Britney Spears keeps a shrine of Justin Timberlake

March 12th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Britney Spears is trapped inside her mansion these days, so she spends most of her time trying on outfits in her room. While few will argue this extreme vagina lockdown is for the greater good, Britney is obviously bored out of her mind. She’s been having lots of friends over who couldn’t wait to share the details with OK! Magazine including Britney’s personal museum for her ex-lover:

An even bigger surprise inside the house — a shrine to ex boyfriend, Justin Timberlake!
Sources tell OK! that few people have seen Brit’s collection of private mementos from her years with the pop superstar. “She’s obsessed with him,” the source reveals. “She has pictures of them together and has devoted a private area just to celebrate him.”

I guess you do form a special bond to the person you lose your virginity to. Which is why I have my own private shrine to honor Mary the Escaped Mental Patient. I’ll never forget that fateful day (last week) when she ran into my yard wearing nothing but a trash bag and construction worker’s helmet. *sigh* It was pure magic. Until she left me for the neighbor’s dog. I know where you sleep, Mr. Barksington!


  1. scotty




  3. So What!! Are you bored today Fish?

  4. Britney is looking better these days, too… You gotta admit.

  5. Chiara

    Who cares? Lots of girls have boxes of stuff from their exes. Whatevz.

  6. Gus

    A genuinely funny entry.

  7. OutRunner1

    @4, her forehead is growing into a fivehead. So, no, I don’t gotta admit.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    Mementos, does she still have his dick in a box?

  9. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Boring. When will she die already?

  10. baaaaaaa

    Mementos…we all keep those lame ticket stubs and old pics in a shoe box…doesn’t mean she has a SHRINE and WORSHIPS it.

  11. Ted from LA

    You need to go on Spring Break. This reminds me of my neighbor though. He wraps himself up in saran wrap all the time. He finally went to a psychologist and said, “Doc, what’s wrong with me.” To which the doctor replied, “Well, I can clearly see you’re nuts.”

  12. yikes

    thats pretty awkward…someone as [in]famous as Britney having her obsession with another wildly famous celebrity aired to the public…sucks for her. not that she’ll even recognize the enormity of the humiliation

    and 11–lol at the corniest joke ever

  13. DD

    I collect panties from all my girlfriends. I like to wear them and masturbate with them.
    I love pretty panties…

  14. kathy

    thsi is clearly an old picture of her. there is no way she looks like that now. unless all the cheeto crumbs have given her that gorgeous orangey glow.

  15. woodhorse

    That is not what escaped mental patients do. An escaped mental patient will run like hell across the grounds and straight to some arbitrary house they have chosen for God only knows what selection process and climb in through the bathroom window. The owners of the house will be watching TV – kids asleep in the bedroom – and they will be interupted by a voice from their own hallway that says she is there “to save them”. While the Dad goes to the kids, the Mom fllies to the phone and the police arrive shortly thereafter. It takes 4 cops to hold the mental patient down, cuff her, and transfer her to the back seat of the squad car and none of them emerge unscratched. We at the mental facility do not get scratched when they bring her back because we give her nice medicine before releasing her. However, some poor tech get reamed for not being more observant during smoke break which is how she got out in the first place.

  16. roastbeef

    Why is she wearing a ring on her ring finger?

  17. you don't know me

    shes pretty when her hair isn’t too messy and she isn’t too broken out.
    i like little noses and biq eyes. and i know she has pretty teeth

  18. @15-Not that you’d know anything about that, right?

  19. I need help

    Oh, and by the way – Yes. It is 12:19, I am here in my apt. alone and I am on this site.

    I’m old, I’m high, I’m single and desperate and I’ll never have kids because no one wants to fuck me. There, you happy? For fuckssake man, it’s whatever you want to call it.

    Now that we’re past that…
    Does this chick actually have the last name Loose? Who the fuck is she? Ah well, no reason necessary for showing tits, I suppose.

  20. dude

    this sucks. But it’s better than a post about AssTon Doucher. And his mommy, DoMe More.

  21. check out this link!! Mike has been at it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. hmph

    14 – this is the most recent picture of her that i know of.
    hair styles, personal attire, acne, and bad angles in photos aren’t permanent things. tanning beds can also provide instant differences in skin color, so can laying out in the sun.

    if you fixed her hair, put her in a flattering outfit, a good coat of foundation, powder, eyeliner, shadow, masacara, lip gloss, she would look prettier and better than average people. If she lost 15 pounds on top of that she could be an angel faced knock out.

  23. Anonymous

    The lights are barely on, but nobody’s home.

  24. hnb

    she so crazy….she’s psycho , but she ….cry cry cry with her lonely heart

    yeah, it plays well in my head.

  25. farty_mcshitface

    this comes as absolutely no surprise. ever since dusty craterlake dumped her ass, she has been all fucked up. after they were no more- thats when she started the really bizarre behavior. this simply confirms that she still has hopes that somehow she will get him back- that probably ain’t happenin.

  26. Sid

    Meh. Britney’s shrine is nothing compared to the Brad Pitt shrine at Jennifer Aniston’s house.

  27. Captain-Insano

    She looks good if your into balding mongoloids with greasy skin and crepy blue contacts.

  28. Clem

    Oh yea, that’s definitley the girl in the schoold uniform I fancied 10 years ago – no doubt about it.

  29. Igottabemeeee

    The “shrine” consists of the sperm rag she used the first time they had sex (around age 12), some curly hairs left behind that she thinks are his pubic hairs but they really fell off his head, and the Burger King wrapper from the Whopper they shared in bed afterward.

  30. GNKY

    Justin wasn’t her first. She lost her virginity to some ugly dude when she was 14.

  31. Trover

    Glad to see that she is dressing half way normal again. I think Sam Lufti totally caused her serious harm in so many ways. Her skin looks better, but not great, and the glaze in her eyes is gone. She could still firm up and be tight like she once was, but all things considered, and improvement. Glad she is finally getting help. Not for her career. For her kids.

  32. woodhorse

    Zanna – I am only a connosieur of crazies, not personally certifiable.

  33. D. Richards (Sickened.)

    Damn — then Timberfag goes and shits in Britney’s face, while she’s down.

    What a massive cock.

    Note: There’s a video of very young Timbo performing country music as a little cowboy; Tim’s outfit was completed with a cute hat and boots. Who would have guessed that that same little sissy kid would grow-up to become such a successful ‘R&B’ performer. ‘Beatbox.’ So cool.


  34. Igottabemeeee

    #22 – If you did all that work to me even I would look good. Presumably she has more to offer, being a sex-symbol and all. And yes, I do understand sarcasm, before you ask. It’s called building on a premise.

    Man, I’m so high sitting here in my mom’s basement.

  35. herbiefrog

    [funny guys : ))] [we went back to get it]]

    we aim to please

    …oh no… wasnt that you ?

    hang on

  36. All that money and she’s wearing a Wal-Mart 5.96 long-sleeved tee shirt.

  37. Jamie's Uterus

    She lost her virginity to him? I thought she lost it at 13 in a telephone booth in at the Kentwood Bowling Alley?

    Who knew????????/

  38. kitty_kat

    Oh yes! Because OK! is SUCH a reputable publication. Bullshit.

  39. Danklin24

    Barksington? That was fucking lame. fish. Britney got screwed way before Justin came along. just sayin..

  40. Katy

    @ 35

    Stop it!


  41. Animated hero

    Brit looks unhappy.

  42. babe

    Leave Britney alone. It seems Britney is seeking true love online now. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week.

  43. rachel

    pahahahaha. mary the escaped mental patient.

  44. well hes hot and i guess gooog in bed, better than that kevin how did she get with kevin in the first place

  45. well hes hot and i guess gooog in bed, better than that kevin how did she get with kevin in the first place

  46. old man @ the gay bar

    37. I believe it was twelve and she lost it while sitting on Daddy’s lap.

    I have a Justin shrine too! I often prance in front of it, naked. My peepee gently tucked between my legs.

  47. awesome111person

    If you look closely you can see she still has breakouts on her chin. Her skin isn’t really better, it just looks tanned and maybe for once she bothered to put on foundation. The hair looks so much better because she’s filming for that stupid sitcom. Once that is over I’m sure Brit will be back to her grungy self in no time.

  48. @42 – I kept thinking something’s wrong here… something… Ah! There we have it. And only the once, so far down the page. Busy day over at Identity Theft Towers?

    Anyway, she looks terrible. That’s the skin of someone at least 10 years older. She’s gonna be such a wizened old hag by the time she hits her 30s.

  49. Brooke

    Glad to see Britt looking so much better, not as good as she used to yet, but maybe soon! It was a good thing her dad and mom stepped in, just think if only they’d stepped in before she went crazy and cheated on Timberlake or married Kevin and had 2 kids. She might still be smoking hott, but I have faith that if she keeps listening to her parents that she might just make a real come back. I’m starting to think that just maybe it was all those drugs that Sam was giving her that had her so crazy….I pray that the Britt we knew and loved will one day return.

  50. brooke

    WORD TO BRITT: If you want Justin back you are going to have to get back that killer body you used to have and stop doing crazy things, lose the Brittish accent, and hire a very good stylist because your clothes the past few years looked like trailer park garb/ hookerish….I think it would be great if you and JT got back together but you got to atleast put forth some effort, he isn’t going to want you in that broke down state you were in. Now, I still think he has a soft spot for you and you could work that to your advantage, IF AND ONLY IF, you get back to that super hot girl he first met.

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