Britney Spears has one last chance in custody battle

January 11th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Britney Spears has a hearing on Monday that will determine the fate of her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Insiders say that if Britney pulls a no-show or is uncooperative with the commissioner, Kevin will have permanent legal custody of the children. TMZ reports:

What’s more, police sources tell TMZ that Commissioner Scott Gordon will hear firsthand eyewitness accounts of last Thursday’s breakdown from LAPD, firefighters and paramedics who were on scene. We’re told they’re not going to paint a pretty picture.
Also, we’ve learned the L.A County Sheriff’s Department isn’t taking any chances — they’re ready for anything. If Brit Brit loses it in court, they’ll be there to “handle” the situation.

So, am I safe in saying Britney is totally getting TASER’d on Monday? In the meantime, I included pics of Britney returning home from Mexico last night. The NY Daily News says she fled the country with Adnan Ghalib because her parents want to put her in a mental institution. But, hey, let’s make sure Britney has one more chance to be around the children. The little scamps love playing hostage!


  1. priscilla

    i hope she doesnt show, for the childrens sake.

  2. gertie

    sad eyes

  3. S

    I don’t think she’ll show because she seems to be afraid she’ll be institutionalized. I think she should be forcibly tested for drugs, then if positive put into a real medical drug-rehab, not some pampered spa ‘rehab’. Then when she’s detoxed from the drugs, put into an institution to reorient her to reality, AND teach her coping skills, parenting, and whatever other programs she needs to be a responsible and sane adult (is there a program that breaks the attention-whore syndrome?)

    I think her nutty behavior might come from smoking/injecting cocaine, or maybe meth (I’m not current on drugs, so maybe it’s something newer too). I think people that abuse either of those drugs usually lose a lot of weight, but we see the sugar/fat/fast-carbs she eats, so that might be what’s keeping her weight fairly steady.

  4. theShizaan

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  5. Shallow val

    53 – YOu know what they are doing? Testing her for “illegal” drugs and she’s coming up clean. See, the loophole there is that no one’s counting the “legal” ‘scrip drugs. Buncha double-talking hypocrites if you ask me.

    “Oh, she’s clean as clean can be. Now don’t ask me about Oxy, Codeine, Perks, etc. because I have no comment.” She could be carrying around a million milligrams of ‘scrip drugs in her blood but they say she’s ‘clean” becasue she’s not using street drugs.

  6. woodhorse

    Would her Indian name be Running Red Lights or Lost Golden Ticket? I think someone should decide because #34 hired a helicopter to drop her off at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

  7. Matthew

    to 32-33 I am not capt.redneck is nickname for federline and also my misspells it is a result of my mental disabitly so sorry

  8. ha8ter

    So let me get this straight. She holds her kid hostage for 3 hours with a gun in the house, wigs out, goes to a mental institution, gets out 12 hours later, parties the weekend away in Mexico with some scumbag who is selling pictures of her to the press, and on Monday she gets yet another hearing because she failed to show up for the first 34. And that piece of shit blames her mental breakdown on the stress of not being able to see her kids. I am truly speechless at the patent disregard for these children, not only by their dirty lying whore of a mother, but by the California court system. Why is this being allowed to happen??

  9. D. Richards (Father.)

    So Adnan is actually Mexican, A? Seems a little early for Ghalib to indroduce Britney to his family, but whatever.

    Fuck.. How many more chances will Britney be allowed before the court finally just executes her?

  10. nice

    It’s okay Matthew- there are just lots of mean people on this site.

  11. LUSH SPICE — RIght on! And goddamn……did she get another dog. That pisses me off.

  12. Hey 60, who the FUCK are you calling mean????? Kick yer ass, I tell you what..

  13. D. Richards (Pedo.)

    Ha-Ha! #34, great comeback!

    Wait, are you serious? Don’t you ever apologize to any-fucking-people.

  14. Shallow val

    58 – lemme guess…because it’s California. In NY that shit would not fly. (well, maybe it would; who’s to say?)

  15. melaney

    Im so glad that everybody comenting has the right to judge someone because she has problems. Drug addiction and mental illness is not caused by being a spoiled rich kid. Try praying for her instead of bashing her. I love you brit, you just need help right now. God bless

  16. Gadeval

    Im a kind, liberal, and forgiving person and #65 even I say take the kids away from her. What gets to me about britney is not her drug and mental problems. No what disgusts me about her is her selfishness. Shes proved countless times that she loves herself more then anyone eles including her kids. I hope she gets help but you can not help anyone that does not want it. And she does not want to give what it takes to get her kids back, so if she is not willing to meet half way why the hell is the judge trying too still? >.<.

  17. hey


    Are you sure your name is not Debbie Downer? Wah-wah……….

    This site is for making fun of people, so why don’t you send your get well card to her fan club then!

  18. Son-of D. Richards

    On #63, I was actually directing that comment at #57. Drugs. Go figure.

  19. MAC

    That poor dog needs to be groomed! It looks as ratty as she does!

  20. gotmilk?

    65, for the sake of everyone on here, shut the fuck up.

    doesn’t she look completely wasted on something, or a few things, in the first picture? i was going to say “get your shit together” but this is a much better show.

  21. CakeGirl

    I’m more concerned about that baby polar bear… its mother ate the rest!

  22. CakeGirl

    I’m more concerned about that baby polar bear… it’s mother ate the rest!

  23. CakeGirl

    I’m more concerned about that baby polar bear… its mother ate the rest!

  24. gigi

    does her mouth seem more herpetic than normal? ughhhh crusty……. that poor girl….

  25. pia

    well.. look at whitney houston and cortney love, THEY still have costudy of their children.. britney gets alot of pep, always, just for beeing britney

  26. lg

    I don’t think she has been grounded in any kind of reality for awhile now. She looks sad and tired and dirty in these pictures, and for a split second I can almost feel sorry for her. (And I also noticed the different dog… where’s the Yorkie?!)

  27. whatever

    #8 – well said, well said.

    #76 – the Yorkie got in the way while Britney was scarfing down a burger. It was ugly man, really ugly. May the poor little pooch rest in peace.

  28. joco

    White people are stupid, fat and nasty

  29. Shep

    What is with people writing poetry on here lately? weird

    and Why is britney wearing her grandmothers table cloth has a shirt………

    and why does someone get one last chance after having a family trying to put her in a mental institution and her holding her kids hostage with a gun somewheres in the house.

    hmmmmmm USA, only country in the world where a guy like George Bush can get elected twice in a row and with the money from the oil companies backing him he could probably buy a 3rd election if they wanted him too.

    USA USA USA, lol

  30. TS


  31. nit

    #78- a tad better than looking like what I just dropped outta my ass

  32. diddleysquat

    her mouth area has that look like she just…. well, it looks like she had a busy week

  33. redsonja1313

    @ 41……………..You forgot get spayed or at least that three year contraceptive shot !!!

    & MY GOD………….SHE IS SO HIGH IN THOSE PICS !!!!!!! Guessing the day trip the Latina Pharmacia was good and productive !!

  34. FRT

    Fish…your killing me!!! Man o man…can this tragic tale of woe get any funnier? OH YEA!! Just watch and see. What kills me is this whole family is off their rockers!! I mean…I wouldn’t want Dr. Phil within a thousand miles of me if I lost my marbles…but here is someone who ACTUALLY TRIED TO HELP…and the whole Spears-clan turned on him like a pack of starving wolves!

    I can hardley wait until Monday! Manic Monday!

  35. someone

    When exactly people started to hate B ? Gossip spreads so easily and who knew that well ? Her ex-PR and manager !!! It was strange that she fired him first time and he did not fight her in court. First she was happy with K-Fed but this was the time that hated started ? Why ? because all greedy handlers wanted to prove to her that she is nothing without them ! It is interesting to see wave of similar posts a snow ball effect, like bunch of parrots repeating all over the same Why ? Because they are paid by ex-PR and ex-manager LR to spread hate. They have strategy. There is more to it But look whenever there is someone close to her that is not convinient to them they spread lies because they know how to flame others. That A guy might be good or not but smear campign will continue I call for all fans. Send emails only of supot, do not act crazy, do not be fanatic or obssesed Rmember how few months before she released Blackout there were posts that she is lazy, done , etc.. SHE PROVED THEM WRONG ! She did it and she will produce more great music. of course they could not stand that so they started another smear campign about her children. Very low punches. No matter what they do SHE is INCREDIBLE STRONG. Yes we see her coping with stress but look, can you do that ? I am sure all of us acted crazy at one point of time or other. But in her case everything is magnified. LR knew how to make her star and now he wants to destroy her because his ego cannot stand that she fired him He thought that he won, after she decided to divorce K, Yes, she was so down that he started to manipulate her again. Make puppet from her again But she rebelled against him and his ego cannot tolerate that. This is only one logical explanation of that craziness. All those greedy bastards could not make money of her because she did not wanted to perform anymore so they decided to make money by destroying her. Remember when she said when LR was standing close to her that her next album should be free, but her managers want money and Lary almost killed her with his eyes ? This is one of reason why she did not promote Blackout. Why bother so they could get more money from her ? STAY STRONG BRITNEY. YOU ARE MUCH BIGGER THEN THEM.

  36. MiCheDa

    oh….Donna Summer summed it up…oh Last Chance, Last Chance, last chance tonight……

  37. jason

    does her mouth seem more herpetic than normal? ughhhh crusty……. that poor girl….
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  38. seems we all dont want to comment on her again , she makes us so down and she is just a female who need sex everyday… gals at thin kshe is a so-called bitch…LOl

  39. Mercedes

    is it just me or does she look like a man in drag?

  40. vicz

    i dunno bout this gal maybe she is a attention addict or maybe she is having a breakdown but by this pic i think thats your answer!

  41. woodhorse

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  42. AllKnowing1

    This is CASE IN POINT PROOF that Tom Cruise shoulda shut the fuck up years ago about mental illness being made-up and medication not being the answer. Someone PLEASE show this sad, lost, manic, bi-polar, maniac how to open a bottle of Prozac, Zoloft, Welbutrin, etc… The chewable kind.

  43. vicky

    Luckily, I found one. That’s brintey spears. seems she is finding her son a new father on “” . It is a site for celebrities and millionaires to mingle. It’s said Charlie Sheen has found her love
    there last month.

  44. Lets face it that’s just not true, she will always screw up but will always be given more chances!

  45. Kimmie

    She looks coked out to me. Now, it might just be extreme stress, too much drinking, and fast food, but she needs to take better care of herself.

  46. Anonymous

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  47. PostmortemG

    “I’m happy that Britney and Adnan are still together! They make a gorgeous couple. I think it’s a new beginning for her! Go Brit-Brit!!!”


    Well, Britney’s life seems to be at stake. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses… I’d be more than happy to take a bamboo cane to her crazy ass. Come on, people! This situation is serious… her life is as stake!!! =D

  48. Hi Guy’s,
    She could dunk Jayden in hot caramel, and eat him like a candy apple and she’d still have a chance to get Sean-Preston back in the eyes of the retarded judge on this case. Seriously, what more would she have to do to fuck this up.

  49. I hope that she has been fortunate to be able to go on!

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