Britney Spears has one last chance in custody battle

Britney Spears has a hearing on Monday that will determine the fate of her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Insiders say that if Britney pulls a no-show or is uncooperative with the commissioner, Kevin will have permanent legal custody of the children. TMZ reports:

What’s more, police sources tell TMZ that Commissioner Scott Gordon will hear firsthand eyewitness accounts of last Thursday’s breakdown from LAPD, firefighters and paramedics who were on scene. We’re told they’re not going to paint a pretty picture.
Also, we’ve learned the L.A County Sheriff’s Department isn’t taking any chances — they’re ready for anything. If Brit Brit loses it in court, they’ll be there to “handle” the situation.

So, am I safe in saying Britney is totally getting TASER’d on Monday? In the meantime, I included pics of Britney returning home from Mexico last night. The NY Daily News says she fled the country with Adnan Ghalib because her parents want to put her in a mental institution. But, hey, let’s make sure Britney has one more chance to be around the children. The little scamps love playing hostage!