Britney Spears hates her dad, loves legal battles

Britney Spears’ hospital stay has been extended to 14 days due to the severity of her condition. In the meantime, Britney’s lawyers at Trope and Trope are going to court today to contest the conservatorship that was granted to Britney’s father Jamie and lawyer Andrew Wallet. They’re basing their argument on the fact that Britney doesn’t trust her father and has animosity towards him. Us Magazine reports:

But an insider tells that it may be an uphill battle for Trope “because what child does get along with their parents when they are locked in the psych ward?”
Adds the source, “It’s going to be hard to convince the court that Britney can be taken seriously given the state that she’s in.”

Interestingly enough, Britney’s dad has the power to fire Britney’s lawyers which is kind of a kickass way to win a court battle. Or he could just swing across the courtroom with a knife in his teeth and kick the judge in the face. That’s actually a valid legal defense. I think I saw Matlock do it once.