Britney Spears has a secret

Britney Spears has some sensitive information to hide and it’s not the fact that there’s no way these latest Candies pics were taken recently or outside of a virtual reality. TMZ reports:

Lawyers for Britney Spears’ conservatorship have made their move to keep confidential “critical information” about Britney and her children.
The information is so sensitive the lawyers note on the open market “The possibility of such enormous profits presents a substantial risk that Ms. Spears’ most confidential medical and personal information will be disclosed.”
So the attorneys want the sensitive info about Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James sealed, and stat.

Is this about the time she covered her kids in BBQ sauce and tried to grill them? Because no one’s really going to be floored by that one. The only surprising information that could possibly come out of these medical reports is finding out Sean and Jayden are not only up-to-date on their vaccinations but were never once hospitalized after getting stuck in a chimney because “Mama wanted us to steal Santa’s sack of toys.”

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