Britney Spears has been replaced

The Britney Spears media juggernaut has finally come to a screeching halt. The paps have moved on to a new target who would land us all in jail if she flashed her hoo-ha. The NY Daily News reports:

“Over the weekend, there were less than a half dozen covering Britney” despite her imminent sitcom debut on “How I Met Your Mother,” says BuzzFoto founder Brad Elterman. “Yet there were 30 in the pack covering Miley Cyrus. Most of them were Britney regulars, but they want something new and fresh. It’s moved on to Miley.”

Somewhere Adnan Ghalib just bought a Hannah Montana poster. Only to be stabbed by a scimitar wielded by Sam Lutfi. Who was then shot by Indiana Jones. Who just wanted to know which aisle the stool softeners are in but decided to ask with bullets. Aww. Old people are freaking adorable. I should get one for around the house.