Britney Spears has awesome fashion sense, gives quasi-interview

Britney Spears was a perpetual whirlwind of paparazzi, torn fishnets and a fake British accent as she shopped at Kitson late last night. She also debunked the pregnancy test rumors that her and Adnan definitely started. Here’s the brief Q&A she had with photographers, according to Us Magazine:

Q: Britney, what do you want to say to Adnan on TV?
B: (Thinks for a second) “I think he’s a nice person.”
Q: What was the result of your pregnancy test?
B: “I never had a pregnancy test.”
Q: Britney, what are you going to do now? Go to college?
B: (sighing) “Oh, I wish I was in college.”
Two random guys then approached and joked “Britney, you don’t like black guys?
“Yeah, I like black guys,” she said, laughing.

Britney Spears holds secret aspirations of higher learning. Who knew? I can see Britney taking college courses. They offer degrees for looking like a retarded stripper, right? I forget. There’s only three things I remember about college. Jager, the time I peed myself, and this girl who got naked in my dorm room once – wait, I already said the time I peed myself. Make that two things I remember about college.

NOTE: Shots of Britney’s ass here and here. In case your eyes really pissed you off today.

Photos: Pacific Coast News