Britney Spears has wild lesbian orgies

February 7th, 2007 // 92 Comments

I think this is old news, but In Touch Weekly claims Britney Spears is into girls and has been living “a secret life of wild sex long before her marriage ended.” A friend of Kevin Federline says:

“Britney was into threesomes and girls.” He says Britney would often invite a bunch of girlfriends over to the couple’s house to party. An insider who knows the couple well says that over the course of a night, Britney would often disappear into a bedroom with her girlfriends. “Sometimes it was three girls, and sometimes there were more like six,” the insider says. “I heard about her being with girls at least 20 times while they were married.” A friend says that Kevin plans to use tales of Britney’s secret sexual exploits and drug use in his battle for custody of their sons, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden, 5 months. “She has told Kevin more than once that she is sexually attracted to women and men equally,” says the pal. “He wants to show that she’s not such an angel after all.”

Keep in mind this is Kevin Federline and his friends making the claims, and their combined IQ is almost that of a raisin. I mean, yeah, she does look like she’s slowly morphing into a lesbian, but does anybody really believe she’s having sex with six girls at a time? I’m surprised K-Fed didn’t add that she has cooties and smells like cheese.

NOTE: Judging from the picture she probably actually does smell like cheese. Cheese might not even be a pungent enough description.



  1. Thatshot

    Come on can’t she buy jeans that actually fit?

  2. Thatshot

    Come on can’t she buy jeans that actually fit.

  3. CourtneyJade

    i cannot deal with the revolting mess of a person that she has become. every time i see these abhorrent pictures of her, i start vomiting up my stomach and bleeding from my eyes. then somehow, i find myself standing in the shower sobbing while trying to scrub my skin off with a brillo pad and mumbling “must get clean” over and over.
    and quite frankly, i’ve had enough.

  4. She looks very hungry.

    I’m sure a sex tape will surface soon…….I just hope it happens before her poon looks like a loose meat sandwich.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Thank you Clitney, thank you for making what should have been a once in a lifetime masturbatory experience into a revolting nightmare that I will not easily forget.


  6. Bugman4045

    Yep. Britney will be making a comeback any minute now. This bit of trash is going to skip right over the B-list celebrity portion of her career and (hopefully) just disappear.

  7. Morticia

    Does she ever wear anything that isn’t covered in stains anymore?

  8. misanthrope

    “He wants to show that she’s not such an angel after all.”

    Um, that’s been established.

    @57… Morticia: Exactly!

  9. 86

    Why doesn’t she just move back to Louisiana?

  10. 86

    Hey Brit!! I know of a hair place in Mississippi that does free Mullet removals!! I’m pretty sure if you ask real nice they’ll remove your mullet-looking Elvira extensions for free too…just to rid the world of the tortuous ugliness that is you.

  11. RichPort

    She tried to be lesbian but it didn’t quite stick, because she wasn’t fat and ugly and hairy enough. The body chemistry wasn’t right. Another 10 years, another 30 pounds, a few more scars, no more shaving…and then she’ll be ready to grind on the rug like a dog scooting. But in those pictures she’ll be wearing black, with a brightly colored boa to show she’s still reaching for that rainbow.

  12. Wow! This article is the perfect inducement for bulimia.

  13. whackjob

    r.e. pic 1, it’s Katie Holmes after she dumps TCLTC, gains a few lbs and starts smokin.

    Whats with the greasy mop on her head??

  14. MrSemprini

    Yeah, 86, we ALL want to see mullets die and never return!

    Hey, wasn’t she pretty once? Or, SHOULD have been pretty. Its all she’s good for. That’s what I meant, really. Does that make me a mysogynist? I’d like to know, really. I’ve heard so much about them, but I’ve never met one. Well, maybe I have and just didn’t know because I’ve never been formally introduced to a mysogynist. Though, its not like you introduce someone based on their avocation…


    “hello, I’m your mysogynist for the evening”

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen. Well, pretty sure. I mean, it could. You could introduce yourself as a closeted Lesbianesque lover, if you wanted to. Its a free country. Hey, are there any limits to the number of words I can use here before you dump a logic bomb on me? Just curious. Hey, I did it. I identified myself by a descriptive and not my name. Guess it can happen. Kinda by accident. Like when you mean to stab your ailing grandmother but she tries to run and falls down the stairs and breaks her neck. Same result, just looks like an accident. Whew, gotta go. Sirens.

  15. snapesworst

    She looks a lot like LiLo in these pictures..

  16. Well, she’s done every other trailer park trick.

  17. Lesbianesque

    richie, let me explain something to you. When you’re fun, witty, pretty and gay, and people adore you, you go to something called a party. Sometimes the parties are theme parties, sometimes inspired by fabulous British sitcoms, people dress up and have something called a great time.

    Now I know it’s too late in life for you to ever be invited to a party, but I thought I would explain to you what one is anyway, so you would know what you’ve been missing out on all these years, living in your parents basement, masterbating to internet porn.

    Also because I hate you

  18. #23 Richie Rich

    Um, did you happen to catch the fucking name of this website?

    Oh, and as for Britney, she looks like she just crawled out of the bottom of an outhouse. No self respecting Dyke would have her. (Of course that means Michelle Rodriguez is still in the running)

  19. It’s obvious that Brit beat anorexia.

  20. TaterFace

    She’s starting to look like Brandon Davis in drag more and more…

  21. sharpei dude


  22. Clete

    hillbilly skank …$ can’t buy class, $ can’t buy a decent husband, $ can’t buy a comb, $ money can’t buy underwear, $ can’t buy clean clothes. I hope the money she is saving on good hygiene goes toward the years of therapy her children are going to need.

  23. bunnyhugger

    where ARE her damn kids? nobody expects her to carry them everywhere like angie does… children are not generally supposed to be “accessories”, but WTF?

    also, y’all should knock off the “double-wide” cracks. everybody knows TRUE trailer trash folk like the fith wheeler, ‘cuz they can take it with them. hyuck, hyuck.

    i’m thinkin’ severe post-partum and xanax abuse. that stuff can kick your ass, baby!

  24. meganm

    i want a drudge report tote!

    i hope she gets mugged

  25. Sheva

    #61 Richport – had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even finish reading the post.


    munch munch munch munch

  26. marme

    Nice I like brit….shes excessive. Gimmie gimmie gimmie…now thats the life!!!

    You get fat someone can make you skinny, your horny men & women come flocking to you, you want a dog you buy 8 of them, you want kids you have 2 of them, you dont want to have to deal with childbirth you get them cut out of you…. etc etc

  27. sexybitch

    #76 Damn, why couldn’t someone else have flashed her vag for her?

  28. diamondprynzez

    I, for one, can say that if I ever had to date Kevin Federline, marry the guy, and have his kids, I too would become a lesbian.

    Can’t blame her.

  29. I thought this was michelle rodriguez in those pictures.

  30. woodhorse

    #61 yes you are hilarious but it also rang so true that now I feel sorry for her and I am going to quit ragging on her until she pretties up again. Something is seriously sad with this woman. I have seen trolls beneath the underpasses in Houston with happier expressions on their fugly faces.

  31. Mr.Eps

    shes a zombie!

  32. metaphor

    I’m not believing the alleged six girl orgies. She is far too ugly. You couldn’t find six girls to have sex with THAT!

  33. babygirl5187

    okay. i gave her a little slack after her pregnancies but there is no excuse for her to look this bad. she is freakin loaded. if i had the money she had i would have a personal trainer, manicurist, makeup artist, and kim vo follow me everywhere. and she has people watching her kids all the time so it’s not like she doesn’t have the time. she had alot less time back in the day and she always looked smokin. the people at that magazine must be idiots to acctually consider listening to anything kfed had to say…”britney her she go into the room with du girls an no cum out for while…i wu li popozow. an na tin she lezbian. so me wan cutodi so dem kids dey com ow normu. popozow. y’know amean?”

  34. Chemicakitty

    #36 I salute you.

  35. RichPort

    Wow, even my troll (#61) is gaining fans logging in as me… I guess what Juliet said is true: “What’s in a name/ that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. The saddest thing is that whoever the troll is, might have a slight chance of being funny on their own. I’m glad my name lends you credibility.

    L-esque, I hate my troll too. Oh, and fat ugly chicks… no offense.

  36. You know, I agree with 83. I had two kids back to back. Without the luxury of tens of millions of dollars (hundreds of millions? She’s fucking rich that’s all I know) and as many hot mannies as I needed to look after the little ankle biters. Yet I somehow still managed to, you know, wash my hair and face and wear clothes that didn’t make me look like a deformed sausage.

    I do feel sorry for her though. I really do. She’s just an innocent little redneck skank with her every humiliating moment recorded. She’s a microcosm of what’s wrong with America. Especially her fucking hair.

  37. mizzzzy

    If you do not compare B to how she used to look and you just saw her on the streets or among your friends whithout knowing her…Wouldn

  38. Stuart Smalley

    “I’m fun, witty, pretty and gay, and people adore me!”

    Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!



  40. asscrack

    Good God, what happened to her? So trailer park, I must vomit now!!

  41. well, i guess that would have turned me on 5 years ago…now…well….gross

  42. Tim

    As far as I go way to go britney as for the rest of you assholes why not try it before you judge it after all I love haveing bf fucking me its kinda hot

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