Britney Spears has shaver’s remorse


Looks like Britney Spears is already regretting her decision to shave her head. She was seen lounging poolside at the Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood wearing a green hat and a short blond wig less than 24 hours after shaving her head bald. A columnist for E! says:

“She was definitely having fun with her friends. The Mondrian is the kind of place you wouldn’t go if you didn’t want to be seen, especially during Oscar week. She wasn’t exactly hiding. It was a beautiful Los Angeles day. Lots of people were around.”

An employee at the hotel added:

“She was here, she was wearing a wig and nobody recognized her.”

She was wearing a blond wig and nobody recognized her? It doesn’t take a master spy to crack her disguise. It’s not like she was wearing a fat suit, stilts, and a fake moustache. If anything the wig shoudl’ve made her easier to recognize.