Britney Spears had access to a gun during standoff

January 7th, 2008 // 85 Comments

Kevin Federline had many reasons to be concerned on Thursday night when Britney Spears initiated a standoff with the police and locked herself in her bedroom with the children. The most alarming reason: Kevin knew Britney kept a handgun in that room. He had given it to her for a birthday present, according to one of his friends who spoke to News of the World:

K-Fed, 29, panicked on Thursday night after realising the fallen pop princess kept the handgun–a Beretta 92FS–in the master bedroom where she was holding the kids, Jayden James, one, and Sean Preston, two.
Convinced that in her out-of-control state she would use the weapon to kill the lads then turn it on her herself, the wannabe rapper rang his lawyers who alerted the authorities.
“Kevin knew she was on the edge and might snap at any time.
“Knowing there were TWO firearms in the house, including the Beretta, he wasn’t taking any chances– hence the massive police response.”

That is some chilling shit. Who the hell gives Britney Spears a handgun for a birthday present? Christ, it’s not like their marriage wasn’t rocky from the start: “Hey, baby, I know you hate me using your credit card and partying and stuff. But, uh, here’s a handgun. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! Ha ha, you don’t put it in your mouth, silly. You crack me up. Now what are you do– holy shit, hit the deck!”


“Damn, baby, that’s one way to open a bag of Cheetos. No, wait, not the microwave too! Ricochet! DUCK!”


  1. Matthew

    who whould in there right mind to give miss redneck a gun?

  2. Arizona Cowgirl

    So what, I have many guns. I have a 38, a few Gocks, a couple of 6 shooters, and an AK47. Arizona is an open carry state, so on a good day I’ll walk around town with my AK47 on my shoulder. No one has ever bothered me!

  3. mcbeef

    #40 – that song is “this love” by pantera.

  4. Donkey Punch

    The sooner Americans all shoot each other the safer the planet will be.

  5. Arizona Cowgirl

    I can see all the anti-gun law people jumping all over this one.

  6. Danklin

    “Realize” is spelled with a Z not an S

  7. ipanema_girl_turned_schuyler

    “K-Fed, 29, panicked on Thursday night after realising the fallen pop princess kept the handgun”
    - yeah? did he? like jayden james was realized to him the other day?

  8. ipanema_girl_turned_schuyler

    #56, can’t believe we posted about the same shit ^_^

    bwahahaha, fish u crack me up

  9. Danklin

    Who do some dipshits in here use these threads to compose shitty rap songs or transcribe lyrics to shitty rap songs composed by other shitty rappers?

  10. ixxy

    This was already addressed by the LAPD as false you dumbasses.

  11. Kyle

    Other reports stated she had only one kid in the room with her after putting the other in the car already.

    Sounds fishy.

    Give the girl a break.

    I vote she moves in with me. I’ll keep her in line and i doubt the paparazzi will follow her to INDIANA! ;)

  12. woodhorse

    After displaying her talents with an umbrella, it is only natural that she would have a gun. Probably X17 should be more afraid than the kids.

  13. Snarf


    She didn’t use it so who gives a fuck.

  14. jason

    I think a box of Krispy Kremes would have been a more appropriate birthday gift for her. That’s just me, though.
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  15. D. Richards

    #40, 49-50? huh? Those are Pantera lyrics..

    Hey, that was pretty funny! Yeah, right.

  16. Watching this picture, I’m sure she had an instant feeling of SHITTING!!

  17. fo'sgirl

    #22 you’re an idiot. You sit here and tell people to be ashamed of themselves for exploiting poor britney spears. I have a slight inclination to believe that you actually forgot what website you were posting a comment on. If no one exploited her would have nothing to read. And what a shame that would be huh? Oh wait…i’m sure you get on these websites to preach about all the “wrongdoings” of the sinners in the world..i.e..the people who post “bad words” about celebrities.. Yup. I’m sure that’s what you were doing.

  18. fo'sgirl

    I believe this picture was taken immediately after she thought she ran over Jayden. Ooops! (i could instert obvious lyrics here…but i’ll spare you..errr…YA’LL…sorry Brit)

  19. mary

    reminds me of “puffy had a gun” for whatever reason…

  20. Christ.

    I can’t stand this crazy trick , but for heavens’ sake, get those kids the hell away from her. Screw sympathy for Britney, what about these poor kids that’ll grow up to be sociopaths? That girl is too far gone to be save, but it’s not over for those little boys yet. They still have a shot. Somebody save them before it’s too late!

  21. Danklin

    I forgot to mention this is a lovely birthday gift for the husband who knows his wife is batshit crazy. That guy was, and is possibly is still, hoping she’ll off herself. Maybe thats just the rest of the world.

  22. burp

    I think Kevin And Britney should play Russian Roulette the one that survives keeps the kids!!!

  23. #1hater

    Not for nothing but California has some of the toughest, most regressive gun laws in the USA. You just can’t “give” someone a handgun….they have to to be licensed. I doubt the Britney has the proper licensing to keep a gun in the house. And if there are kids, the gun has to be locked up…not in your dresser drawer…

    These are all felony violations…..

  24. I tink there was aready a TURD on her chair?

  25. I tink there was aready s TURD on her chair?

  26. heidi

    soooooo she has her kids taken away from her, her life is in shambels, she’s hurt, her family isnt really there fore her, and it’s a big freakin deal that she went to see the guy that she likes to get some away time? i dont think the girl is living a normal life, but this isnt abnormal. If i had my kids taken away and it was go crazy or go somewhere i’m comfortable, i’d rather go with comfortable.

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  27. Pilatunes

    K Fed told her it was a blackhead remover. Or a device (well, she says ‘thingy’) for removing ear wax.

  28. jrz

    It’s not a gun, Brit…’s a…..a…um….a tampon putter inner……

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  30. Britney is such a poor single mom! It seems she needs love more than anything else! Her profile was found on lesbian dating site last month! I think those single moms can help her a lot!

  31. Ooba Gooba

    Shep, #38: That happens to be a Three Dog Night song, not poetry. Fucking teenagers, how did you make it this far in life?

  32. Ooba Gooba

    Hey Heidi:

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  33. LL

    Man, the retard is strong in this thread…

    You know, you can buy a gun at Wal-Mart as part of the “Rootin’ Tootin’ Redneck Savings Package” – it includes a gun, a six pack of Old Milwaukee, a carton of generic cigs, a bag of pork rinds and a Big Johnson t-shirt (for the gents) or a “99% Sweetheart 1% Bitch” t-shirt (for the ladies). All for the always low price of $29.99. Hurry and get yours, supplies are limited.

  34. mew

    What a crock! What a shiftless, sneaky bastage Kevin is. I knew it was a total setup that he called the cops on her and I’m sure him and his lawyers worked out a plan at the last minute when he realized he had a way to set her up. Of course he knew about the gun and it’s sooo convenient that he happened to remember at such a *moment* that he gave her a gun…for her birthday?! What a conniving psycho. She has some problems but he is absolutely adding to them, on purpose or not. Kevin is a a cheating, lying punk and this is just part of his m.o.

  35. imagoddess

    Picture this..An elderly man with Dementia in an apartment hallway with a butcher knife thinking “they are coming to get him”..Cops are called and they lead him into his apartment and tell him to stay in the rest of the night..Britney is distraught about her kids and she gets hauled away on a gurney, tied down and kept for 72 hours..Hmm…What’s wrong with this picture people..True story..And it happened more than once..We’ve begged for help for this elderly man..My sister the only one to feed him 2 times a day…everyday…Maybe if everyone left Britney alone for a while and let her get her head together, things would change for her and her life..Where’s the peace? The media and Kevin feed off this garbage and use it to their advantage..Giving Brit a gun is just setting her up for harm..I agree that this could of been a set up planned far enough in advance..

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