Britney Spears has a mystery man

May 15th, 2006 // 110 Comments

  1. TaylorAnne

    Although, I don’t like Kevin, I think you guys need to spend more time doing other things than judging Britney. yes, she’s pregnant, and yes, she’s gained weight,but so what. And what’s up with the comments about her eating habits??? It’s her life, let her live it, and stop hating…I’m sure you guys eat whatever the hell you want, and do whatever you want. Who cares who that guy is, and who cares what Britney eats. It’s your opinion if you think she has made another “mistake”, but it’s her life, and she has to live with her own choices. So, stop with the fat jokes and all the other jokes you guys are throwing at her.

  2. ning_ning


    Ms.or should I say Mrs. Lynne Spears nobody gives a flying fuck if Britney has 15 children. She still is a fat cow Mooo, mooo. She was a whore from the start she had to wait until she got paid then her true colors came out. If she wants to be barefoot and pregnant there shall it be.

    Plus, she is a duck for marrying K-Fed, he probably still has feeling for Shar. seriously. Britney likes attention and will give the hippo attention.

  3. TaylorAnne

    # 102 I got a good laugh out of reading your comment. First of all, I am way too young to be Britney’s mother, and second of all, do you kiss anyone with that mouth of yours???
    It’s people like you that are so jealous of other people that you have to go hating on them…Trust me, I am not in any way related to Britney nor have I ever met her, but I have had people hate on me before as well…Listen # 102 don’t hate us because we are beautiful…

  4. @102

    You don’t have to kiss my mouth you can kiss my azz! LOL

  5. LilRach

    Its her brother!!

  6. jenbisme

    Jesus, why do people care about Brittney or any other brainless idiot who obviously has no education or positive influence on anyone or anything in this country or on this planet? I am so sick of all this paparazi crap on the stars, the whole world is fallling apart and extra wants to know who we love more, angelina or jennifer? My neighbors do not even have shoes for their kids!! This whole country makes me throw up a little in my mouth…

  7. spatz

    ning ning is my new personal hero.

  8. 86

    That’s not her brother people.

  9. assholic

    @#106 Wht in d name of hell are you doin here, thn?

    On a different note, a homeless tranny would be a better suitor for Bitiney after K Fag.

  10. Britney is a messed up alcoholic that is a worthless mother too boot. This fellow John is a guy with cash and better run fast before she is knocked up. Oh….too late. I am sure he is sorry now.

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