Britney Spears has adorable family moment where I’m surprisingly not frightened for her children

January 7th, 2009 // 56 Comments

Here’s a family photo of Britney Spears with her sons Sean and Jayden outside of her mom’s house in Louisiana New Year’s Eve. They’re all snazzed up for Bryan Spears’ wedding which they never made it to because Britney tried to feed Sean to that nutcracker back there. Okay, I might’ve made that up, but let’s not pretend it wasn’t the most realistic scenario you’ve ever heard in your life.

There’s more exclusive family pics you can peruse at Britney including one of just Britney and Sean. Don’t tell me that wasn’t Photoshopped.


  1. Ruby

    She looks fucking gorgeous. And you all know it. Hahaha! Can’t pick on her anymore you jealous fucks!

  2. Narcissist

    Doesn’t look like her. Doesn’t look too bad, though.

    Now K-FED is the fat one!

  3. m.c. in l.v.

    She’s still an unfit mother who doesn’t have primary custody of her own two kids. She’s still batshit loony and would be laying in the gutter with her pap boyfriend pumping her and taking pictures if it weren’t for her father taking control of her life. Give her time, she’ll be back to the same ol’ crazy Brit Brit before the end of the year.

  4. Wow a normal picture. And she looks good.


    So, should I not want to %^*@# this Britney?…I’m confused…she’s gits all gussied up to where all I gotta do is raise her dress but her face looks kinda stupid and swollen and she’s holdin’ those kids…how am I supposed to %^*@# her now? I could maybe still do her if she puts one of them kids down, I mean how is she gonna clean off my !#@%* if she’s holdin’ a kid? Good for nothing…,

  6. Child Services on her holidays to see my children not be allowed. Children are with him and obviously he is not really even “on her ankle” bracelet is not. Who is he trying to kid? She’s not even her house … He has a studio under the light clearly. A photo collages made of cut outs and glue it together piece. Is not true at all. I call the Air Brush and photographic tomfoolery!

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