Britney Spears has been replaced

March 27th, 2008 // 66 Comments

The Britney Spears media juggernaut has finally come to a screeching halt. The paps have moved on to a new target who would land us all in jail if she flashed her hoo-ha. The NY Daily News reports:

“Over the weekend, there were less than a half dozen covering Britney” despite her imminent sitcom debut on “How I Met Your Mother,” says BuzzFoto founder Brad Elterman. “Yet there were 30 in the pack covering Miley Cyrus. Most of them were Britney regulars, but they want something new and fresh. It’s moved on to Miley.”

Somewhere Adnan Ghalib just bought a Hannah Montana poster. Only to be stabbed by a scimitar wielded by Sam Lutfi. Who was then shot by Indiana Jones. Who just wanted to know which aisle the stool softeners are in but decided to ask with bullets. Aww. Old people are freaking adorable. I should get one for around the house.


  1. Meaghan


    There are actions and behaviors in the world that I do not tolerant. We each have many of these in common because of the social contract we maintain as a society.

    The predominant thought I have had of late is my repeated failure to see that each time I resurrect the old behavior in any form; I am saying that I am unable to find the necessary solution in my new life. When I resort to justified intolerance with any person I immediately sever my connection to the hand of a greater power.

    This is another glaring example of my run amok EGO. I am saying in essence that this particular path has failed, so I will use what is familiar. I will without much thought deviate from the ever present grace to self imposed prison walls.

    Having said that, I love Britney and thinks she looks great in that picture. you keep your chin up girl,

  2. Meaghan


    I use the same principle in my family some times to solve problems,especially concerning my teenage kids.

  3. russell

    shit, south park is right again. first about mel gibson being batshit, now this!

  4. Auntie Kryst

    I’m going to miss the crazy train. Fare thee well Fucktard. Moving on, does this new redneck singer like coffee?

  5. A stained blue dress? What a clichè…

  6. fergernauster

    Every article of clothing this chick owns is permanently stained in oil/grease from deep-fried matter.

    Ponder that.

  7. Ted Mosby

    Her head seems to have become kewpie doll like since she guest starred on our show.

  8. Randal

    Brit Brit, that shade of ocean blue brings out the sky in your bejeweled eyes! The boots need to kindly be reconsidered, however. Still.. your new visage and guest appearance of late is a long-awaited breath of fresh spring air. Your innate loveliness is re-appearing, and that is good for us all.

    Congratulations on your triumphs and continue to stay well!


  9. Amy Sjart

    WTF is wrong with her forehead?!? It keeps growing in size!

  10. fantsatico

    Can someone please tell me what happened?

    Some years ago i remember watching this girl gyrate in a school uniform.

    What the hell happened?

  11. This is what happens when a child has no education. I think she needs to be placed in Bubble Boys bubble. She’s like an atom with so many electrons and neutrons whipping around her, that her semblance of a brain is slowing imploding. It isn’t over yet, she hasn’t reached critical mass.

    And someone please tell her those cowboy boots are not EVERYDAY foot ware! Good God! I wonder if that dress smells like french fries.

  12. ApacheRose


    For chrissake, take this shit elsewhere. We don’t care.

  13. THis is truely a sad day. I thought it would never happen. Does someone have a tissue to wipe my eye with??

  14. rosa parx

    when my BF went down on me last nite he said afterwards that I might need some feminin deodorant because it smelt like raw sooshi. That hurt. I try so hard to keep clean for him and the assorted veggies and hot dogs that venture down sometimes. Is it wrong to be hurt? Does anybody know of a good perfume spray that wont make me break out in pimples>>?

  15. grunion

    Nothing hotter than a balding chick with jowels in a stained blue mini dress. Nothing.

  16. lipper

    Gets out balloons and helium!

    Wait… I think I’ll forgo the balloons and just keep the helium for other things.

    *throws fanfare*

    But please, can someone get the girl some clean clothes.. its so embarrassing.

    #1 you are an idiot. Save it, you just cut and copied from other article. Lame!

  17. lipper


    Its called a shower. Nasty. Or you have an infection. Nastier.

  18. Meaghan

    @ 14 , Rosa:

    Anal gland secretion does smell like fish….beleive me I’ve had people blow their glands on me many times!!!! some are not as strong smelling as others.

    Perhaps you has a yeast infection…very common!!

    Chicken soup is good idea, salt and nutrition.

    I would definately get a second opinion if I were you…and I’d definately make a change in diet and increase the amount of fiber to help express the glands naturally of my female girlfriends had continuous skin infections, vaginal & ear infections..

    She changed her diet which is agreeing with her system…she has an allergy to grains….or you could try a really good quality natural bio yoghurt to replace the good bacteria in the gut.

    or perhaps you have Vaginitis: this is an inflammation or infection of the vagina. It can be brought on or caused by problems occurring within the vagina, or be secondary to conditions elsewhere in the body. It is a fairly common disorder . It may be the result of trauma, however, this is rarely the cause.

    Most cases seen are caused by the caustic and irritating effects of urine on the vaginal mucosa or lining. Since urine normally passes through the vagina with every urination and vaginitis is only seen in a very small percentage of female population, cases of this disorder typically mean the urine is abnormal or its flow is in some way altered.

    In cases of bladder infections (cystitis), the urine contains large numbers of bacteria. Expelled with the urine, these can easily colonize the vagina, leading to an infection and inflammation of this structure. This is basically a chronic leaking of small quantities of urine from the bladder. When this occurs, urine may lie against the vaginal lining much of the time and lead to a ‘urine scald’ or irritation.

    Infections from bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are known to occur within the vagina. The bacteria isolated from this structure are those commonly found or passed in stool.

    I don’t know if Vaginitis would have a fishy odor or not….but, you may be blowing glands at inappropriate times then licking the bacteria over its vagina…

    anyway, anymore help i can be, ill be happy.

  19. Captain-Insano

    #18: That makes me even more glad i have a penis.

  20. #12 – I agree. I think she is Edna Brombeck 2.0. And I bet she uses a Mac…

  21. alright!


    I’m glad that you feel comfortable using this site as your personal diary, but it doesn’t mean that you need to. You post @1 was inane crap. Your post @18 was gullible.

    #14 wasn’t really asking for help.

  22. rosa parx

    Um – Mehan – thank you?!?

    I dont think it is *infected* down there because wouldn’t I smell it too? Like when I wipe? And I don’t (smell it i mean). I just wanted to know if I can use some sort of spray that won’t hurt my vulva and will please my b’friend.

    (PS he likes floral not fruity smells :-)

  23. sittin on the dock

    @ Captain-Insano

    I dont know about you but theres not a day that goes by that im not happy i have a Penis between my legs.

  24. mike

    @14 Rosa, I love that nature smell. I would love to go done on you for hours and I will not complain about it.

  25. david's sweaty crack

    Nasty stuff, those woman parts. Almost as nasty as the microbes living and breeding among and within the fleshy folds of the uncircumcised penis.

    I said almost.

  26. The Greek Giant

    Hello. The Greek Giant here, reigning in Britney Spears on one leash while lubing and anally servicing rosa parx on the other and shooting Long Island Iced Teas one after the other while Meaghan bows to rub and massage both my hairy feet

    That is all.

  27. Missy

    Meahgan…you’re soooooooooooo fucking lame! People don’t come here to read some long ass diatribe of yours…

  28. Grammar freak

    @ 24 / Mike

    Its *down* not *done*

  29. shutupwhore

    I think “Meaghan” is the worst possible way to spell an already-retarded name.

    You’re probably fat.

  30. gotmilk?

    holy fucking hell to that receding hairline. now we know why she wears those crazy hats. i knew she had a huge forehead but look at the side? that is bad for her but great for us. i think she should keep shaving her head because this does not work for her.

  31. Alright!

    #28 You are my new hero.

  32. BunnyButt

    23, I couldn’t agree more! I love having a penis between my legs everyday, especially when the guy who owns it knows how to use it. ;)

  33. mike

    @28 Sorry, I was getting excited. Rosa is hot and I want to bury my face wet vulva.

  34. Meaghan

    I need a cock in my ass really bad!!!

  35. Guy

    Finally they have realized that the train wreck has been put back on line, the freak show has ended, Shes back.

  36. Wayne

    so wait…south park was right…wacky.

  37. Wayne

    so wait…south park was right…wacky.

  38. Indebtedness and Despair - there is no hope for the Poor!

    Eat this losers…

    $200 billion is the approximate total amount of write-downs announced so far as a result of the current credit crisis.

    $14.1 trillion is the size of the entire U.S. economy

    And $53 trillion is (drum roll please) the approximate size of this country’s bill for the Social Security and Medicare promises we’ve made.

    In an article that will appear in an upcoming issue of my magazine, Fusion, former Comptroller General of the United States David Walker tries a different tactic. He writes that our unfunded promises translate into “an IOU of around $455,000 per American household.”

    Ha ha our debts are payable to whom, oh mighty Meaghan, noble sage???

  39. Hannah T

    This site is fast becoming a place where scary perverts get to vent their retarded sexual frustrations in the hope of getting noticed by someone somewhere. Please desist. No one cares.

    In other fascinating news, is Britney wearing a wig, because seriously, that hairline is beyond comprehension. She makes me feel unwashed just looking at her….such a shame…. #10, I agree.

  40. Missy

    @29 Right on!

  41. tokin

    Indiana Jones hates guns. You totally missed on that reference. Poor, dumb little fish

  42. hate you for no reason

    SHE’S BACK??? What the fuck is the matter with you people???? She is the same crazy idiot with horrible extensions and stained Goodwill clothes who wears the same moldering boots every day. She is done- she is not coming back. Leave it alone, already.

  43. Dim Bulb For Jesus

    Nothing to see here – move along to the next star please

  44. brit needs makeover

    Here are some tips to make you pretty.
    Take out your extensions, dye your hair bright blonde.. wash your hair, dry it, part to the side and fasten front to the side with bobby pins. Stick to clear gloss, nude, and pink lip colors, get lots of sleep, and get regular facials.. also watch it with the food spills…

    You will look much better.

  45. Mibs

    Boots? check

    Stained dress? check

    Being held up while trying to walk? check

    Yeah, she’s turned it around all right.

  46. Randy Marsh

    Looks like next year’s harvest will be even better.

  47. Anonymous

    Rosaparx: Try some Raid.

    Randal: Please step in front of a fast-moving train.

  48. MassGrrl

    And yet we are still reading about her on here.
    How the fuck is the fact that the paparazzi *not* covering a celeb celebrity news?

    Fucking lame.

  49. Ellen

    #48 – Britney is a problem we can’t lick.

  50. dogonabone

    the medical history of the vagina was so ….. unexpected. the public education this site provides is worthy of a federal grant.
    megan, you need to volunteer at a public clinic. it’s the career you’ve been waiting for. go quickly, the world needs you.

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