sound spankin’ from her daddy. That’ll get all that devil sassiness out of her. Well, I remember when I was ’bout her age, my daddy would take me in back of the barn and spank my ‘lil bottom ’til it was red as a Wahington apple! Poor daddy. Spankin’ and spankin’ so long and hard, beads of sweat from his forehead would drip on my sore behind. He would get so tired, snortin’ and gruntin’, moanin’ and oh’n and awe’n, finally droppin’ me to the ground from his lap out of pure exhaustion! I know those spankin’s were harder on poor daddy than me.

  41. woodhorse

    @36 If it’s been there a really really long time like Rosie O’Donnell’s, it is called “sap”

  42. woodhorse

    @39 It’s not like the Glory Days when you could admit them for having good insurance.

  43. i'm crazzzy! wooheeehooo!! /%")!Ö%

    What is up with her haiiirrr!!??? ARGGGHHH!!

  44. i'm crazzzy! wooheeehooo!! /%")!Ö%

    What is up with her haiiirrr!!??? ARGGGHHH!!

  45. i'm crazzzy! wooheeehooo!! /%")!Ö%

    What is up with her haiiirrr!!??? ARGGGHHH!!

  46. The Laughing God

    @ 41, the words “sexual frustration,” might be something you might want to look up. Just a heads up, you might have it too.

  47. If I was the judge, I’d taken her into my chambers to hear her (ahem) oral arguments there…

  48. andyalsiu

    Is Britney feeling lonely?I saw many celebs including her at the celebrity and millionaire dating site named””recently. seems they are feeling loney though they are famous.

  49. tom petty and the lipsinkers

    Hey Brittany, how about you stop the “crazy” act and admit that you are just a fuckin manipulative, self absorbed little slut of a media attention whore.
    The public hates you so you might as well just take your millions and quietly go live in England like a royal wanna be called Maddona. The key is to know when you have riled the public enough before some psychotic deranged killer comes out of the woodwork and chops you into little pieces. Flee the publicity while you can and live a happy quiet life in anonimity…..just a suggestion.

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