Britney Spears has been replaced

March 27th, 2008 // 66 Comments

The Britney Spears media juggernaut has finally come to a screeching halt. The paps have moved on to a new target who would land us all in jail if she flashed her hoo-ha. The NY Daily News reports:

“Over the weekend, there were less than a half dozen covering Britney” despite her imminent sitcom debut on “How I Met Your Mother,” says BuzzFoto founder Brad Elterman. “Yet there were 30 in the pack covering Miley Cyrus. Most of them were Britney regulars, but they want something new and fresh. It’s moved on to Miley.”

Somewhere Adnan Ghalib just bought a Hannah Montana poster. Only to be stabbed by a scimitar wielded by Sam Lutfi. Who was then shot by Indiana Jones. Who just wanted to know which aisle the stool softeners are in but decided to ask with bullets. Aww. Old people are freaking adorable. I should get one for around the house.


  1. Bryce

    tha pop. watches south park. cool.

  2. alex

    comparing miley to britney is a joke. even in her worst state britney has more god-given star power than miley will ever have. how i met your mother is a boring show that no one cared about until britney came along.

    they need to dedicate an episode to miley herself… and go to the near future when disney dumps this vapid man-voiced buttaface because she’s no longer a cute little teenybopper so she starts partying with a girl who had a similar fate… lindsay lohan, and becomes that ugly slut we all love to hate 2.0. you know it will happen… im calling it now!!

  3. Blahblahblah

    My God. Her hairline has been receding for a while, but geeze. Comb it over to the side or something. Doesn’t she have the good grace to not highlight the fact?

    Oh, Right. Forgot who I was talking about.

  4. Superevil

    call me when pictures of miley’s cooter show up.

  5. PunkA

    The kids love the Miley Hannah Montana crap, but I have no idea why. She is moderately talented, but less than moderately attractive. Her mouth is just plain ugly, and her nose, well. Anyway, please stay with Brit, Mr. Fish. PLEASE!!!!!!! Or your site will go to hell and be over run by 14 year old fan boys. SAVE THE FISH!!!!

  6. jeremiah

    HEY 54 you fucking PEDO. SHE IS 15 years old.

    Personally the fucking worthless cock sucking magazines need to rein in these fucking photo queers.

    Personally I think everyone of you should probably be killed to prevent the further downward spiral of humanities genetic material.

    BTW, for those of you sick fucks obsessed with the 15 year old girl. Everything you ever post, stays online forever.

  7. misterm

    That dress is filthy, fucking P-H-I-L-T-H-Y. If anyone gets the Nick Manning line here, i love you.

  8. caljenna66

    OK, all shenanigans aside (her five-head, her nasty stained dress, and the stupid teenagers who post not-even-funny obnoxious drivel on here), honestly, who wears LIPSTICK to the dentist’s office?

  9. Grant

    Haha, #46, love the South Park reference. That’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen. Alas.

  10. LIP

    Was the Indy line an ultimate showdown reference? If so, well played!

  11. Will

    jeez, hope they don’t harass this Miley girl too the point of absolute crazy like they’ve done with brittany

  12. Rx

    I bet her Dentist gave her some really good meds….

  13. Clothes Horse

    Where’s the other half of her outfit, like the skirt or pants or something.

  14. Media Mogul

    Too bad her pixs are not worth any money now. Boo Hoo… The same with Pee Hilton and the other celebrity whores.

  15. anonymous

    I thought Britney has to die first?

  16. That’s so sexy and hot .She is so pretty .I love her style.I saw her always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.Dose she had searched her new love in this site?Dose she really has a new baby?

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