Britney Spears has a wardrobe apocalypse

April 27th, 2009 // 117 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears performing in Anaheim last week and what happens in this clip is probably the scariest thing I’ve seen in my life. I almost feel like my innocence has been robbed except I write this site, so that’s basically impossible. No, seriously, how I don’t have herpes of the eyes astounds me daily.


  1. Martín

    I’ll pay $1000 for it!
    Mmmmmmmmm rottenberry lollipop!

  2. Rob

    She’s still pretty hot to me.

  3. florence

    @12 soooo funny!! lol!!!

  4. mikeock

    you guys……that’s how women go fishing down south. That’s just her catfish twine. Don’t you know anything?

  5. Danklin24

    #14..they make crotchless body stockings which is probably what she’s wearing so that could very well be a tampon string.

  6. Fuck U

    That nasty cunt just keeps getting worse…

  7. dirk

    You know that smells like BBQ pork rinds and hot garbage.

  8. Alfalfa

    What kind of sick asshole would pay to watch that crap?

  9. asdasdas

    who cares if it is a tampon string. so the fuck what? girls get their periods and wear tampons wow big ass deal. GROW UP

  10. Hungry Hungry Hippo

    Finger licking good!!!!

  11. answerman

    #58 Is it your mom?

  12. broncofan1

    You can swim in the red river, just don’t drink from it!!

  13. DocLes

    Tampon Cannon- a female vagina with extreme tampon blasting force.

  14. yo

    i think she did it on purpose to dispel the pregnancy rumors. who wouldnt do like a full body check before performing on stage for thousands of people. that britney, she just doesnt give a shit.

  15. Is there no indignity left for Britney to suffer?

  16. person

    dunno what the fuss is. aint no thing but a tampon string.

  17. yesiambetterthanyou

    You people are either gay or 12! Who cares? A real man wouldn’t be disgusted by something this stupid and a grown woman would feel badly for her. All women have their period. It’s just too bad that she has to parade herself nearly naked on stage just to attract attention. This never would have happened if she was clothed properly.

  18. Ljutefisk

    I CAN’T FAP TO THIS DAM NIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kat

    Ew, it definitely is a tampon string. It can happen. That’s why strippers cut their tampon strings before they have to work when they’re on the rag (I used to have a couple friends who were strippers; yes, I know I my standards were not as discriminating at one time, sorry).

  20. ?

    Why do people keep saying “she is having protected sex,” and “not procreating?” If she has a tampon in, that obviously means that she gets her period, which makes her fertile and producing eggs (however much of a scary thought that is). I might just be missing something major… Could someone explain this?

  21. BobbyKnobby

    Will someone please punch this cunt in the head?

  22. yeah, she cut a fuckin hole in her fishnets so she could startle the entire world with her tampon string. that sounds entirely likely.

    fuck off please.

  23. melissa

    I dont think its a tampon string. Its hanging down to far!!

  24. Your 10th Grade Health Studies teacher

    #72 I knew I should have made you repeat that class – you never did turn in that 3D model of the gonad, did you????
    You are correct, she’s producing eggs and is presumably fertile. “Procreating” means to actively produce offspring, not just be capable of it.
    So “not procreating”, means because she’s menstruating she’s clearly not pregnant. By “protected sex” we could assume that since she’s clearly not pregnant, whatever birth control method she’s using is working. But it doesn’t necessarily mean what “protection” has come to mean, i.e. condoms.

  25. Danny

    @ – 19.

    joe m –
    Why do so many immature idiots keep staring at her
    if they don’t like her beautiful body?

    Maybe because they’re in shock? I guess it’s like watching a car crash. With a tampon hanging out of the exhaust.

  26. be honest: You still think this is a POP-ARTIST, folks?

  27. Mr Myogi

    Left hand, Tamp on. Right hand, Tamp off.

    Mr. Myogi.

  28. RP

    She just can’t get a break, her hair falls out now her pantyliner starts to fall out. Maybe she should take a break for a while.

  29. kingofbeer

    oh bloody hell….

    hahahaha you get it “bloody” “hell” AAAAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAA!!!!oneeleventyone

    I’ll be here all minute!

  30. Lisacakes

    Uh we’ve already seen her walk around with ripped up tights and a bloody tampon (or was it a pad) on her crotch. It was during her Adnan/Osama Lufti period.

  31. No way is this a tampon – a napkin or panty shield maybe but not a tampon. The tacky dance routine is funnier than the blooper.

  32. 360 eyeroll

    #83 And no way do you have a clue as to what either of those look like. Here’s a hint. They’re flat, come in various thicknesses and rectangular-based shapes AND THEY DON’T HAVE THIN STRINGS HANGING OFF THEM. Jeez.

  33. ishi-san

    @48: Just that Britney doesn’t “dance”

  34. ishi-san

    @ 64: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! thats one massive Tampon!

  35. Shay

    That’s not tampon!! That’s zipper from her jacket, people!!!

  36. anna

    that’s a zip you idiots. get over it.

  37. anna

    that’s a zip you idiots. get over it.

  38. Marla

    All of you guys who think its actually a tampon string are so dumb… thats clearly a malfunction on her costume if she is wearing stockings, a tampon string would be tightly snug in her underwear lol Everyone is just looking for a reason so get on Britney when she is making a great comeback.. why put her down ? I went to her concert in Miami and it was great im so happy for her .. stop nit picking the little things hasnt she gone through enough? she has finally gotten back up on her feet and out in the music/ performance industry again im so happy for her and if she ever reads this website im sure she is laughing at the writers for trying to pick out every little thing she does , she sure isnt crying because she even knows there are costume malfunctions throughout concerts.. nothing ever goes right does it people?… its called REALITY.

  39. sam

    It would be hilarious if this started a fad and all pop singers performed with strings hanging out. Like in Mean Girls when the Lindsay character cut holes in Regina’s shirt over her boobs, and then all the other girls cut holes in their shirts.

  40. Shejay

    #90 – I am so with you!

    #29 – Why don’t you quit being a hater and get your own help.

    #27 – Ewwwww, but funny! =)

  41. Amy

    Oh. My. Fucking. God.

  42. The Listener

    #17 ROTFL

    It looks like the tampon string slipped out of the dark covered area of the panties, but it’s still underneath the pantyhose. Since the pantyhose is sheer, you can see it as clear as day when you look closeup.

    At least she didn’t announce her tampon string’s hanging out like she announced her pussy’s hanging out a month ago. BTW I still think that was the funniest public announcement ever.

  43. Linzi

    omg, who freaking cares. get over it! god, “GIRLS REALLY GET PERIODS!?!? NO WAYYY”…. a least she didnt have a huge pad hanging out of her costume. jesus people, she’s human! give her a break.

  44. jackie

    Well at least we know she’s not pregnant again…

  45. gistine

    She just can’t win. Her vagina has been haunting her all tour.

  46. gistine

    She just can’t win. Her vagina has been haunting her all tour.

  47. Christina


    My friend was at this concert (assuming it was the one on 4-20) and she said Britney wished them a Merry Christmas… I’d be kinda shocked if she WASN’T stoned the entire night.

  48. Lucille

    At 0:20 you can see that it’s the zipper of her jacket.

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