Britney Spears has definitely worked those Frappucinos off

January 29th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Britney Spears posted more rehearsal pics on her website, and apparently she workouts in a bikini top. While typically my reaction would be “Britney? Bikini? Take me, sweet death!“, she actually looks insanely good for someone who spent a good chunk of 2008 keeping Taco Bell in business. Wait a minute, didn’t the economy start collapsing once Britney dropped the weight? Get me Washington!


  1. anna

    go girl!

  2. p911gt10c

    Seen hotter girls in the clubs here. She’s still nothing special.

  3. Comeback! Part VI!

  4. rumble grumble gurgle roar


  5. Photoshop Police

    OK…. Exercise and diet… we get it, but this defies all logic.

    How is she doing this? Coke? Lipo? Colonics? Sudafed (speed)?

    Someone please give us the secret?

    You’d think McDonald’s would be doing the R&D on this so they can put it in their empty calorie meals.

  6. timmy the dying boy


    She still can’t sing worth a shit, but I really have to hand it to her. She looks great, especially considering that at this time last year I figured she’d have been found dead by now.

  7. Tembec

    Will always look HORRIBLE.

    Pot belly, ugliest south-pointing tits in music, gross spotty skin, you name it.

    Quit hyping her, she’s HIDEOUS, just because she loses some weight, no doubt by cheating, it’s still just lipstick on a pig.

  8. AmberDextrose

    Ah, she’ll fat again by Easter

  9. Fat Chicks Suck

    It’s amazing what eating healthy and exercising can do. It doesn’t take much to lose 1.5 pounds of fat/week. The problem is the average fatty is too lazy to stay dedicated to anything healthy for more than a week…so they just keep getting fatter.

    I think Britney finally realized that if she wants any hope of getting her career back and actually living a decent life she would have to lose some weight. She definitely looks A LOT better.

  10. Clownshoes the Clown

    It seems that the Spears/Simpson lipo transplant was a success. Britney got to be young again, and Simpson gets to wear the big pants. Win-win I tell you!

  11. Now there’s that fine piece I remember.

  12. Jadedkitten

    whatever haters she’s been this flawless since august of ’08 stop acting surprised its fucking stupid

  13. Sam

    Praying for mimi (to have multiple orgasms while watching the clip).

  14. Ali Knievel

    Once you’ve been in good shape it’s pretty easy to get it right back as long as you’ve got the discipline and the weight you’ve put on is less than 50 or so pounds. She was a tight little package most of her life and career up until she hooked up with K-Fed and she’s still under 40 so this wasn’t that hard a trick to pull off. Plus she’s batshit nuts and crazy people always flip from completely lax and insanely disciplined.

  15. Plato Meat

    mmm, lovely ribs. gimme some special sauce.

  16. Douchebag Returns

    I always love when FatChicksSuck goes on his statistical obesity rants. Do us a favor and save your preaching for your mom.

  17. Kate

    It’s cool. I keep Taco Bell in business now, no matter how many times they run out of beef, or ice, or taco sauce……

  18. mimi

    13. Sam -

    Let me instruct you on what woman look like while having an orgasm since you have obviously never experienced that phenomenon.

    On second thought… just watch Britney’s video… maybe you can have one of your own!

  19. Sam

    mimi, all of us beg you – please do not show us your o-face.

  20. SATAN

    it’s still depressing to me that she’ll never, no matter how much working out she does, get back to the female perfection that was Britney Spears circa 2001

  21. mimi

    Sam you am… an asshole.

    I am actually quite attractive… no matter what I am doing.

    Please crawl back under your rock and take care of your personality disorder.

  22. mimi

    Sam you am… an asshole.

    Crawl back under your rock and take care of your personality disorder.

  23. Sport

    I’d hit it (over the head with a BAT, repeatedly.)

  24. michelle

    good for her!

  25. michelle

    good for her!

  26. the Commish

    FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

    This is exactly like that time when some random dude decided that a girl was so freakin’ hot he had to hit that. Unfortunately, it was all in his imagination and she was really a hideously obese walrus.

    They went about their lives, each oblivious to the other’s lack of knowing the true secret to their undying love… Taco Bell.

  27. Kelley

    Hey, is anyone proof-reading these posts ? Jesus, “she workouts in a bikini top” ? Is English your second language ? Shameful editing !! What’s next ? “I seen it” ??

  28. Digitized Lipsinc

    Still does not make up for that techno crap circus shit.

  29. Halo

    She looks awesome! I don’t get why some people won’t give her credit! She has had 2 kids and yes…she used to weigh like 200 lbs but within a few months we saw her slowly transition which obviously means she was working it off ( personal trainers, at gyms and the dance studio).She looks GREAT and all y’all are just jealous. Let her live her life–if you don’t like what you see THEN ADMIRE RECENT PICS OF JESSICA SIMPSON!! And BTW Dear Mr.Superficial, how can you be critical of Ms. Spears when you don’t possess a command of the English language… “and apparently she workouts in a bikini top” is like saying “I love both of my mother in laws”

  30. Ummm...yeah...

    That skanky whore looks nasty! I agree with #7! She might have lost weight, but she looks like she needs to go get some antibiotics (penicillin), or something. Gross!
    A no talent,kid hating, hillbilly pig is what she is.

  31. Pink Princess

    She looks fan-friggin-tastic!!! Jessica Simpson is being praised and everyone is coming to her defense for having a lard ass while Britney had 2 kids and people were making fun of her when she still had her baby weight…What’s Jessica’s excuse?

  32. Paul

    Cigarettes and Cocaine do not a diet make.


    ‘workouts’ isn’t a verb, numb-nuts.

  34. cavy

    She looks amazing – her body type at the moment, is exactly what I strive for when working out. I just hope her mind, body and spirit are all working together, otherwise something will have to give.

    To all the haters…I’d love to see your a) fat disgusting asses (from fast food, not genetics) or b) your underweight “body by World of Warcraft, redbull, hotpocket” asses do half of what Britney does during a dance rehearsal!

  35. Audrey Hepburn Fan

    I Love Britney!!
    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hater’s are just hater’s

  36. Maha


    did someone actually use “lipstick on a pig” reference??

    I miss the presidential debates.

  37. Maha


    did someone actually use “lipstick on a pig” reference??

    I miss the presidential debates.

  38. Britney Spears

    Seriously everyone, why all this trash talking? Why can’t you just let me be great?

  39. Mike'dhitit


  40. bmurphy72

    Holy Winged Hoe’s, I’d like to see her in skivies once more…….

  41. bmurphy72

    Holy Winged Hoe’s, I’d like to see her in skivies once more…….

  42. Grammar Police

    Holy Winged Hoe’s what? What does the “Hoe” have? For that matter, “hater’s are just hater’s”…. What’s up with all the possessive nouns? (or would you understand it better if asked about the possessive “noun’s”?)
    Do you think maybe you guys might spend a little too much time looking at pictures of the White Trash Queen of Lip Sync and not enough time learning grammar?

  43. Rebecca of the Glowing Screen

    Damn! That’s the same bikini from the beach shoot you linked to.


  44. shes hot

    7- i disagree.
    with some sleep, spray paint, and thin, this girl looks like doe eyed angel with a perfect smile. she is above average looks wise… and that is why she sold albums to begin with.


  46. Diane

    9, Britney is not just doing an hour of exercise a day. She is a professional dancer. Aside from working out at the gym and doing 1000′s of sit-ups, she’s also dancing all day.The average person does not have this kind of time in their day. I run for an hour daily, and even that’s hard to fit in sometimes.

  47. Those are some fucked up priorities!

    WHO CARES IF SHE’S LOST WEIGHT? You want to impress me, Britney? Start caring more about your actual babies instead of getting the baby weight off and get visitation rights back, you trailer trash whore. Those are some fucked up priorities!

  48. Dude

    Good for her! Now maybe you haters will throw yourselves off a bridge somewhere!

  49. sapphire eyes

    I think she looks great.

    She needs to take care of herself so she can take care of her children — and that means — BANK. (Well, maybe these days she should be hiding it under a mattress … )

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