Britney Spears has a mystery man

May 15th, 2006 // 110 Comments

  1. she needs to get hot again O_O


    second! OMG

  3. Proteon

    Is he related to Christina Aguileras token jew husband?

  4. Steph

    maybe the new baby isn’t Kevins
    that’d be great because he needs to stop procreating

  5. CheekyChops

    No one cares anymore. Its just that her life has become a train wreck. Everyone stops and takes a look but doesn’t really give a crap.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    I have one message for Britney, now that she’s preggers again: my face has seating for two.

    yeah, I went there.

  7. awful

    Could be a relative. Although of course this doesn’t rule out that they are lovers.

  8. I think this guy has held the baby more then K-Sped. Maybe these kids might have a chance after all??????????

  9. krisdylee

    Go for it, Brit…. He’s not bad, actually is paying some attention to the baby, and looks like a normal white guy… Dump K-fed and run like the wind..

  10. trulymadlydeeplytori

    no one has ever gone from hot hero to zero so fast RIP Hot Britney

  11. downshine

    that guy would probably be a better dad than k-fed. if i were britney i would even trust an ax murderer with pedophilic tendencies over k-fed.

  12. Star Maker Machinery

    Maybe he’s her new “personal trainer”?

  13. thatsmyname

    #8…he’s not bad? are we seeing the same guy? he’s minging. His hair is terrible.

  14. shoof

    That baby is really cute, but I have to say that in every picture I’ve seen of him, he looks like he’s in a perpetual state of shock. I guess that would make sense…

  15. It’s probably her brother. That would make for an interesting affair.

  16. PapaHotNuts

    At least she’s dating a white guy now.

  17. 86

    Maybe Britney is babysitting him?

  18. Geno

    Hey that’s me! You are all jealous because I have a pregnant famous girlfiend who likes trashy men.

  19. playahater101

    I have to say, she has a pretty cute baby. She must have gotten a male nanny to make sure SP has a man around him as influence. Since K-Fed is too busy partying and club hopping to be around. It would be great if he was the dad of the new baby. HAHAHA!!!

  20. CoJo

    I think that it’s baby daddy #2

  21. afterthefox

    K-Fed’s a douchebag.

  22. Could it be… her brain is beginning to work again?

  23. Jacq

    I need to be a full-time mom. This is the closest thing to God. Here nanny, hold my baby for me.
    Why does it look like the kid’s always afraid he’s about to get dropped again? Other famous people’s kids smile and play and appear to generally interact with people. He’s just always in someone’s lop-sided grip waiting to land on his head again.
    It’d be sweet if he was like Stewie in real life.

  24. DonLes91

    TO #6 – do you want both of them to sit on your face? I’ve got nothing against bisexuals, but that was a BIT extreme.

    Unless you were referring to Britney’s expanding ass. That’s something I’d go for too…big girls RULE!

  25. Fisher55

    these threads are boring

  26. She seems to be dissmissive of him and him holding the baby. Seems like either a relative or some employee that she is out with.

    I hear Tom Cruise can fit his whole fist in his mouth.

  27. Italian Stallion

    I always thought Brett Farve was a fudge Packer not a whale watcher…….

  28. sierra1438

    I think hes kinda hot…much better than rat boy k-fed.

  29. BarbadoSlim

    #24 My post is meant to be interpreted by what lies in your heart and mind, whatever you think it meant, it’s what YOU really think it is.

    there is no spoon.

    think about it.

  30. tarjamarja

    I agree with #19, the guy must be Sean Preston’s new father figure/role model. Even if K-Fed was around he could probably use one.

  31. Spacedog

    That’s Protective Services, taking Preston away. Britney is off to the store to get more jerky, Cheetos and Newports.

  32. DuckBoy

    hey guess what? Britney is 5 months pregnant

    there goes your “fat” theory, so why don’t you drop the cheetos, jerky, junk food jokes already?


  33. Binky

    Never seen his hair that short ! I guess CarrotTop has been watching That 70′s Show.
    I think the Day Care work has been a good career move for him.

  34. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to get fat all over. I gained 21 pounds TOTAL when I was pregnant. My baby was 8 lbs 12 oz, and I lost it all after I had him, didn’t exercise, but I sure as hell didn’t eat Cheetos and whatever else she’s been feeding herself. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, but I guess she was eating enough to keep up with it.

  35. I don’t get it.

  36. Dr.Rokter


    Then somebody should give her a good hard kick in the stomach so she’ll be thin again and can restart her career anesthetizing tweens with her tedious bouncymusik.

  37. tsarinaamanda


    So? She’s still fat. We’re supposed to be all “Oh, she’s pregnant…AGAIN. Let’s all be nice about her second mistake and not call her out on being a fatass whale”? Get real. This is The SUPERFICIAL, not “Nice celeb ass-kissing website”. I’m sure if you Google Britney, you can find a whole lot of your people to talk to. They’re waiting for you, now go on. Asshat.


  38. Land-Man

    You can see here the Land-Cock orbiting the forest moon of Endor.

  39. Blaze

    and he’s semi Hot! hahah SYKE!! he isn’t terrible to lok at tho! ok he is semi cute!

    GO BRITT!!


  40. IFuckingHateYou

    This guy is Britney’s cousin. he’s been quoted as saying: “Britney is a much better fuck than Jamie Lynn, even if she is a fat whore with Cheeto-breath and a loose twat. Incest is best, baby.”

  41. Grphdesi23

    OMG! David Letterman’s son is the father of Britney’s baby!

  42. chryssy11

    He actually looks like one of the guys from “New Kids on the Block” And don’t you guys dare say you don’t remember them!!!!!! Anyway, despite who he is, he is actually looking to be the first positive influance on that poor child’s life because……*drum roll* IT’S THE FIRST PIC OF SP WEARING A HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Brit….keep him around…..your baby just might live after all.

  43. Italian Stallion

    @32 shut your beak……..

  44. I still say the baby is ugly…. I hope it starts looking more like Britney STAT.

  45. He’s probably some fan just walking down the street and Britney let him carry her kid. We all know what a great mom she is, letting lil’ Sean Preston drive sans car seat, dropping baby on head, smoking around said kid and providing K-Fag as DNA donor (thereby ensuring Sean Preston will be an asshole). This ginger was probably just passing by, smiled, and Brit let him be her human stroller. Knowing her luck, he is a pedophile with a penchant for diaper dandies.

  46. summertimefairy

    I don’t know who this guy is but he looks like a turd to me… not attractive at all. The again neither is KFed…maybe she needs to get the Cheetos outta her eyes and see was she has really be sleeping with.. yuck on both of them!

    #32 DuckBoy…
    She was chowing down on Cheetos way before she got knocked up again. In all honesty she never lost the weight from the first one and Im sure she wont after she has this one.

    She had a kick arse boby… HAD.

    #44 DuckBoy
    I don’t think that baby looks like either one of them… IMO that baby is not fathered by kFed…

  47. Please, God, let her be cheating on KFed with this guy! Look at him! His hair is combed! His shirt has a collar! He’s not wearing a hat! If he’s wearing shoes, we have ourselves a winner here, people.

  48. Spacedog

    #32 that’s not a comment on her being pregnant, its about her being a dirty, slack-jawed hick. Use your head, jackass.

  49. spatz

    #44 i agree. that baby has the retard eyes, just like all of kfags bastard babies (see shar jacksons kids)

  50. PapaHotNuts

    Brittany cut off Kevin’s cash flow, so in a desperate attempt to score some good weed, Kevin called his obviously Jewish drug dealer and traded the baby for a dime bag. Brittany just wanted to kiss the kid goodbye and congratulate him on a better life.

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