Britney Spears has a song about threesomes now

September 30th, 2009 // 42 Comments

In all honesty, I don’t really follow Britney Spears’ music “career” as much as her penchant for going Tit Commando on a daily basis, but it appears her latest single “3″ is about threesomes, according to Rolling Stone:

“Merrier the more, triple fun that way,” Spears sings in one of the many, many innuendo-packed lyrics that seem like they were spawned from Prince’s Dirty Mind-era brain. There’s also “Three is a charm, two is not the same. I don’t see the harm, so are you game?” and “If you don’t like the company, let’s just do it you and me. You and me… Or three… Or four…”

I’m pretty sure having a threesome with Britney Spears wouldn’t be that great. Especially when she’s the only one naked and you’re constantly running to Taco Bell. But I wanna be the guy holding the chicken.

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  1. josmo

    Pretty sure she’s into threesomes cause no one would want to be with her alone for fear of being smothered.

  2. steve

    This song was made by the same guy who made that Amy Song and also made that Katy Perry song about kissing a girl. Basically just exploiting to sell albums…what else is knew.

    Hopefully the next song by one of these morons will be about peanutbutter and a german shepherd. It will be called “Nuts for you”

  3. kimberly

    Can’t she just fall off the face of the planet already? Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Stupid ho.

  4. havoc

    You know she’s been vapor-locked by three guys before. That goes without saying….


  5. PsyKo

    a threesome? Maytbe she counts for two in that threesome…

  6. Anon

    Such a good role model for the young girls who still listen to her.
    If shes singing about her own, recent experiences then she must be glad she was once Britney Spears sexiest woman on the planet otherwise getting 1 person would be a struggle.

    Well not a struggle. Friday nights are full of attention seeking sluts willing to give it up.

    Her sons must be proud.

  7. She doesn’t look as good as she did when she locked lips with Madonna that nite years ago, but you know what…….I’d still fuck her silly.

  8. One 2009 Britney = Two 2000 Britneys

    It’s not really about a song about a threesome it’s actually about how having sex with Fatney is like having sex with two chicks all roled into one tubby, sausage armed, severly mentally retarded, latte guzzling hasbeen.

  9. One 2009 Britney = Two 2000 Britneys

    #5 looks like you beat me to it!!!

  10. Max Planck

    Mrs. Federline and her spouse? How big is the bed?

  11. JADE

    Sounds like such a cute song to sing around her little boys!!!

  12. Azura123

    Is that a hole in the waist of her dress ? lol

  13. Azura123

    Is that a hole in the waist of her dress ? lol

  14. yoooooooomama

    It would be so cool to meet her in a Target!!!!

  15. joshduggins

    I would take her and her sister and me. Sounds like a blast.

  16. kris

    She is at a Target!? She is GROSS!

  17. DKNY

    Keep fucking that chicken!

  18. tim

    Fat, ugly, talentless, skank.

  19. Ganaab

    All the money this skanky ho has and she goes out in public with a torn dress? Yikes!

  20. TheConsumers

    Never heard it called vapor-locked before. The nomenclature I’m familiar with for having three penises in each one of a woman’s respected orifices is called being ‘air-tight’

  21. Randal(l)

    I’m pretty sure the threesome involves her, A bucket of KFC, and a bottle of Hersey’s Syrup….Because she’s such a naughty little slut.


  22. @2 loooooooooooooool sooo funny!!

  23. Do FreeBird

    I was going to say the threesome would be Britney, a knife and a fork.

    Then I realized that she probably doesn’t use eating utensils.

    So I guess it would be Britney, her bare hands, and a small dog to wipe her mouth off.

  24. tess

    Nobody in their rigt mind would fuck that sloppy, fat, wore out skank. Give it up Brittney, your a has been and not sexy at all. She peaked at 17 and it’s been down hill ever since. She give rednecks a bad name.

  25. I don’t know why she continues to sell music. If it weren’t for modern day technology, we would see (hear) that she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. And, yeah, she gained weight, but where did her boobs go? What is she doing out in public with a ripped and stained dress? Wait a minute, what do I care?

  26. heidi pratt

    She’s so wholesome.

  27. Jen

    ive posted this before, and i will continue to post it until she does something about it….i actually like britney, btw but


  28. joe

    I don’t know what type of transvastite you are who does not want to have threesome with Britney. About you being not Britney music fan, oh wow as if she needs lame ass she-man like you to be her fan. Britney has the biggest fan base in the world, she sells out arenas in a moments notice, night in night out. Bow down to the biggest star on the planet, who is the simplest, nicest, kindest, beautiful person on the earth. You bad mouthing her shows your small mindedness, and igonarance.

  29. Rhialto

    Is this the concrete jungle Lady of the Lake?!

  30. Darth

    Nice leopard print on that checkbook!

  31. cheeseburger pronto

    Is it actually possible that there are two people on the same part of the globe that might actually crawl into that crumb filled bed with britney at the same time?
    I have my doubts because


    A mother of two that cannot take care of her own children (beside paying child support) is not sexy, not alluring and not very interesting. She should be on the JERRY SPRINGER SHOW permanent like.

  32. Galtacticus

    She’s dressed in her nightie and she’s still a checkbook holding in her hand? You can tell she did just finish a threesome.

  33. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    This stupid, stupid whore can barely even count to three, so don’t worry about it.

  34. What a great roll model

  35. PsyKo

    #34: roll model? I mean, that’s a great fat joke if it was intended to be…

  36. #34: roll model? I mean, that’s a great fat joke if it was intended to be…

  37. Without the invention of the “Britney” vocal filter her voice would have no particular quality About it. The problem is anyone can use the same filter. sad but true.

  38. Britney Spears and the whore-men and women who lead this industry of haram and brainwashing polluting messages, you fkers have succeeded in brainwashing this mass population of what you call humans. You use your music to spread immorality and degradation and profit from it. Shame on you despicable people.

    Sincere Regards, A1Kaid

  39. Nice leopard print on that checkbook!

  40. I like the skirt she weared, it’s elegant.
    The pictures are great.

  41. The pictures are great.

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