Britney Spears keeps a shrine of Justin Timberlake

March 12th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Britney Spears is trapped inside her mansion these days, so she spends most of her time trying on outfits in her room. While few will argue this extreme vagina lockdown is for the greater good, Britney is obviously bored out of her mind. She’s been having lots of friends over who couldn’t wait to share the details with OK! Magazine including Britney’s personal museum for her ex-lover:

An even bigger surprise inside the house — a shrine to ex boyfriend, Justin Timberlake!
Sources tell OK! that few people have seen Brit’s collection of private mementos from her years with the pop superstar. “She’s obsessed with him,” the source reveals. “She has pictures of them together and has devoted a private area just to celebrate him.”

I guess you do form a special bond to the person you lose your virginity to. Which is why I have my own private shrine to honor Mary the Escaped Mental Patient. I’ll never forget that fateful day (last week) when she ran into my yard wearing nothing but a trash bag and construction worker’s helmet. *sigh* It was pure magic. Until she left me for the neighbor’s dog. I know where you sleep, Mr. Barksington!


  1. brooke

    Oh, one last thing, the last time I saw Britt look truly happy was when she was with Justin and I haven’t saw him look as happy with anyone since either so maybe it would be a good thing for them both if they did reconcile.

  2. christian

    i love britney!

  3. meesh...

    i agree with brooke…. ABSOLUTELY
    i fancied them both even they had barely showed their relationship to public and i just observed that they never looked better than they were together ONCE…..

    and if it’s true that britney has a what they call JT SHRINE, then the love team that once keep the crowd shouting has indeed never placed a dot in their history.

    i REALLY thought it was just justin who can’t never let go of britney that he keeps of making fun of her as a DEFENSE MECHANISM i think. but i was glad to know that the feeling of both was mutual.

    THEY ARE JUST BOTH STUPID enough to realize that they are just MEANT TO BE!!!!

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