Britney Spears has a new video

July 1st, 2009 // 71 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears’ latest video for “Radar” and it probably has the most absurd premise I’ve ever seen. Namely Britney as a sophisticated aristocrat who watches polo. I’m not saying music videos have to be totally realistic, but maybe a shot of Britney riding the horse and using Sean as a mallet would’ve done a better job selling this thing. That’s just me.

EDIT: Added a new video. Enjoy it while it lasts.

EDIT: Even newer version. Thanks to Aubrie.


  1. 3f9uoijk

    it doesnt work!

  2. jay dubya

    video is already removed booooo i wanna see the stupid lady try to be sophisticated

  3. Tom K

    Britney and sophisticated in the same sentence?! Not buying it. lol

    If it was a video of her eating chips in a stained wife beater with no panties on then I would believe it.

  4. RedFantaGirl

    Boo! It doesn’t work!!!

  5. mafme

    Will she ever not sing through a vocoder?

  6. gotmilk?

    seriously, that is terrible. the singing i mean. as for the video, she looks like shit as usual.

  7. Hitskat

    what is with the sexy scene of the horse splashed with water! Britney into bestiality, i get it!

  8. titsonsnack

    is she singing “gonorrhea”?

  9. gigi

    weird – it’s working for me… sadly….. it’s just the same song different movements & new words…… luckily nobody is trying ot spell out f*u*c*k, so good move there…… my poor planet…

  10. megan

    she needs to enunciate.. i would never hav guessed she was saying radar w/o the description

  11. gotmilk?

    7, there’s nothing sexy about anything in this video.

  12. techman

    Why couldn’t it have been her instead of Michael Jackson?

    This song and video have to be the most boring she has ever done and that’s really saying something.

  13. kaylia

    love the song, hate the stupid video

  14. She is Shot Out

    This is not music.
    She is an embarrassment to the entire music industry.
    Very sad.

  15. I got turned off with that stupid hat. Looks like Grandma!

  16. Amy Nicole

    Such a shame, this was the most boring video I have ever seen. And did anyone else notice that the perfume bottle on the right on the dresser was her own brand?? She should give up. If she didnt make the big comeback with either this record or the last, shes done…

  17. nick

    i think she looks hot, but not my favorite video…to all the haters, you wish you could be as famous as her…she doesnt have to dance in all her videos…she is on tour right now anyway

  18. Crusty

    Bad music aside, who knew that Southeast Louisiana trailer trash could look that hot?

  19. Holly

    The story isn’t so far-fetched: Her husband’s the aristocrat, not her. She’s the trashy trophy wife that blows the stable boy. TOTALLY Britney.

    I hate how she over-mouths the lyrics when she’s lip-syncing in her videos. Her tongue is sticking out half the time. Retarded. And she always sounds like she’s full of helium. wtf

    The best thing about that video was the beautiful polo pony…

  20. Pony

    She’s crap, but the ponies are the best.

  21. Agnese

    Deeply confused by this.

  22. Whippet

    Body double at 0.22!

  23. Huh?

    she still looks like trash

  24. misty

    @22….HAHAHAHAHA….you’re right. Good call!

  25. just sayin

    does she actually have a voice or does she only speak through synthesized-electronica-robo-voice machines?

  26. @ #22 - True Dat!

    Definitely body double 22 sec’s in… notice how the rest of the vid is only headshots?? There are only a couple full body shots in which she is (surprisingly) fully clothed.

  27. joe m

    99% of all videos are meaningless including this one.
    Beautiful Britney is the only good part of it.

  28. omg

    OMG> is she for real!? the song “radar” is so seductive and she chooses *THIS* kind of story for her video !?!?! its not like her at ALL. SO CHEEZY!!!!!!!!!! This lady will NEVER be able to do it right again. ugh! stop trying to prove yourself !

  29. veggi

    @21 Agreed..

    Kinda like the time I woke up and I couldn’t find my coffeetable. wtf?

  30. ashsky

    wtf is that? is she talking to the guy or the freaking horse? this video sucks. she wasted puting this song on a 2nd album to do that??? Britney, you need to fire whoever is advising you to do this crap.

  31. Really?

    @21 and 29….I can’t believe that you’ve actually admitted you’re confused by a Brittany Spears video. Wow.

  32. Melissa

    What a manufactured piece of shit… both the song and the singer. Jesus fucking Christ, give it a rest already. That video had nothing to do with that stupid ass song, and it sucked total ass.

  33. It would have been really fucking cool if she ran out to the field and beat that horse with an umbrella.

  34. czar

    It would have been really cool if she got ran over by one of the horses. Why do we support this chick? She still tours all over and sells records. SHE IS HORRIBLE PEOPLE! F*ck

  35. One L

    Um… This song is not on her Circus album. It’s on Blackout. If they put it on her circus album then that is weird.

  36. kitty_kat

    “Radar” was actually the best song on Blackout. I was surprised that it didn’t get a video.

  37. lisa

    hey lay off her for awhile remember she cant make her own decisions. she is still yotally beautiful. total shame she cant sing anymore

  38. lisa

    hey lay off her for awhile remember she cant make her own decisions. she is still yotally beautiful. total shame she cant sing anymore

  39. Ash

    actually, it was on blackout then it was a bonus on circus. stupid.

  40. kitty_kat

    @39- Ummm… What exactly was wrong with what I said? Did I say that they didn’t put it on Circus? Wow. You’re an idiot.

  41. ugh...

    the song’s so bad i can’t even watch the video for the tits.

  42. Pretty sure she got throat cancer years ago and now speaks and sings only through a mechanical larynx. Obviously, she had a laryngectomy and is trying to make esophageal speech sexy. It would be a much greater turn-on, however, if she had a tracheoesophageal puncture. Très Sexy!

  43. Sarah

    This video was clearly made for Mr. Hands.

  44. Rosana

    This is immoral.
    Britney has a handsome, elegant, caring and rich boy who wins polo trophys, presents her with expensive jewels and invites her to his mansion, BUT she cheats on him when he’s not looking and runs away with a polo-loser who sports a stupid-pokemon-emo-ish-chilean-haircut. We don’t even know if he has money.
    So this video is saying “look at me, I am trashy, stupid and a cheater”.

  45. kjf

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing it’s aweful

  46. loves it!

    wow i think everyone on here is INSANE. this is AMAZING, and im not even a big britney fan . . . its got an awesome story line- and for anyone CONFUSED, no shes not the aristocrat, shes the girlfriend/ parnter of the aristocrat polo player, whose basically keeping her like a pet, hence the shot of the horse juxtaposed with britney, theyre both being kept by the polo player . . . then she sees a hot guy and basically runs off with him . . .
    everyone clear on this now??
    if you cant understand something that clearly britney spears can, THATS A BAD SIGN!!!
    i LOVED it!!!

  47. Tess

    at 44: emo-ish-chilean- haircut?

    i didn’t know chilean emo kids had a different haircut to that sported by emo children the world over…

    I don’t know about the video, it’s sort of boring to watch.

  48. lithiumlilly


    I’m glad I’m not the only one who found the horse bathing juxtaposition to be disturbing!

  49. KEVtha

    gratuitous shot of her perfume.

    brits so hott. she just needs to… put more effort into her work. if she actually tried to could captivate the world like she once did

  50. KEVtha

    gratuitous shot of her perfume.

    brits so hott. she just needs to… put more effort into her work. if she actually tried to could captivate the world like she once did

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