Britney Spears has a new boyfriend

March 14th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Britney Spears has reportedly met a new boy in rehab, and the two are “growing very close” since their “special” relationship began. The guy’s name is Jason Filyaw (here’s his MySpace) and he refused to confirm or deny whether he’s dating Britney, but admitted, “I love her, I support her 100% and we are close.” He’s been attending AA meetings with Spears and added that he’s been helping Britney with the spiritually “deep” part of her recovery.

So the guy’s in rehab and looks like that. Wow, what a catch. If this relationship falls through (and I get the feeling it might) she should consider dating that creepy guy who follows little children around in his van. If we’re gonna date winners we might as well go for the gold.


  1. BarbadoSlim

    Greaseball alert…the dirtbag detection system is on alert…this is NOT a drill!!!

  2. Ellie

    Wow. He’s SOOO much better than K_Fed. Wonder how soon til the beatings and the “Cops” Episode airs?

  3. Already skanking with a new man? WTF? Hasn’t she been in rehab for like, a week?

  4. Ellie

    I just checked out his site– how fitting! J-Fed likes to write porn music… I can see it now!

    Funny.. he talks all humanitarian and whatnot. Complete scumbag.

  5. saradevil

    So, he’s in deep, huh?

  6. NipsyHustle

    happy steak and blowjob day ;)

  7. BarbadoSlim

    @2 You are on to something there, he sure looks like one who might give her the back of his hand for running her mouth or stepping out of line. hehehehe

  8. Kg

    I love how it says “I don’t want kids” on his myspace

  9. NipsyHustle

    this girl can’t go a day without some random stuggling wannabe’s cock banging out her hole. of course they are already close and by “close” i mean they are barebacking.

    check out his site. it’s obvious why he’s in rehab. if i were playing in a band for 15 years and all we could put out was lukewarm 90′s grunge leftovers, I’d be shooting up Wild Irish Rose to give me the courage to face another day.

  10. CruisingForCock

    everything from Mozart to Slayer….
    He said SLAYER!!

  11. Clitney Smears just keeps picking the winners!

    Lindsey Blohan will be dribbling his jiz from the corner of her mouth next, or maybe Smellery Muff??

    Disney Whores make good weblog fodder, keep up the good work Eisner!

  12. LilRach

    She’s so vulnerable at the moment and that’s the only reason this goober is gettin a piece of britney.
    She’s lonely and needs someone to bang – and obviously there’s not many good looking folk in rehab or noone stupid enough to get caught up in her shit. Once she’s out of rehab he will be kicked to the curb and she’ll find someone else.
    Maybe even a reconciliation with kfed??????

  13. Troller

    She calls him J-Sun

  14. NipsyHustle

    signs this guy is a destined to remain a loser:

    1)his poser ass tries to list “aesop rock” as a musical influence but spells it “asob rock”.

    2)he has a video of an elderly lady getting kicked in the face by some dude. (but despite finding violence against women funny, i’m sure he’d never lay a hand on brit)

    3) his corny ass band RIVA had to start its own label after 15 years because like KFED, no one wanted to hear his shit.

    4)”Metal Princess” is on his top 8. People still listen to metal?

    5)He’s claiming to be “Native American” but everybody knows Indians don’t go to rehab. Indians don’t quit, they surrender.

  15. Ted...From LA

    This is a good get rich quick strategy. I wish I had thought of it first. Ahh, nevermind. I couldn’t spend 5 minutes with this gum chomping hick. Has anyone else noticed those joker, joker, joker twins are ALWAYS carrying coffee cups larger than their heads?

  16. Ellie

    @7 Not that I condone abuse but someone should’ve slapped the skank a long time ago.

  17. Hecubus

    Actually I think he looks quite handsome in those sunglasses and that lipstick. Hopefully he’ll get Brit to shave off that facial hair though it doesn’t suit her.

  18. crestlin

    Amadeus just rolled over in his grave and vomitted.

  19. no1justminda

    And I thought we were rid of Britney for a good while…so wrong.

  20. Yo J-Sun, milk it for all you can dude.

  21. isitme

    Come on, people! Britney Spears can’t GET anything better than dirt. I’m starting to have some warming in my cockles for K-Fed, who is appearing to be the best of the bunch! He has to stop peopling the world with UGLY children, though! EVERY SINGLE ONE is K-Fugly!

  22. sea

    I love how dedicated she is to getting better. First rule of AA, no new relationships for at least a year. The fact that her new boytoy announces they hook up at alcoholics ANONYMOUS is just icing on the cake. (Yeah, I know everyone there probably knows who she is anyway, but she had to go get herself a rulebreaking. Just what she needs.)

  23. NipsyHustle

    THIS JUST IN: ABC News reported that Justin sent Brit a letter in rehab that was all mushy about how he’s there for her and how if they had been togethre just a few years longer then they could have been married and having kids.

    hmmmmm, why is it that men always flock to psycho, druggie sluts who neglect their kids to get high and bang all night? why? what is the appeal?

  24. BarbadoSlim

    @23, you answered your own question Nips: to get high and bang all night, of course.

  25. frigginA

    Just reminds me of how people sleep with whoever they can to get ahead in life. This bitch Rina Weinberg slept with her boss who also happened to my husband and the father of my two kids. Now she’s sleeping with the president’s son at her new company, even though he’s ugly as sin and was the real life inspiration for Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. But it got her a job where she can never get fired and comfy pad since she’s moved her lardy ass in with rent boy. All I can say is what goes around comes around.

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    So ‘midevil’ must totally be like the center of evil. This guy’s real bright, she’s met her match… again.

  27. pana1718

    she is going to be MADE by this bitch. if this is how she ended up because of k fed, this bitch is going to leave her looking like a 100 tons elephant with acne and 57 children. and POOR! like hell! so poor she’ll be doing blow jobs for 25 cents an hour!

  28. isitme

    FrigginA, GOOD FOR YOU! I would love to throw out a whore’s name (not Angelina Jolie or Julia Horseface Roberts), but I’d get sued with my luck! And, it would identify me…I like anonymous postings, esp if I have a lot of drink! You go, girl! Get the whore! To be a bit more serious, these people DO get their just rewards, sometimes it takes too long, but they do…

  29. LilRach

    #23 – yeah i heard a couple of weeks ago that it was Timbaland who approached Justin and asked him to work with him to help Britney. Apparently when she gets better they want her to make a massive comeback. It probably will happen cos Timbaland’s artists all make it BIG. It just shows how much power Britney still has.

  30. no1justminda

    I’m waiting for Britney to put her diary into a book and sell it, with the release her new album that timba & justin will take all the credit for and suck in all the moolah from this ridiculous chapter in entertainment history.

  31. Carsten5577

    Who wants to date a bald, psycho shitbag like her? Only some rehab loser, I guess.

  32. PrettyBaby

    I don’t care what anybody says – he’s HOTTT!!! Looks like this is the start of Britney’s comeback.

  33. TrimSpaBaby

    BRITNEY’S DIARY – day 7 of rehab
    I got my head and pussy confused and shaved the wrong one AGAIN. J-Sun is sooo cute. This hotel sucks, room sevice won’t even bring me a beer. Is Vaseline good to eat? I forget how many kids I got now. Cheetos make me feel all wiggly.

  34. whatthe

    He hasn’t signed into his Myspace account since last June, so the info on there is irrelevant to his current state in rehab, etc.

  35. lisad71

    #22 You said exactly what I was going to say about no relationships for a year. I guess next he’s going to be her sponsor, too, which is another AA no-no.

  36. MrSemprini

    Hey folks…

    Let’s pull a No-Paris, No-Britney, No-Lohan, No-Olsens, No-Nicole week. Pick on everybody else but these. No pubs, no problem. I’m tired of them, anyway. Its like when you beat youe Grandma until you’re sure she’s dead and you get up for a sandwich, but when you get back, she’s twitching again. Just can’t take another round with these misfits.

  37. jrzmommy

    A dual-addiction relationship….should be fun.

  38. DrPhowstus

    That motherfucker! Now what the fuck am I gonna do with all these drug rehab center applications? I had every one covered, every fucking one, just waiting for her to go apeshit. Just one OD away. Now this Tanto gets her. I can’t believed I saved all my money for this shit.

  39. fritobandito

    Damn! Why oh why didn’t her mother wear a condom or swallow? Then we never would have had to deal with this banjo playing, cheeto eating, toe picking, ass licking hill jack! Isn’t it time for her family to fix her up with a cousin, or uncle or something?

  40. Bugman4045

    #22 and 36 covered it mostly. It would be perfect if Brit announced that they were sponsoring each other. I should have more sympathy for her, but I have never seen any evidence of her ability to be rigorous or honest about anything.

  41. pancakes

    whens the glorious comeback happening?iv been holdin my breath every since she went in2 rehab for the 7th time for her 2 come out with a funky short haired do,2 stone lighter and with a bit of make-up on…she always lets me down!as for the creep who’s apparently her new boyfriend-ew.that is all.

  42. pancakes

    ALSO i just visited his myspace+he’s a real stand up guy-he has a group called ‘green bottle sexy alcoholics’ on his page…wud it b rong 2 punch an alcoholic in the bac of the head?

  43. BarbadoSlim

    From his MySpace: (typos and idiocy all his)

    “Its all about Music-Art- pure freedom of expression, judging people is bullshit, playing shows hangin with other bands &, meeting fans keeps me well oiled !!… Iam very much into Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation,Powers of Egypt, buddha, and reading the Zohar- I live as hard as i can-I dig making people crack the fuk

    You can’t make this shit up folks.

    PS: he’s well oiled (translation: total closet homo)

  44. fame is funny

    he’s right, his profile certainly cracked me up…

  45. schack

    as much as i hate new-agey people, i think he sounds pretty cool. and yoga is bullshit as a religion, but as a workout it keeps you in really good shape. i’m sure kevin would have been just too damn sarcastic to take anything seriously.

    for the non-believers: he’s 6’3″ and rich

  46. schack

    check out new jolie-pitt kid at perezhilton

  47. Cindi

    I feel so sorry for her. She’s so young and confused, under so much pressure, and everybody is judging her. Even while she’s working hard to fix her personal problems, uncaring people make harsh comments. I hope she sees how this reflects poorly on them, not her. Go Brit!!! Love you!!!

  48. schack

    is she that young? she’s 26. that rounds up to 30. that’s really not that young.

  49. Cindi

    It rounds down to 25. That’s pretty young.

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