Britney Spears has a mini-meltdown

January 29th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Britney Spears got into what is assumed to be an argument last night with Sam Lufti. Britney and Sam were pulling up to the gate of her house when Britney jumped out of the car. She appeared to be crying and was clutching her dog London. People reports:

Wearing brown high heels, cutoff shorts and a plaid fedora, Spears then seemed to downplay the incident, saying, “I’m fine. I’m . . . having a nice time with my dog.” (She later hopped into a car with another photographer, Filipe Teixeira, who gave her a lift to Ralph’s supermarket in Studio City, before bringing her home. He and another photographer pal were then invited inside, where they spent the remainder of the night.)

After being out of the picture for a while, Adnan Ghalib appeared was not allowed past the gate. The guards had instructions to keep him out. Adnan showed his fellow paps a text from Sam that claims he is a “manic trigger.” Meanwhile, Britney’s parents showed up at the house:

The family reunion didn’t last long, however – as Spears, clutching a bag, bolted from the mansion, says a source. She hopped into a car with Ghalib and the two sped off.

Their getaway hit a speed bump, however, when their car got a flat tire. (Spears is no stranger to vehicular malfunction.) The two pulled into a Chevron to pump air into the deflated tire, then returned to the Summit house – where mom Lynne, and the two photographers, still waited – at around 11 p.m. (Ghalib left soon afterward.)

TMZ is reporting Britney’s parents, along with Sam Lufti and Alli Sims, are finally having an intervention with Britney so she’ll get mental help. I hear Sam has already threatened to pee on Britney’s grave and feed her to Satan if she doesn’t listen. He’s, uh, not very good at these things.


  1. feckless

    @16 That God! Always with the jokes!!

  2. Fatboy

    What’s Kelly Osbourne doing on Britney’s curb?

  3. gigi, advising with some experience

    uh, get it right #39 [Ali] — this dude is an Afghan, not Pak – HUGE difference….. ;) and at this point if that’s all Britney needs to do to ‘get back at’ anybody, they should dance a jig w/ glee

  4. Kim


    – Chris Crocker (or whatever that tranny’s name is)

  5. Taylor

    What a mess.

    I can’t ridicule her being crazy anymore(and by anymore, I mean “at this moment”)

    She needs a padded room. Stat.

  6. ManiacFive

    You know this might be the half bottle of rum talking, but, i wish she’d get help. Its just sad now. C’mon Paris, Firecrotch, take the heat off old BritBrit for a while would you?! she needs a break, she’s been trying to sustain the triumvirate of ‘why does it burn when i pee’ by herself for too long, its getting to her.

  7. Jesus

    I can title that “4:55am….Starbucks opening in 5 minutes”

  8. Bigo

    Seeing her cry like that has touched my heart. This girl really needs help, and I think she’s refusing it. I bet she’s mad that this Sam Leech said she needs mental help and that’s why she had a fight with him, they were probably heading to the mental hospital.

  9. leelee

    I just realized that Britney Spear’s life is like, a really great T.V. series. I mean seriously, you can take every story written about her, put them all in order and it would be the greatest book of all time. There’s love stories, teenage success, scandal, courtroom drama, bad guy turned good guy, decit and jealousy, and there’s that constant speculation on whose the real bad guy? Which one is really looking out for Britney’s best interest? Which one is just interested in fame and fortune? Sam? Adnan? Or is it the family?!

  10. mamadough

    seeing her cry has really made me giggle inside. she has brought all of this on herself! boohoo britney! people have tried to help you and you were an assclown! you couldn’t care less about your kids! you had a stylist for years and didn’t learn a damn thing! exclamation point! your face has made it, now all you need to do is put the rest of your body through the tree shredder…

  11. MoronicShitney

    Oh crap I am going soft in my old age – I actually feel a bit sorry for her in these pics, tis just a matter of time till she is dead.

  12. Bex

    Where’s justin timberlake when you need him?

  13. a doe

    the big one is definitely coming…don’t have to be nostradamus to predict that one

  14. Allison

    Really, this is the saddest picture. How can you all be so cold. She is in desparate need of help….and you all are making fun of her outfit. Come on, enough is enough. Leave this girl alone and let her get help.

  15. mamadough

    jesus 64, you bleeding heart. hang around the site a little. this isn’t harsh at all compared to a lot of comments. the site is called superficial and it allows us to be assholes. get on board.

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  17. bitterpilltoswallow

    she has cute feet

  18. beyonce

    Believe or not, Britney will still rock the year 2008. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site W e a l t h yR o m a n c last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  19. Neil


    Can we start the countdown to suicide yet? Whats the over/under?

    Maybe everybody picks a day out of the next three months, throws in
    $100 – then I can make some money off this no talent ass clown slut

  20. Lucifer Sam

    Does anybody else find this sad? I mean, if you were in her shoes, you’d pretty much be in the same position.

  21. suzie

    its depressing to see

  22. mikeysnow

    What a pathetic whore. Please kill yourself soon.

  23. Chris


    I am currently clearing space on my walls. Next to Crying Jesus, Crying Clown, and Crying Elvis.

  24. NO BOOTS!

    Is this a positive sign? Well, no, cuz the shoes are ugly.

  25. kelsey

    Honestly, does she NOT have a full length mirror anywhere??? She looks like white trailor trash.. It’s sad, even though i don’t like pop music i did see her in concert when i was like 13 and she did have some talent… WHAT HAPPENED! She has lost it all everything including her looks… I truely feel very sorry for her. She needs to get her life back together OUT OF THE SPOT LIGHT.

  26. Amber

    Ok. everyone thinks she has so many problems, but really, i would melt down if i couldnt even look out a window without my picture being taken. She cant do anything.. She has o have body guards surrounding her and did u see how many police were around her when she went to the hospital?? I feel bad for her, and really SHE DOES have talent, but i think she has just been under alot lately, i know some things werent really necessary that she did but yuou know, if you couldnt even go to a grocery store for milk without worrying about all of the possibilites.. She has ALOT MORE things to worry about than we do!! everyone targets her. i bet you would melt down too. youd have no life with taht fame. and the only reason she gets the attention is because she has talent. and i for one love her new song peice of me. listen to the words and the story behind the music.. youll understand what im saying. STOP HATING.

  27. Got news for you buddy, for the originator of this slam against will and Scientology. You ARE Darth Vader.

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