Britney Spears had liposuction done in Vegas

November 14th, 2007 // 54 Comments

Britney Spears had some clandestine liposuction done on her hips and ass while in Las Vegas over the weekend, according to the Daily Mail:

The 25-year-old was reportedly house hunting in Las Vegas at the weekend, but sources say she had some nip and tuck while there.
It’s not the first time Britney has turned to cosmetic procedures in a desperate bid to improve her appearance – she had her pout plumped just last month.

It was also reported she had liposuction in Vegas last April, which the star denies.

I almost believe Britney didn’t have lipo done in April. I mean, I saw the VMAs. Then again, she did have five whole months to put the weight back on. Which means she could’ve feasibly left the lipo clinic looking like an Olsen twin, if not thinner. You see, Britney Spears is kind of like Wolverine. She can regenerate instantaneously but lacks the awesomeness of hand claws. Also, she’s not a fictional character and unfortunately resides in the real world. In spite of her children’s nightly prayers.


  1. fristomatic


  2. Cate

    I <33 wolverine.

    just saying.

  3. asdf

    3rd =D

  4. L.Linus

    Does this look like a person who would take time to go to the gym or healthclub? Take my word, she will not age very well.

  5. She still looks like a cow.

  6. G Man

    “It was also reported she had liposuction in Vegas last April, which the star denies” – They must of Lipo’d her friggin brain out. What the hell, she looks like a teenager with Acne Scars.

  7. Big

    I sucked it out myself and boy she was screaming for more.

  8. Feckless

    I can only ask the same questions I did last time: Why the ass and not the chin? WHY? For the love of God why do you not suck off the giant wattle and let me digest my food in peace?

  9. Anal Phlegm Munch

    God damn that bitch is UGLY! Release the hounds or something. The fact that she was paid so much money makes me sick to my stomach. What the fuck is wrong with the pop industry and the media. Kill the bitch and everybody that is involved.

  10. Roflcer of the Lawl

    That picture is downright atrocious.

  11. Liposuction? Where? Her brain?

  12. You American dogs not know the frist thing about self control. In the mother country we would show slut how to exercise. No need for the suction.

  13. #1 HEY!!!! STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!!

  14. veggi

    ha! I read it first as she had lipo on her lips….uh…… that made about as much sense as peoples love for tuna casserole.

    and FRIST and TS! I want in on them there drinks ya’ll!!..

  15. The O

    Completely agree # 10, that picture is fugly. Especially considering she was beat off material five years ago. I shudder to think my wife could go downhill this fast in five years.

  16. Igottabemeee

    Not only the chin, but how about some facial reconstruction? Good thing she spends her money this way instead of a driver or a decent nanny.

  17. Jewel

    In spite of her children’s nightly prayers.


  18. MindRiot

    wow she is hawt.

  19. KamUK

    Christ it’s like since Anna Nicole died Shitney has been trying to fill her boots, and a bloody good job she is doing too.

  20. hey....yeah..

    Actually, they just installed a tap on her hip. She just signed a deal with McDonalds to stand in the cooler during the month of April. She will eat nothing but York peppermint patties, and singlehandedly bring back the Shamrock shake. A source next to her told us that shes in negotiations for the annual reappearence of McRib, but no details have been released.

  21. Wow. She’s still alive? Really! Get the f*ck out ;)

  22. of course veggi, where ya been???

    Down the hatch!!!..

  23. nipolian

    OK….Here’s how it will go down:

    Her new CD will continue to tank.
    She will continue to wreck her personal appearance.
    She will try to create a new CD next year.
    No record label will have anything to do with her.
    Her dumb-fuck hillbilly “friends” will convince her to start her own label.
    Since she has either fired or pissed off every one of her contacts with any talent, her new label attempt will wipe out what money she has left after Chalupas and Fraps.
    In an attempt to regain popularity she will have yet another unfortunate child.
    Even the Paps don’t give a shit about her since she is a total pig.
    VH1 thinks they might want to do a where are they now special on her (2 years later)
    VH1 finds her living in a trailer in Louisiana with her 6 kids (3 white, 2 black, 1 dead in the freezer).
    VH1 decides that since she is nothing but a 240 lb redneck piece of shit, her story would only hurt ratings, so they dump the idea.
    Brit lives out her life giving $2 blowjobs to pay the rent and we never have to see another picture on the internet again.

    This I know for a fact.

  24. Candice

    This my first comment ever. PEREZ, you win the Oscar for MOST HYSTERICAL COMMENTARY ON A BLOG!!! The kid’s prayer at night…PRICELESS!

  25. TS

    What the……? Either this chick put on about 40 lbs. in a day or two or someone photoshopped the shit out of this picture. What a fucking slob.

  26. TS, just have another shot with me and she will start to look better..

  27. Tiny

    She can always get a job at Taco bell!

  28. lux

    I don’t believe it, if she had lipo then why is she still such a fat ass?

  29. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, phd

    This stupid whore needs to take a grinder to her face to get rid of those disgusting zits. What a disgraceful fat slob….

  30. T

    OMG! That picture! That’s the only one you could find? My GOD.

  31. Pilatunes

    She’s having a new kind of plastic surgery that makes you look like a middle aged hag. Pretty soon, she can sit outside a double-wide in her moomoo, drinking red bull, eating Cheetos and fanning herself with a copy of People, in a complete anonymity.

  32. Dave

    OMG! That fat gal is really Britney!!! On the brite side, new album “Blackout” really rocks all the way….awesome beats. The rave reviews she has gotten from Rolling Stone, AP, CNN, and USA Today are definitely deserved. I found her on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ( something. Her blogs said she is optimistic this time.

  33. sharpeidude

    Wow! She looks like a two day old dogshit my pooch left on the lawn. No…wait a minute…my dog’s shit looks way more attractive than this beast.

  34. sharpeidude

    #23 – One can only hope.

  35. cookie monsta

    #32 piss off with your bullshit barely veiled advertising.
    And as for you Shitney, next time they’re suckin the fat out yo ass, have ‘em just pump it back into the lips……

  36. Unlikeable J

    I haven’t seen Britney’s vag in a while. I wonder what its doing with itself these days.

  37. Classic!

    Shamrock shake…lmao!!!!!!

  38. FRT




    To late hunter dude! They’re already walkin’ on the planet and THAT IS THE QUEEN BEE LOOKIN’ TO HAVE MORE!


  39. Barbara

    OMG will someone get this child the help she needs???/ Please and keep her kids away from her. I think Kfed is a twerp that just wanted her celebrity but turns out he is either smarter OR has smarter people around him…either way as of today he should have the kids and get this kid some help you can see her falling apart daily

  40. jolin

    how terrible her this photo is . compared with those on i can not believe it. what has happened to her. i wandering.

  41. roughdaddy

    fat fuck,,,why dont you cut back on those sugary crap like starbucks,,,junk like taco bell,,,,lazy fucks want a quick fix,,,after stuffing themselves…those procedures are not perfected yet,,,and theres always complications,,,

  42. roughdaddy

    dont know whos more pathertic britney or those who are promoting dating sites….

  43. notanicegirl

    If only Britney would have gone to that hack that did Kanye West’s mother’s lipo. That guy would have worked miracles. By miracles- I mean he would have made the world a better Brit free place. It’d be like solving the energy crisis, curing AIDS, ending world hunger, and fixing Tara Reid’s boobs all rolled into one!

  44. toolboy

    I know how Britney can lose 20 ugly pounds fast!
    Chop her fat head off.
    Badabing! Try the veal.

  45. moobs

    Shes such a slug, i wish someone would sprinkle salt on her already. =(

  46. Mrs Spears

    She didn’t need surgery. Just eat properly woman.

  47. norton

    Why is this piece of trailer trash still a viable news subject? Seriously, look at that thing…. she doesn’t even RATE on the skank-o-meter.

  48. Bob Johnson

    Enlarge the picture, she can’t even get the zipper all the way up, and she still looks like she smells………………………..Last

  49. blizzy

    #4 Age very well? The girl is butt ugly at 25. She’s not ugly…she’s fugly

    haha bob your last post got bumped. BURNT

  50. Narcissist

    I bet they got enough grease outta her to run the planet on bio-diesel for a year.

    I bet she’ll get more messed up than Tara cuz she’s a walrus.

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