Britney Spears has one last chance in custody battle

January 11th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Britney Spears has a hearing on Monday that will determine the fate of her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Insiders say that if Britney pulls a no-show or is uncooperative with the commissioner, Kevin will have permanent legal custody of the children. TMZ reports:

What’s more, police sources tell TMZ that Commissioner Scott Gordon will hear firsthand eyewitness accounts of last Thursday’s breakdown from LAPD, firefighters and paramedics who were on scene. We’re told they’re not going to paint a pretty picture.
Also, we’ve learned the L.A County Sheriff’s Department isn’t taking any chances — they’re ready for anything. If Brit Brit loses it in court, they’ll be there to “handle” the situation.

So, am I safe in saying Britney is totally getting TASER’d on Monday? In the meantime, I included pics of Britney returning home from Mexico last night. The NY Daily News says she fled the country with Adnan Ghalib because her parents want to put her in a mental institution. But, hey, let’s make sure Britney has one more chance to be around the children. The little scamps love playing hostage!


  1. sluts rule


  2. bimbo steve


  3. kirsten

    Nice forehead.

  4. Look judge, I can be a good mother. Even my dog says so

  5. diet pepsi

    i hope she doesn’t hurt the puppy.
    she COULD be such pretty girl… but she should NOT have another chance at the kids anytime soon.

  6. Shallow Val

    Commissioner Gordon? That’s frigging priceless. Batman, anyone?

    She looks like I did last night after taking that fourth shot of Jack….

  7. Jim


  8. Lush Spice

    She disgusts me. It’s absolutely pathetic that a 26 year old grown ass woman with endless resources is so self absorbed that she is not even allowed to be alone with her children. Then to parade around like she’s so fucking cool and sexy…WTF? I would love to kidney punch her ass and kick her out of the country.

  9. p0nk

    give her 5 minutes with the kids and her and Gonads Ghraib will head back to mexico with them.

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    She won’t show. No one tells Britney what to do. No one. So let’s set up another date after she misses this one for a double secret probation hearing. Boy, when they acquitted OJ I thought the LA court system was perfect. This has proven me that they have now become the best courts in the land.

  11. Rick

    By my count, that’s a total of 387 chances more than a dad would have received.

  12. Bubbles

    Anyone in NYC right now. Look out the window, it’s like fucking London out there.

  13. I thought she broke up with that dude. Ok, I officially don’t believe ANYTHING on here anymore. Jamie Lynn…not pregnant, K-Fed, not wanting to produce, Hayden Pantyhose, not a midget..

  14. Spazz

    Looking good Brit.

  15. lilkutie

    Stupid stupid stupid. If she wasn’t a celebrity, she would NOT have yet ANOTHER chance. What crap.

  16. Synthia

    I’m happy that Britney and Adnan are still together! They make a gorgeous couple. I think it’s a new beginning for her! Go Brit-Brit!!!

  17. Bubbles

    12 – LOL

  18. Andrew

    Having gathered anough evidence by now that we can reasonably assume that both parents are total lunatics

    We ‘ll have so see further and for no on concentrate us only on the children by keeping the children’s best interest in mind…

    Considering the few left options:

    A Mutual Shared Adoption by Dr Phil and Oprah would be the next best logical choice…
    That is of course unless Brat and Angelina are willing…

  19. pointandlaugh

    oh would that be the best Christmas present if Britney was TASER’D in court? HAHAHAHA “Don’t TAZE me commish!”

  20. Gil

    Britney will be so pissed if she no-shows and all they do is reschedule. By now she must be asking her lawyer if it’s possible to petition directly to lose child custody.

  21. deaconjones

    Whats with the jowls????

  22. Reggie Bush

    Why give her a last chance? Its clear she doesn’t want them doesn’t turn up for hearings and depositions etc why are they even bothering. Give them to Kevin already let her see them under supervision but please the circus must end, yesterday.

  23. Gerald_Tarrant

    19- Ahahaha, “don’t taze me bro” is running through my head now. Thanks.

  24. It looks like Britney needs a shave. I think all those drugs she is doing is turning her into the bearded lady..

  25. me

    Bullshit. She could dunk Jayden in hot caramel, and eat him like a candy apple and she’d still have a chance to get Sean-Preston back in the eyes of the retarded judge on this case. Seriously, what more would she have to do to fuck this up.

  26. moobs

    do what’s truly “best for the kids” and keep them away from their whore train wreck of a mother.

    /hates your kids

  27. Mensa

    Sorry I’ve been gone all day, D. Richards. Did you miss me?

  28. Matthew

    ONE MORE FREAKING CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!! come ob judge you could be more dumber she don’t want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just give them to capt.redneck so he could take care of them instade of the trainwreck used to be pop-star…britney::I am git one more chance to see my kids hey cleatus get the moonshine party ready…..the judge trainwreck

  29. Jenny

    Can’t she just stay home for a day?
    Where is she going all the time? Every day? Stay home, Britney!! Stay home and get healthy!! Then go to your court thingy on Monday and sort this out!
    *sigh* and this will fall on deaf ears

  30. Danny

    Ya know, she’s actually _ugly_ these days! such a shame.

  31. The Office Whore

    28-matthew- I’m guessing you are Captain Redneck? Although, that might be too gracious.. you are certainly the captain of something……say, captain of the 2nd grade?

  32. anon

    28 – “could be more dumber”

    “More dumber;” hmmm…..I need to find the perfect comeback for that one but I can’t. YOu DO know that when you add an “er” after an adjective it means it’s extending the effect of the word to imply it is even more than it’s initial meaning.

    Holy United States educational system going to hell in a handbasket, Batman.

  33. jrz

    For the sake of those children, someone please lock her in a House of Mirrors type place that day so she’s a guaranteed No Show……..please!

  34. The Office Whore

    VAL- I see your adorable cub and raise you a dancing dog!

  35. Val is Shallow

    35 – DAMN, I can’t see it. Frigging filters.

  36. Ok, Whore, I’ll see your dancing dog and raise you a talking dog.

  37. ele

    poor brit… what happened w her nails?? she used to be my second idol when i was a child… so sad.

  38. Zid

    Damn…she’s gotten so ugly, she actually belongs with a towelheaded sand nigga. If she gets any uglier and completely disregards hygiene, she’ll be ready to become a lesbian.

  39. I'm Just Saying . . .

    Hey ANON #33 –

    You might want to lay off the poking-fun-at-others-for-poor-grammar until you figure out that whole there’s-no-apostrophe-in-”its”-when-used-as-a-possessive thing.

  40. you suck at life

    Britney please:
    1. dump “boyfriend”
    2. take parentling classes
    4. get an alarm clock and Blackberry (to make your court dates)
    5. get treatment
    6. go to therapy
    7. get a new lawyer
    8. Call your mom
    9. get a trainer
    10. go on diet
    11. get a stylist (for the love of God!!!)
    12. order proactive
    13. get rid of extensions
    14. wax your eyebrows
    15. get it together


    Your Life Coach

  41. proctologist

    Those stubby sausage fingers are too disgusting for words.
    They **LOOK ** like they smell like taliban ass.

  42. you suck at life

    Yes, yes… I messed up the count re-ordering the list. Sorry.

  43. anon

    40- That was a total mistake. I know where an apostrophe belongs, so nyah!

  44. BunnyButt

    This is a different dog, isn’t it? The other one was a tan and black yorkie, this one’s a white whatever. What happened to the other dog? Did it fall asleep in a bag of Cheetos, only to disappear down Britney’s gullet? Alas, I see this one is no cleaner than the other. For the love of Jesus and all the saints in heaven, someone save the critters from Brit.

  45. p0nk

    #20 Gil, well played!

  46. Xanthia

    Dear Britney:

    #1: It is called a bra – there are even people trained to help you get one that fits properly – and they come in flesh tone so you can stop searing the poor publics cornea’s;
    #2: Nice whisker burn on the chin there – although it doesn’t appear that Abul or whatever the hell his name is has a beard. Or a shadow of a beard so where the hell did THAT come from? The gardener???
    #3: It is called SOAP. They even have it in gas station restrooms – PLEASE use some on that huge shiny-ass forehead! Hell, use it everywhere. You never look like you have actually bathed. And it’s a sure bet by now that Lysol is not covering up the smell anymore.
    and finally
    #4: I truly – TRULY look forward to the pictures of you wigging out when the Commissioner finally does what any other self-respecting Family Law Judge would have already done, and gives the boys to Fed-Ex permanently and wipes the floor with your delusional ego!

    ~ There will be a HUGE party at my place to watch, drink and laugh~

  47. Dan

    Damn it! Someone already mentioned Batman. In any case, Comissioner Gordon needs to throw up the Bat Signal so Batman can come lay a beatdown on Britney.

  48. kayla

    Why are they even giving this wacko another chance wasn’t her last over and done with.. give it a rest already if she wasn’t a celebrity she would have all those chances. And chances are she’s going to fuck it up again! When will these fudgers learn!

  49. priscilla

    i hope she doesnt show, for the childrens sake.

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