Britney Spears had access to a gun during standoff

Kevin Federline had many reasons to be concerned on Thursday night when Britney Spears initiated a standoff with the police and locked herself in her bedroom with the children. The most alarming reason: Kevin knew Britney kept a handgun in that room. He had given it to her for a birthday present, according to one of his friends who spoke to News of the World:

K-Fed, 29, panicked on Thursday night after realising the fallen pop princess kept the handgun–a Beretta 92FS–in the master bedroom where she was holding the kids, Jayden James, one, and Sean Preston, two.
Convinced that in her out-of-control state she would use the weapon to kill the lads then turn it on her herself, the wannabe rapper rang his lawyers who alerted the authorities.
“Kevin knew she was on the edge and might snap at any time.
“Knowing there were TWO firearms in the house, including the Beretta, he wasn’t taking any chances– hence the massive police response.”

That is some chilling shit. Who the hell gives Britney Spears a handgun for a birthday present? Christ, it’s not like their marriage wasn’t rocky from the start: “Hey, baby, I know you hate me using your credit card and partying and stuff. But, uh, here’s a handgun. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! Ha ha, you don’t put it in your mouth, silly. You crack me up. Now what are you do– holy shit, hit the deck!”


“Damn, baby, that’s one way to open a bag of Cheetos. No, wait, not the microwave too! Ricochet! DUCK!”