Britney Spears has a wardrobe apocalypse

April 27th, 2009 // 117 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears performing in Anaheim last week and what happens in this clip is probably the scariest thing I’ve seen in my life. I almost feel like my innocence has been robbed except I write this site, so that’s basically impossible. No, seriously, how I don’t have herpes of the eyes astounds me daily.


  1. bugman

    I shall welcome death when it comes.

  2. Hilsy

    EW! First!

  3. dario



    Fourth! Wait…

  5. Hilsy

    EW! First!

  6. shit


  7. From one lady to another (sort of)

    Should have worn a diva cup…

  8. D4P

    Do people pay to attend these concerts? I mean, other than by losing their ability to see and hear?

  9. It appears to just be her tampon string.

  10. RattInnaCage

    well, at least it didn’t fall out of her mouth.

    And who ever says first is a jerk-off

  11. amoi_b

    Yuck. I’m not even going to look. First her extensions, now this.

  12. Plobes

    That’s not a tampon, sillies!!

    It’s a Vagina Microphone.

  13. Yah, there is no way I want to see that video…

  14. leslie

    It is obviously NOT a tampon string. A tampon string would be INSIDE her panty hose.

  15. Dracula

    The water’s boiling, it’s time to make tea…

  16. Wow! That’s crazy.

  17. groan

    It’s her tribute to ragtime.

  18. Egad.

    the tampon is not so much ‘falling out’, rather, I think it is trying to ‘escape’…

  19. joe m

    Why do so many immature idiots keep staring at her
    if they don’t like her beautiful body?

  20. No woman of our time has gone further with less mental equipment. shes truly our a national treasure!


  22. @14 its totally a tampon string!!! shes probably wearing fine fishnets, or her beastly legs tore a hole in her pantyhose….

  23. Nancy

    Well, it’s better than that time the buttplug slipped out.

  24. MH

    At least we know she’s not procreating.

  25. Shejay

    Hey dorks! She has on panty hose – how can a twat string “dangle” when its covered by panty hose? Can’t! It’s obviously some part of he costume – give Brit Brit a break already dang! Some of us actually want her to do well, some people can’t wait to knock her down… Give it a rest…

  26. amanda

    she is just on the rag.. At least she is having protective sex.

  27. Britney's rancid pussy

    “Hey dorks! She has on panty hose – how can a twat string “dangle” when its covered by panty hose? Can’t!”

    I can burn through anything.

  28. mike

    “protective sex”????

    you mean with her dad?

  29. Anon

    if you want her to do well then you should go somewhere else where they brown nose her every antics…

    and seek help.

  30. RobbimusPrime

    You’re all wrong. Clearly that is a tapeworm. Feed those little suckers enough taco bell and they’ll get that big.

  31. Kelley

    Your “innocent” has been lost ? Once again, horrid English, bad grammar, crappy punctuation.

  32. Bobaloo

    31, I was thinking, “Your innocent what?”

  33. C’mon now… how else is that midget gonna climb out of her pussy?

  34. Shitney Still SUX

    She’s wearing fishnet stockings and the string is coming out between the webbing. She ain’t got no brains at ALL. If you’re stringin’ it, AND performing in front of tens of thousands of people, ya MIGHT wanna make sure that string isn’t gonna dangle.
    Just common sense. {forehead slap!} Oh,yeah- this IS Shitney we’re talking about.

  35. Remember when Britney Spears was on top of her game and was hot? Yeah, me neither. In fact, I’m almost 110.9% I made that first part up.

  36. Fati

    Ewww.. That’s truly embarrassing :-/

  37. m.munroe

    what is dangeling is clearly part of the costume! have none of you ever seen a tampon string??! they usually are not silver and shiny.

  38. Beans Baxter

    I’d pull that string anytime.

  39. sam

    You would think that after the show where her “kitty parts” were hanging out of her bottoms they would put someone on crotch duty after every wardrobe change. Or maybe they tried, but either can’t afford it or can’t find anyone willing to do it.

  40. justifiable

    #37 I missed the part in costume design where it’s good to have strings of any kind coming out from beween the star’s legs, especially protruding from under high-cut bikini panties. It’s not silver, it’s clearly a tampon string. She’s active and it wasn’t tucked in, but really, so what? Women have periods, big fuckin’ deal.

    And #17 had the BEST line of this thread so I’m not even gonna try. You win hands down,, groan – no strings attached!

  41. Boogeyman King Dong

    Did somebody found my bracelet?

  42. Hefe


    Holy shit that is hilarious.

  43. Scelestus Unus

    Everyone using the “pantyhose” defense… they do make crotchless pantyhose.

    Everyone knows Britney’s penchant for not wearing underwear, why should her pantyhose be any different?

  44. Iambananas

    Oh poor Britney… stop making fun of her, people.

  45. Iambananas

    Oh poor Britney… stop making fun of her, people.

  46. barrie dawg

    tell the dude on the bike its f%$king Merlot…Merlot idiot

  47. smatt584

    Shit like that could give your herpes, herpes.

  48. justifiable

    #43 If they were crotchless she’d be in danger of flashing everyone when she lifts her leg because those panties are pretty damn narrow in the crotch. Trust me, no professional who dances like this wears crotchless – you need that reinforced seam there. It looks like the string is under the hose.

  49. ileana

    this post was obviously written by a guy. any girl would know that a tampon is inserted into your vagina and therefore is placed before a girl puts on underwear and clothes such as the pantyhose/tights shes wearing…theres no way thats a tampon string…. unless she’s stupid enough to not know how to put on a tampon.

  50. natural blonde

    #49 Oh be real ileana, have’nt you ever been to the beach and had to check that damn string is tucked in so you don’t get bikini or thong fallout? It’s not dangling down outside her pantyhose it’s just showing. SHE’S just stupid enough not to have pushed it up before she put them on

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