Britney Spears has big boobs

bspears_knockers.jpgBritney Spears has always denied having breast implants, but an old actress named Sally Kirkland claims she knows who did Britney’s surgery, and apparently he’s pretty damn bad at it. Sally, who’s 60-years old now, got implants many years ago and had major health problems because of them and is now warning Britney of the possible consequences.

I happen to know Britney Spears’ breast-implant doctor, and I just hope she does not breastfeed. Because if she does, she could give her baby so many future health problems.

Britney’s rep responded with the standard denial. “Thank you, Sally, for your concern for Britney, but she does not have breast implants, so you don’t need to worry.” I don’t know if Britney used to have breast implants, but she clearly doesn’t need them anymore. Ever since she got knocked up, her knockers have been pretty knockerific. And by knockerific, I mean monstrously huge. God bless pregnancy. Wait, did I say prengancy? I meant huge breasts.