Britney Spears had liposuction done in Vegas


Britney Spears had some clandestine liposuction done on her hips and ass while in Las Vegas over the weekend, according to the Daily Mail:

The 25-year-old was reportedly house hunting in Las Vegas at the weekend, but sources say she had some nip and tuck while there.
It’s not the first time Britney has turned to cosmetic procedures in a desperate bid to improve her appearance – she had her pout plumped just last month.

It was also reported she had liposuction in Vegas last April, which the star denies.

I almost believe Britney didn’t have lipo done in April. I mean, I saw the VMAs. Then again, she did have five whole months to put the weight back on. Which means she could’ve feasibly left the lipo clinic looking like an Olsen twin, if not thinner. You see, Britney Spears is kind of like Wolverine. She can regenerate instantaneously but lacks the awesomeness of hand claws. Also, she’s not a fictional character and unfortunately resides in the real world. In spite of her children’s nightly prayers.